Hisato stared at the floor. He had already watched enough people walk by him and the wall across from where he sat. Now all he had to stare at until he was once again bored out of his mind was the floor in front of him. Romi had promised to show him around the school before her classes, but was called off to some class group project meeting she had forgotten. He wanted to get up and wander around to check out the school on his own, but Romi demanded he not move an inch until she got back, which according to her should have been forty minutes ago.

"HISATO!" a pair of arms flung around his neck as the person jumped onto the bench.

"Hey Mai." He didn't even need to see the face to know who the overly bubbly girl was. Especially since so few people actually knew him there.

"Why are you all alone?" She sat next to him.

"I'm just waiting for Romi."

"That's boring. Let's go do something fun." She grabbed Hisato's hand, but he wouldn't budge.

"Romi asked me to stay here. She'll worry if I leave." That was an understatement. Romi wasn't so much a worrier, just that she'd be overdramatic if you disappeared on her and she had no clue where to find you and swear if you were still alive she'd kill you herself. Her motherly affections always came out.

"I'm so sorry. But we got in an argument about this thing and then that and, I'm really sorry." Romi regained her breath after rushing back to the bench and frantically explaining her delay in getting back. "Oh. Hi Mai."

"How could you leave such an innocent thing all alone." She pressed into Hisato's arm. "He could have been kidnapped by hooligans." She glared up at Romi.

"Mai. There's no hooligans at our school, or near it for that matter." She rolled her eyes at the ridiculous idea.

"Well you never know." She looked away with her nose in the air.

"Did you want to get going Hisato." She turned to her brother who was slowly trying to slide away from Mai and stand.

"How much time do we have?" He looked quizzically at his sister.

Romi pulled her arm up to look at the red watch on her wrist. "Let's see. OH NO! I have class in five minutes." She looked up at her brother apologetically.

"Don't worry. Mai is here." The girl jumped up hooking her arm to Hisato's

Romi exchanged looks with her brother. "I'm sure I'll be fine." Romi gave him an 'if your sure' look then waved before rushing back down the hall to find her class.

Hisato watched his sister disappear down the hall. "So, Hisato." Mai stared up at him seductively, stroking a finger down his chest. "Want to have a little fun?"

Hisato pulled her finger away. "Mai, I think you forgot I like men."

She slapped her hand back onto his chest and gripped his shirt collar. "I did not forget." She replied with a snap pf attitude then began dragging Hisato down the hall by his shirt. "Come on. I know where to find all the cute boys in the school."

"W-wait!" Hisato stumbled down the hall after her, eventually managing to get out of her grip and press his shirt back to normal. He wasn't really sure about her plan to go find guys, but anything was better than staring at inanimate objects for hours.

They ended up in another building with a sort of study lounge area filled mostly with males. Hisato could not believe how many good looking guys were together in one place. "Where are we?" He looked over only to find some random guy looking at him. Mai had vanished into the crowd of men leaving no signs of where she went. Hisato smiled at the guy and walked away to find a bench he could wait on. Mai had to come back eventually, right?

Everyone around him were busy talking, Hisato sitting alone for minute after minute, overhearing odd conversations, stupid conversations and conversations he could barely understand what they were talking about. He tried to drown them out but lead him back to where he started. Sitting, waiting and staring at whatever was around him. If he hadn't already, he definitely would have been changing teams in a heart beat today. Women were driving him crazy. How could any guy deal with this?

"Hisato. Found you." Mai popped out of the crowd and dropped down next to him.

"Mai. Where'd you go?" He felt so relieved to finally see her.

"Over there. And guess what." She gave him a wink. "I met two cute guys. The one wants to meet you. So I told them we'd go out for coffee." She jumped up.

"Mai. I don't really want to." He looked away, trying to think of a better reason to avoid going.

"Fine." He looked back at her, surprised by how quickly she gave up, but she just turned and walked away, wiggling her hips.

"Wait, Mai." He wasn't sure if he was happy that she was gone, or upset to be left alone again.

"What am I suppose to do now." He fell back down onto the bench. He didn't really remember the way back to where Romi left him.

"Hey stranger." Hisato turned to see a familiar face smiling at him.

"Sugita." Hisato smiled, happy to find someone he knew. "What are you doing here?"

