(DEDICATED to all the bittersweet souls, I take your pain inside me & transmute it)


Life is wearing me down

In tears uncountable I drown

Not healed enough to let it go

Too sealed up to see the hope


Still I long to walk the earth

Heavy steps from cool to hearth

Ever-looking for a distraction

So far away from birth's contraction


That's when I raise my voice and sing:

"Calling out to all angels

Hold me up in your arms

Squeeze all the poison out

Show me the love I cannot see

Prove the improvable to me

That all I need is inside me."


Inside me lives the Everything

So why does it feel like Nothing?

An unnamable darkness, chains unseen

"Can Be" replaced by "Might Have Been"


Save me from myself, I beg them

But Free Will, don't sing my hymn

Erase or recolor these tragedies

Please write them their obituaries


Help me to raise my voice to sing:

"Calling out to all angels

Take me away from myself

Leave me only with peace love and joy

Re-wrap me in lace instead of leather

Reawaken me to the happiness I've had


"Let me know I can be happy again

Chase away the dark ghosts of fear and doubt

Please oh God I beg thee help me save myself

So I can help everybody else save themselves

It is time; it's past time to end the waiting

Let me unlock my blossoming and let loose my light

Be in the land of milk and honey forever smiling

Laughing and playing, dancing and singing


"Calling out to all angels

I can hear you past the din

I will NEVER give up your cause

I promise I will learn to live again

I let my will slide to the side

My remaining nostalgia will be sunshine"


Calling out to all angels

Is to look inside and see them ever-waiting

Sing out with their voices

Laugh with their smiles on your faces

The past is past and the future is rented from God


Call out for the now! Choose now to believe

It's all for you, all for you my dear one

Everything here is for you to enjoy


Calling out to all angels

Till we finally hear their ageless song:

"Be as patient as us and you will see

You are loved as is.

Please love yourself, and all, as we love you

Then all your hopes and dreams will come true

We have always loved you and we always will

We love you, we love you, we love you so!"


I cannot predict the future

And this has nothing to do with the past

(repeat to fade)