"Please place all loose luggage in the overheard compartments and fasten your seat belt as we will be landing in a few minutes." Hisato blinked a couple times as he looked around. His arms stretched above his head before falling to open the plastic blind blocking the bright daylight coming through the small window next to his seat. He peered through the thick glass at the city far below him and the clouds.

A smile spread onto his face as he leaned back. The plane eventually seemed to fly lower to land and the usual sensation of his stomach dropping hit Hisato. There was a slight bump as the wheels hit the runway and Hisato released a breath he was holding in.

His body felt tired and the motion of walking seemed to take more effort as he headed off the plane and to where he could pick up his luggage. The luggage pick-up was filled with so many people, Hisato had to peek through two men to watch for his black luggage with the lime green ribbon. His eyes moved down the belt and back to the new ones coming around hoping he didn't miss it. He looked as a black suitcase moved around the corner and a smile crept onto his face at the sight of the ribbon.

"Excuse me." He slid a hand between the two men in his way, hoping to get by quickly enough to catch the bag before it went around for another trip. He lunged to grab at the handle, catching it and heaving the bag off of the conveyor belt. After plopping it on the ground and extending the hidden pull handle from the top, Hisato continued on his way to find the exit and his way out into fresh air.

His lungs could barely take in enough of the crisp oxygen, the warm sun waking Hisato from the little sleep still in his eyes. "HISATO!" He turned quickly as someone leaped into his arms, his bag falling to the ground. He held the person clung around his neck, grinning brightly as the two pulled apart. "I missed you so much."

"It's good to see you, Romi. Did you cut your hair?" He slipped a hand down the chin length hair that was as dark brown as his own.

"Do you like it?" She stepped back and did a little spin, stopping to see him nod in agreement. "But enough about my hair, we can fuss over me later. How was your trip?" She slipped her arm around his free one, after he picked up his suitcase, then lead him in the direction she had come from.

"It was good." He smiled at her wide eyed expression as they stopped at a cab. The driver helped Hisato load his bag into the trunk, while he took one he had strapped over his chest with him into the back seat. Romi slid in before him, telling the driver where to drive them before she finally turned back to Hisato.

"So what happened on your trip? You can't tell me Europe was just 'good'." She gave him a look, expecting to hear something thrilling or exciting having happened and wouldn't accept anything else.

Hisato shrugged, glancing away from her. "Europe is Europe."

She watched him, waiting for him to continue but he seemed to ignore her eyes. "What happened?" Her voice showed no signs of sincerity, more that she knew something was up and just wanted Hisato to get it out and over with.

"We broke up." He looked out the window, keeping his voice low, though Romi could still hear him. "He kept flirting with some guy we met in Germany and, well, we broke up." He looked back at the girl staring at him questionably. "What?"

"That's it? Some flirting and you end it?" She shook her head and looked away while tucking some hair behind her ear.

"I don't really want to get into the full details right now." He huffed, turning to look forward.

"Oh Hisato. Will you never learn?" He shot her a look, though it did nothing to affect her. "You have to stop this before you really get hurt. There's no perfect man out there and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can get over your romance fantasy."

"It's not some fantasy. Just because I believe in true love, doesn't mean I have to settle for whatever hairy, lazy, jack-ass comes along and acts decent enough for me to stand long enough and commit to him. I'd rather wait for someone I can bear to wake to every morning instead of the low-life idiots you tend to snatch." He grabbed his shoulder to ease the pain suddenly forces upon it. "Ow."

"Just because I'm not as picky as you, doesn't mean I don't find great guys." She folded her arms. Hisato was not much bigger than Romi, making it easy for her to punch him and make it hurt. "Besides, I have a great guy now." She lifted her chin trying to seem more dominant.

"Yeah? And exactly how long have you and Mr.Right been dating?" Hisato rubbed his shoulder while trying to keep his attention on the girl next to him.

"Well…" Her eyes dropped to her knees. "Were not exactly dating yet. He doesn't know how I feel, but he's a really great guy." She looked at Hisato, smiling to emphasize her happiness about meeting this new crush of hers. "He's a friend of mine though. I'll introduce you tomorrow."

Hisato gave her a look of uncertainty. "Sure." He turned to watch out the window as the cab sped down the highway. He felt a little envious that Romi had met someone apparently so great. A light sigh escaped from him as he wondered about his own love life. Ever since he was younger all he wanted was to fall in love like in the fairy tales. Find his prince charming who would whisk him off his feet and they would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, having such dreams and being such a romanticist, Hisato had heart break after heart break when what he thought might be his one true love turned out to be…well…not what he thought. When he finally realized he didn't like girls, he had hoped that's what was wrong with his romantic dreams, but dating the same gender proved to be even more difficult. Hisato would instantly fall head over heels for any guy that was sweet on him, leading him to believe he had finally found the one, but after only a short time their imperfect personalities would show and dampen Hisato's fantasy. All he wanted was to feel love for more than a brief moment, but his one wish just slowly began to seem impossibly attainable.

The cab stopped out front of a house, Hisato climbing out one door while Romi used the other. "You're really renting an entire house?" He stared in disbelief at the fairly nice place she lived.

Romi giggled. "I told you that I'm sharing with three friends." She counted out some money as Hisato removed his luggage with the help of the driver. The cab pulled away as the two walked towards the front door. After fumbling with her keys, Romi pushed open to door. "Welcome." She skipped forward so she could turn and stretch her arms wide open in a warm greeting.

Hisato stepped inside the house and slowly shut the door while looking past the girl at the interior. "For a college student, I have to say you live pretty well." He began removing his shoes, still studying the room.

"Let me give you a tour." She grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the entrance. "This is the living room." Hisato began observing the more visible room, but was quickly dragged off again. "This would be the kitchen and the bathroom is…there." She had practically zoomed through the next room and out into a small hallway where she pointed to a door with a lovely pink plaque indicating it was the room she had said it to be. "The laundry room is right across and upstairs…" Hisato turned to see some stairs leading up to another floor. "Is where the bedrooms are." She finally turned and smiled at Hisato. "I know it's small, but I prefer to think of it as cozy."

"No it's great." He was still in awe at the perfectly tidy house that seemed suited for a small family than four college students. He dropped his gaze to Romi. "Thanks for letting me stay, I really appreciate it."

"Well, I did ask you to come visit, so I can't expect you to pay who knows how much for a dingy hotel." She yanked on his hand again and pulled him past the bathroom. "I forgot. This room at the end is where you'll be staying."

The door opened to a small room with a futon set up in the couch position, piles of books and totes making the space even more cramped. "Now this is cozy."

Romi laughed. "Sorry about the mess. We sort of turned this into a storage room, so there's a lot of stuff."

"All I need it for is to sleep." He turned and smiled, but slowly dropped it to a frown. "Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind doing that now."

"I guess you're tired from your flight?" Hisato had turned away, studying the cramped room of school supplies, but nodded. "There's some sheets and a pillow in there. I'll grab your bag for you."

Hisato glanced back to the girl who turned and scurried down the hallway. He walked into the room and found a neat pile of bed dressings folded near the futon. As he tried to adjust the couch into a bed, Romi came back wheeling Hisato's luggage behind him, with his other back slung onto her shoulder. After helping him make his bed she stepped back to the door, turning to smile as she was about to exit. "Get lots of rest. I can't wait for tomorrow." The door clicked and Hisato dropped his smile, sighing from relief that he could finally just relax and have a good rest, or at least try. The light through the window was already getting dimmer as the hours began drifting into the evening and Hisato's eyes grew heavier until there was nothing but black.