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Immortality's a Curse

Immortality. A curse to mankind, yet all want it; all strive for it.

None obtain it.

Except me.

You see, my name in Jayden Richerds. But everyone just calls me Jay. I look as if I am a fourteen-year-old boy, but really, I'm turning about 239 in two month. Give or take a decade since I'm not positive anymore. That's how long it's been for me.

My story starts off as any other. I was just like any other boy. School every day and friends every night. My schedule was consistent, a never changing pattern that gave me a feeling of tediousness. Yet I was content. As content as a boy my age could really be.

But come my sixteenth birthday and I had to admit something was wrong with myself. I hadn't grown an inch, hadn't changed a drop. At least, not since the day I had turned fourteen. It was as if all my growth had just stopped. And everyone was wondering the same thing. 'Why?'

I'll never forget what happened next. Doctors were flown in from all over the world, trying to figure out why my growth had simply halted. Painful experiment, disgusting medicine. They all tried different things to make me start growing once more.

They all left with the same answer. 'There's nothing we can do to help…'

It broke my heart and confused me to no end. These were the people who were sent to help me? Big help they ended up being. My parents tried to comfort me, saying that it was just a mistake on the doctors' part and everything would be okay.

I could tell they were lying. They were all lying…

So now I turned to false hope. It was all I had left. I knew that I wouldn't get better, but maybe if I kept telling myself it was okay, just like my parents did, and that I would get better and continue on with my normal life. It was all lies, all fake, but it gave me hope. Or it gave me the closest thing I could get to hope.

I watched as everyone around me grew up agonizingly slowly. My mom and dad and sister. My best friends and enemies. They all aged. Because, apparently, everything is supposed to age. And everything does. Everything but me.

My girlfriend who I thought I would be with forever stared dating other guys though she had promised to wait for me forever. My best friend left to go to that collage he always wanted to go to. My sister got married to a nice guy and had a kid. My parents continued on with their jobs…

It seemed like everyone was continuing on with his or her lives but me. Because I would never be able to, and though I had the time to wait for all eternity, they didn't. I understood why they moved on, I swear I really do! But that doesn't make it hurt any less.

Reality didn't really seem to sink in until the day my father died. No more smiles from him, or jokes, or advice. He was gone forever. And I would never see him again.

It felt as if the world had ended.

Of course, it hadn't. Everyone else seemed to be able to continue on with their lives. Sure they acted sadder, but they didn't let it stop them from living. Was I the only one who felt the magnitude of death?

A few years later my mom died as well. Again I was grief struck. Tears poured down my eyes and sobs wracked my body. My sister and friends tried to comfort me, but nothing worked.

I was living in the past and couldn't look towards the future.

Years passed. My friends drifted away from me as they went on with their lives and careers. Slowly, one by one, they died as age took its toll on them.

My sister was last. She had always been there for me. I regret all the times I called her annoying and got mad at her. I would trade anything for her to come back.

And for the first time in my life, I felt completely and utterly alone.

My family, gone. My friends, gone. My past, gone. What was left to live for? I know what they would tell me, continue on even though they were gone. But they weren't the ones who had to live forever. They weren't the ones who would have to live with the pain and agony, the tears and sadness, the hate and love. They didn't have to endure it all.

I did.

I regret never saying things, or saying the wrong thing. Sometimes, I wish I could go back and change some mistakes, but no one cane go back and change the past. Not even the immortal.

Days became years, years became decades, and decades became centuries. Was there no end to it all? Would I ever be granted my wish to join my parents in heaven or wherever they went? Would I ever move on?

I'm ashamed to say so, but I tried to force 'moving on' multiple times. No attempts work of course since I'm still here, but I had to try. It was too hard to stay here. Alone, forgotten, desolate. There was nothing left.

Or so I thought. Until one day, one ordinary spring day I was walking through the park, alone with only my thoughts. And in front of me stepped a small doe. Very small and hurt. It looked so pitiful and sad. The doe fell where it stood, right by my feet. I started to stroke its soft fur, all fear of it gone as I looked at it in distress.

And before my very eyes, it gave birth. A beautiful fawn, so young and full of life. The mother doe looked healthier now and stood up, nudging her fawn along with her. She licked it clean and I watched in amazement.

I finally figured out what was worth living for.

New life.

A baby born, a flower blossoming, or a doe giving birth to a fawn. Maybe that's what made it worth it. To see that look a newborn gives you when he first opens his eyes to the world. Their first look at where they'll be living for the next years.

And most of all, the glimmer in their eyes that only newborns can have.

The glimmer of hope.

After that day I continued to live with life in a new perspective. Yes, immortality can be a curse, but then so can beauty or knowledge. It's not what you have that's a curse, but how you use it.

And I've used it pretty badly so far.

But I'll change. I want to help the world. I want to do things other can't do. I want to achieve the impossible.

I want to use my curse to its fullest potential.

And I will. I'll help others from now on, I'll give gifts and love and hugs out to those who need them. I'll show people the light that took me so long to find. I'll help the world in a way only I can.

I can make a difference.

My name if Jayden Richerds. I look like a fourteen-year-old boy, but really, I'm turning about 239 in two month.

I am the only person in the world with the curse of immortality.

And yes, immortality is a curse, but what I take from it and do with it is up to me. I'll take a curse and make a blessing.

After all, I have all eternity.

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