"When is Romi finished her class?" Hisato glanced over at the girl walking beside him. Her smile was broad as she hummed to herself, skipping happily along.

She kept her eyes forward. "Not for another hour."

"Oh." Hisato frowned slightly. "So why exactly are we going to the school so early?" He didn't bother looking at the girl this time.

"Well." Hisato froze as Mai stepped in front of him, stopping so they were face to face. "I thought we could do something fun while we waited." She smiled sheepishly at him.

Hisato swallowed hard, a little nervous from her expression. "What were you thinking of?"

"Oh. You'll see." She turned with her head held high, gripping her hands behind her back. Hisato just watched her walk away a little unsure about following. "Hurry up slow-poke." Mai called after him, causing Hisato to finally walk quickly and catch up.

Hisato had woken up late that morning, only to find Mai home and everyone else left for school already, including Romi who had an early class. Mai forced him to get dressed quickly and dragged him off to the school, saying Romi wanted him there after her classes. Although it wasn't until they were half way there that he found out his sister's class wouldn't end for another hour.

As they approached the campus Hisato was awe struck by the amazing architecture of the school. Most of the buildings appeared old and historical, while some more recent structures were obviously added on, probably for expanding the campus. Hisato slowed down as he studied the gardens and stretch of green grass outside. It was so peaceful and beautiful to him, he wanted to go find a nice tree and fall asleep under it. "Wow. This is amazing."

"Not as amazing as where we're going." Mai grabbed his arm, pulling him along as she sped up and headed into one of the buildings.

"Mai." Hisato tried to protest, still unsure about her plans. She seemed to be in a hurry to get to where they were going. "Where are we going?"

"I thought you could use some cheering up." Her voice had a hidden secrecy to it, which scared Hisato more.

"Wait. Cheering up?" Hisato blinked a little confused. "For what?"

She looked over her shoulder at him. "Your broken heart." She turned fully around when Hisato finally managed to grasp control and bring her to a stop. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not heartbroken Mai." Remembering back to yesterday, how Atsuko warned him about Mai's devilish plots to hook singles up made everything clear to him. "Even if I was I don't think meeting someone right now would be a good idea." It wasn't a complete lie. Though he and his boyfriend were over, it wasn't the deep relationship Hisato had wanted. He almost felt indifferent towards them breaking up. Or perhaps it was the fact Hisato packed up and left without a word made him unsure about his feelings. But Mai's scheme was not what he needed.

Mai blinked, staring at him like he just did the oddest thing in the world. A soft girly laugh floated from her. "You know you're pretty cute when you try to act serious." she touched a finger to her lips, glancing away in thought. "I think Michael is really going to like you." She mumbled to herself.

"Mai." She grabbed his arm again, ignoring his protest and attempts to escape. "Please don't make me do this." He whispered as they entered a seating area filled with mostly guys. Most of them were chatting or studying.

"Hmm." Mai held her grip tightly on Hisato as she scanned the area. "There they are." Her voice was a little too happy for Hisato's liking.

"I really don't think this is a good idea." Hisato continued to argue with her as she dragged him closer to a pair of guys. As much as he wanted to date again, the thoughts of his flirtatious ex-boyfriend were still fresh in his mind. It wasn't even just in Germany, his ex always flirted with a cute guy, even in front of Hisato. He just pretended to not notice.

"Trust me, you'll be happy I introduced you." She giggled as she continued to swerve between people. "Adam." Mai stopped suddenly, Hisato nearly smacking right into her.

"Hey Mai." Adam smiled up at her. "How's it going?"

She let go of Hisato and found a place next to Adam. "Good. This is my friend Hisato." Hisato had been busy looking around, trying desperately to avoid eye contact with the two guys and find a place to run to.

"Hey." Adam nodded. Hisato flashed a quick smile, glancing over to find the other boy staring at him. Catching Hisato's eye, he looked away to bury his face in his book. "So, do you go to this school?"

Hisato looked back to Adam, staring blankly at him. His mind was still stuck on the odd behavior of the friend. "No. He's Romi's brother." Mai answered for him. "He's just visiting."

"Cool." Adam responded.

Hisato still didn't speak, leading Mai and Adam to direct their attention away from him. He glanced back at the other guy who was nose deep in his book.

"So…have any classes today Mai?" Adam turned his focus to Mai.

"No, but…" Hisato held his breath. He really wanted to stop Mai before she set her match-making into motion.

"Hey, Hisato." A familiar voice came from behind him, causing Hisato to turn. "What are you doing over here?" Atsuko asked, looking quizzically at him.

"Uh, Mai wanted to…" he trailed off as Atsuko's eyes floated over to the girl sitting down. Mai glared at Atsuko as if warning to not meddle.

"Oh. Hey Mai." Atsuko cracked a smile. She turned back to Hisato. "Well Sugita and I were just going to catch up with Romi, why don't you come along."

"Sure." Hisato didn't hesitate to take the offer. He glanced back at Mai's sour face to wave bye as Atsuko took his arm and lead him towards where Sugita was looking at a bulletin board.

"I caught the lost fish." Atsuko grinned as Sugita turned around. "Let's get going."

"Yeah." Sugita responded, flashing a smile at Hisato. They left the area and headed into a hallway. "Where to?" Sugita glanced over at Atsuko, who walked in between the two men.