"I just finished a class. I saw you sitting here alone so I came over." He sat down next to Hisato.

"Where's Romi?"

"She has class right now. I was with Mai, but she went off on a date." He sighed.

Sugita laughed. "So is that why you looked so bored?"

"Yeah I guess. I don't really know what to do." He looked around as if something interesting

might suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

"Well I'm done classes for the day. We could hang out."

Hisato turned to Sugita. "You and me? Um…" He felt flustered. Being alone with the person not only he had a crush on but his sister did as well.

Sugita grabbed his hand and stood up. "I'll show you around the school." Hisato melted to the touch of Sugita's hand. He felt like a happy little cloud easily persuaded to be moved. And so he followed the other man.

They left the building, stepping out into fresh air and sunlight. "Aren't we going to look at the school?" Hisato looked back at the building as they headed toward nothing but plants and grass.

"It's all the same inside. Just a mass number of students running about and classroom doors." Sugita looked up drawing Hisato's up as well. "The outside of the school is much nicer." Hisato smiled, understanding as he observed the historical looking building that was one of many that made up the campus. "Plus it's quiet out here."

Hisato turned sharply to Sugita who had already continued walking. "Q-quiet?" He swallowed hard. Quiet and alone were two very bad things when the only person you were with was someone you liked and was suppose to be off limits.

"When is Romi's class finished?" Hisato had already caught up to the other man.

"Not for another hour or so. Why?" Hisato looked to Sugita, a smiled creasing his lips. This made Hisato's cheeks flush a light pink.

"Just wondering when I have to return you." A soft laugh escape his lips making Hisato melt once again. "Do you like flowers?"

"Yeah I do." He couldn't help laugh at himself as he blushed. Girls usually liked flowers, not guys, but Hisato was a softy for romance and flowers definitely were a sign of love.

Sugita grabbed his hand making Hisato turn beat red. "There's a really nice garden over here. I'll show you."

He lead Hisato over to a beautiful garden arranged with bright and unique flowers. "Wow. This is amazing."

"The art students made this garden." Sugita caught Hisato's interested eyes. "They planted all these flowers in support to save the planet. Tsuki was part of it as well."

"It definitely looks like art. It's amazing." Hisato was blown away with how creative the garden looked. He crouched down to smell a huge pink flower in front of him.

"I guess you weren't kidding when you said you liked flowers." Sugita was crouched down next to Hisato, smiling adoringly at the his love for nature.

Hisato looked away flustered. "Yeah. I've just always had a soft spot for this kind of thing."

"This kind of thing?" Sugita asked a little confused.

Hisato felt his entire body heat up in embarrassment. He didn't really expect to have to explain. "You know. Romantic things." He half mumbled.

"Romantic?" Hisato could hear the soft laugh escape Sugita again, making his heart pound. "That's cute."

"Cute?" Hisato turned to look at him. No one ever told him his love of romance was 'cute' before. Usually they said he was delusional and needed a reality check.

Sugita smiled at him. "You're really adorable, you know that Hisato?" He gently stroked Hisato's cheek.

Hisato flushed a vibrant red. He felt his mind overtaken with panic. A cheek stroke was certainly not a sign of 'let's be friends'. He tried to think of Romi and her feelings for Sugita, but that gentle hand and look in Sugita's eyes kept distracting him.

Sugita leaned close enough their noses rubbed together. "Sugita. I don't --" He wanted to resist for his sister's sake, but his words cut off as their lips pressed together. Hisato's body felt numb, unable to move away. The only feeling he had in his body were where Sugita's touched his. It all just felt so right to him.

Sugita leaned forward, causing Hisato to lean back until he ended up falling. "Are you ok?"

Hisato quickly sat back up, keeping his eyes down. "I'm fine." He felt a little dizzy from a rush. He could not believe what just happened. His heart was still pounding from the kiss, but as much as his heart told him how right it felt, his mind kept reminding him it was wrong. "I think I should go find Romi. Her class is probably finished soon." He stood up and brushed any dirt off his clothes.

Sugita watched him a little speechless. "Hisato."

"I think I can find my way back." He flashed a forced smile before turning and rushing off. Sugita stood, but didn't run after him, only watched him hurry away.

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