What exactly is it that we are searching for in this life? Some say they seek happiness, others success, wealth, power, or fame. More than anyone cares to count swear that their purpose is to find love- true love at that, wherever it exists, in whatever form it may take, if it even exists at all. Very few of us seek answers to that which perplexes us most deeply, unless of course the answer is important to finding success in the pursuit of the aforementioned desires. How is it that we can pine so intensely for something that cannot ever be satisfied to its potential? How is it that when one believes he or she has found what it is they seek, or have in some way encountered the path to its realization, they are able to cast aside all that they once clung to- all that they once regarded as their foundation, for this uncertainty?

Human emotion, the unique identifier that separates us from each and every other organism in the known realm- the single facet of our being that makes us superior, could also be our one greatest folly. All of our actions, all of our progress, any and everything that we as a race have accomplished can be attributed to human emotion. The ability and innate need to develop language, arguably the most defining characteristic of our existence, is rooted in the need and desire to interact with others, to express our emotion. From the simplest expressions of our basic needs such as hunger to the most complex articulations concerning love or other topics of unfathomable profundity, language developed solely from the need of humans to convey their thoughts to anyone who bothers or cares to listen.