"Let's just walk. We can show Hisato around." She looked over at him to get a response.

"I thought we were going to find Romi?" He looked back at her questionably.

"No, she's not done class for a while yet. I just used it as an excuse to get you out of Mai's grip." Atsuko grinned as they continued to walk. "So what was she doing anyways?"

"Trying to cheer me up." Hisato said, blushing slightly.

"What, with Michael?" Atsuko laughed. "That guy doesn't care for anything but his grades."

Michael. Hisato suddenly realized who Mai had been talking about when she mumbled to herself earlier. He made a mental note in case the name came up in conversation with Mai again. Shaking the thought from his head he suggested a change in atmosphere. "Should we go outside?" He looked towards Atsuko, trying to avoid Sugita's eyes.

"Sure, what's outside?" She looked perplexed.

"Nothing. It just looked really nice out there." He smiled, a blush streaking his face. Atsuko looked over at Sugita, shrugging her shoulders before leading them to a set of large doors. "What were you guys doing there?" Hisato finally questioned, wondering why the two had happened upon the same place.

"Atsuko and I had just finished our class, it was the floor right above." Sugita had ended up on the other side of Hisato after they walked out one by one through the left door.

"You have class together?" Hisato blinked, somehow finding it a surprise.

"Yup. We've known each other since high school and decided we wanted to take the same program. Guess the bugger couldn't part from me." Atsuko spoke matter of fact.

"Your charm just blew me away, Atsuko. How could I resist you?" Sugita smirked at her and she sent him a glare, but couldn't help smile in return.

"Do you mind if we sit?" Hisato interrupted, feeling a little awkward from the 'moment' they were having.

"There's a nice garden over there." Sugita suggested as they neared the bed of flowers in full bloom.

Hisato felt his face flush and nodded, unintentionally quickening his pace. "Slow down there tiger." Atsuko called out as the two tried to keep pace with him.

"Sorry." They stopped by some large trees and sat down under the shade, the grass soft and lush enough it was comfortable. "Wow, that garden is beautiful." Hisato's attention drifted off to the mass amounts of sprouting color.

"The art students put that together." Atsuko said noticing Hisato admire the large flower bed nearby. "Tsuki was part of it, some sort of 'save the planet' thing."

"It's amazing." Hisato turned to her, eyes wide with intrigue.

"You must really like flowers." Hisato turned his attention to Sugita, a blush coming to his face again. "Not many guys speak that way about flowers."

He nodded, a little embarrassed. "I just think they're romantic I guess."

Atsuko giggled a little bit. "Hisato you are too cute." His face heated up quickly.

"So you're a romantic?" Sugita grinned when Hisato looked at him.

Hisato opened his mouth to respond, but fell short of words, his mind seeming to stumble in search of anything. He lowered his gaze, trying to hide the growing blush in his cheeks.

Atsuko looked at her watch before clearing her throat. "Sorry to interrupt your little bonding here guys, but I'm going to go grab Romi." She stood up, flashing a look as if to command them silently to stay. "Be back in a flash." She smiled before turning and walking across the lawn to the school.

Hisato's mind went numb. He was lost between Sugita's question and Atsuko suddenly abandoning them, leaving him alone with Sugita, again. He looked back at Sugita, only to find him gone as well. He let his breath go, a little relieved. "Ah." He jumped slightly when a hand popped in front of him, holding a small flower. Hisato took the flower as Sugita sat back down and smiled at him.

"Don't look so surprised." He watched Hisato who fidgeted a bit uncomfortable now.

"Should you be taking this from the garden?" He asked anything that would avoid why Sugita may have given him the flower.

"It will be our secret, ok?" He winked at Hisato, who flushed a bright red. Sugita laughed, brushing some hair out of Hisato's eyes. "Am I making you nervous?" He kept a smile on his lips.

"N…no…I…" Hisato could feel his nerves shaking from the gentle touch of Sugita's fingers.

Sugita leaned closer, brushing his fingers down Hisato's cheek. "You're really cute." Hisato sat frozen as he watched the full set of lips inch closer to his, until all he could see were Sugita's closed eyes.

Hisato's eyes fell closed to the feeling of Sugita's lips against his own. His heart was beating rapidly and he wanted so badly to press into the kiss, but that little voice deep down knocked him into reality. When Sugita pulled away he stared for a couple seconds at the man in front of him before jumping to his feet. "Atsuko is taking a long time, I'll go see what's taking her."

Sugita grabbed his wrist before he could run off. "She'll be here in a minute." Hisato froze, his mind battling over whether to run or sit down. He hated the feeling in his heart and stomach. He tried so hard to tell himself to run, but before he could find an answer he was already sitting down trying to avoid Sugita's eyes.

"Hisato." He looked up seeing his sister and Atsuko walking towards them. A smile creased her lips as she sat down in front of him. "I was so happy when Atsuko told me you were waiting. Did you tour the school?"

Hisato gave her a look, before slapping himself mentally and smiling. "Yeah." He dropped his gaze as he played with the flower in his hand. Romi stared at the flower, confusion crossing her face before she looked up at Atsuko who shrugged.

"Well, how about we go get some lunch?" she looked at her brother who met her gaze and nodded slightly. She held out her hand for him to take it and then headed off campus, Sugita and Atsuko following closely behind.

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