The lazer monocol(thuh lay-zer mon-oh-cole)-The solution to the rich man with one eye perfect and one not who needs personal protection! Only costs 200 million American dollars from the planet earth, or 2 credits. The monocol can shoot a lazer powerful enough to cut through stabilized impossiblium 30 feet thick, in the much less used american system. Its range is about ten feet, so actually the lazer is strong enough to cut through 10 feet of impossibilium. Timemaster owns one even though BOTH of his eyes are bad.

The 1st dimension(thuh first dime-en-shun)-The weakest of all the dimesions, due to the fact most universes under its control are a single, infinite line. It's responsible for keeping directions intact and the movement generator safe.

Movement Generator (moov-mint jen-ar-ate-or) - The driving force of the dimensions. This mystical Engine has taken many forms over the ages, from a Earth cow to a Xpozilch TT-AB100 computing device. It is currently located on Tehplanit in the form of an exiled George W. Bush from the future. People say that he is glad to do something good at last. (However, ever since the Movement Generator assumed this form, chaos has become increasingly semistable and unity has become decreasingly semistable. This leads us to the conclusion that Bush is still not doing his job right.)

Tehplanit (teh-plan-it) - The only planet in the universes that is located within a black hole. The dynamics of this is that Tehplanit is so far within the event horizon that it actually came out the 11th dimensional side and has been there ever since (You know, like when you have floating things in a spinning vat of water they all go to the middle but they don't sink?). Tehplanit obtains all its energy from the black hole that surrounds it, making it easily the king of all power suppliers in the T#YIK+H quadrant. However, Tehplanit is not at all easy to get to by conventional means, so in 2067 physicists John Johnson and &# &#son, of Earth and Kiytha respectively used a Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field™ to create what is now officially called the Johnson-&#son Wormhole (but commonly referred to as the &#son Portal). This wormhole allowed easy access to Tehplanit, and it has become prosperous since.

The 2nd Dimension(thuh sec-und dime-en-shun)-The second weakest dimesions of the 11. it is responsable for keeping area and perimiter intact, and also keeping the phisics sabilizer safe. Most universes inside this dimesion are complete flat, such as eternal planes, but some of them have been able to create life, like the poor, poor universe of Dora the Explorer. These kinds of universes are called "advanced 2d universes" (even though Dora is not advanced) because these are several seprate plane that warp to each other, allowing it to look like a 3d universe. It is rumored Mavel comics has acsess to the 2nd Dimesion.

The 3rd dimension(thuh third dime-en-shun)-The third weakest dimension of the 11. It's responseable for anything you see that is in 3d and the magnet of gravity. All dimesions inside this universe are made of 3d objects a there is free movement. Some life exists, but none is intelligent. It is a common misconseption the planet earth is in the 3rd dimension, but it is actually in the 4th.

Credit(kred-it)-The standard currency for the dimensions. 1 credit100 million U.S. dollars, or QQ ()'s, or 84738529648243598427837473875239472975398723475 's.

Dora the Explorer (DOOR-ah thee ECKS-PLOR-a) - Originally from the 8th dimension planet of Caiox (cah-EE-oh-ecks) under the name Elim Explorado, Dora the Explorer decided to take over the Sol system circa 23& AFD (the exact date is not certain due to the Great Foolpborg Explosion of '&). However, when Dora approached the planet Earth (having already taken over Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury), SETI dishes overloaded the 8th-dimensional matrix timespacematterlight continuum and transported Dora into the general conciousness. The incident completely wiped Dora's memories, leaving the perfect candidate for...educating children.

The 4th Dimension(thuh forth dime-en-shun)-The Second most powerful dimesion, due to the fact earth is located in it. These dimesions have free movment AND the addition of time, allowing sentient beings. The 4th dimesions are responsable for fixing rips in the space time continum, saying zombies, and making sure the antoginist in every hit book dies, therefore there is usually at least one agent in every dimension. There are 2 types of 4th dimesion universes. Flow time universes are forced to flow with the movement of time, and Chaos Time universes are ones where time either moves chaoticly, or beings are allowed to move through time. Chaos universes are usually inhabitable or close to it, or filled with wonderful chocolate chunks.

The Counsoul of everything(thuh cown-sol uv ev-re-thing)-The UN of the 11 dimensions. Every dimension has 1 represitive, their leader, and each are as follows(they don't like having their name in print, but we do it anyway):
1st-Lord Linear(Monarchy system)
2nd-A. ria(City-state System)
3rd-D the 3rd(Feudalism system)
4th-The great and glorious master of the dimesion of the number 4(prefers Timemaster as a nickname)(Awesomeness System)
5th-(Election in progress)(President for Life System)
6th-/-()&the Qth(() System)
7th-Never revealed name; only known as "lucky"(Dictatorship)
8th-Albert Einstien(He didn't actually die, he managed to get to the 8th dimension and survive. The brain and dead body were decoys)(Science Conglomerate system)
9th-Mr.?(Capitist Government System)
10th-General 3rd in command of the Multiverse and everything in the 11(Military rule system)
11th-The great glorious master of the 11th and all, the greatest, wisest ruler of all, the one who defeated the paradox attack, head of every council, ruler with an iron fist, great master, his wit only second to The great and glorious master of the dimesion of the number 4, strength greater than a million #-beasts, second only to God, who he reports directly to, the tall, intelligent, Fred!!(he had a hard, hard childhood with such a long name.)(Ultimate Rule System)
As you probably noticed, the 5th dimesion is up for grabs due to an asasination of the old president for life. They are now holding the first election in 9854309584375732867435874398.324234 years! anyone with an I.Q. over -7 and can manage to get a message to the congress for life of the 5th dimesion can enter.

God(Gawd)-Ruler of everything and the multiverse. 'Nuff said.

Beyond (BEE-yawned) - The mysterious black space that exists on the edges of the dimensions. No living being has ever gone Beyond and returned, though some dead ones have managed the trip. However, no information could be extracted from the returnees.

Dictionary (dic-shun-air-ee) - A book of powerful black magicks, containing thousands of words for incantations, but encoded through black magicks so that only those who can use black magicks can read the words for what they truly are.

Qlaseks(Cue-layscs)-A very strange element that does not have sub-masses, even though every textbook ever written about multi-universe elements say it does. No one even knows what a sub-mass is these days, or how it effects the element, except every element in the universe has at least one (except Qlaseks, even though everone is said it does), because of the great foolpborg explosion of '&(.

Zombie(zom-bee)- The usual product of an "Accidental" biochemical spill onto a location containing a human corpse. Though incredibly hideous(rotting flesh and all that), they are very friendly when you get to know one. It is true they eat brains, but human brains, they say "are much to fatty and full of ingnorence", so they prefer to eat the brains of more intelligent animals, such as dolphins and squirrels. Zombies are not actually hunted because of their viscousness, but rather: A)their uglyness B)an evil necromancer has summoned a huge undead army to take over the Earth C)To be used in a low-buget horror movie with a famous actor defeating the undead. Paladins and Timemaster like hunting them for sport, though Timemaster is the better of the 2.

The great foolpborg explosion of '&((thu-grate-foolp-boorg uhf #)-Not much is know about the foolpborg explosion except a/some foolpborg(s) decided to explode in a very great explosion, deleting most of the interdemesional data collected, and bringing the UU to its knees and eventual destruction. the full date of the year is #235&#)#252&+)#+!#)(TOHEO#&??"P&(, and was shortended to '&(. The date is beleved to be 10000000000000000 B.C. in the universe of universe, todays common dating system, rather than the #!#(&":":
dating system that was used when the incident occured.

The 5th Dimension(thuh fifth Dime-en-shun)-The 4th weakest dimension. Their government system is a President for life system, one that is incredibly close to a dictatorship, except the president for life is elected by vote. The 5th Dimension is is responsable for the the light machine and making sure universes have some kind of order, except they aren't that good at it. Take earth for example. It's in shambles!

Earth(erth)-A little planet in the star system of Sol, within a very strange galaxy apparently made of milk, withing the universe of Universe. It is populated by a sentient species who call themselves human beans. It is unknown why they call themsleves "beans", because, really, who wants to be a bean? For whatever reason, the dimensions use earth's standards for dates, measurement, ect.

Pi(pie)-The curve of a circle, determined by 3.14, followed by an infinite number of numbers that I am too lazy to put up. The real number of pi is 3.141414143988Q, using the Enhanced Number System (see The number Q). Ti is also a shortend version of "pie"

ICUYTA(eye-se-you-why-tee-a)-Txtr (see Txtr) abriviation for "I Cannot Understand Your Txtr Abriviation". Ironicly, no one normal can understand that abriviation either.

The Number Q(thuh num-bur cue)-In 2143, Theroretical Physisist Yin-Venn-Ting discovered there needed to be 11 numbers in the number system, because pi (see Pi) is infinite, and computers show errors WAY too much.. Yin chose Q as the new number for a unknown reason, but it is suspected in part because of his recent overexposure to a lead-murcury polimer for day-care centers, or his mental illness. The number Q does not have an exact number, but rather a barnomial between 57x and (i)9x9(r)-.001.

Potato(poe-tay-toe)- An Earth vegtable everyone likes, but is very hard to spell. There is also apperently a person with a potato head.

Knowlage(no-luj)-Somthing people claim to have, but actually don't

Gold(gold)-Nothing special...

Oil(oyl)-Now that is REAL special!

The President(thuh prez-id-ent)-A person people like to complain about.

(not pronouncable)-A letter on the keybord no one knows how to use.

Writing(rie-ting)-(the best) Form of communication. It is used by the Gibberish Dictionary to communicate definitions of words, like writing.

Alaska(all-ask-uh)-The official 8th continent of the world since 2069, after it rebelled against the U.C.S.(see United Communist States) to continue having a republic. It soon took over Canada, and was soon graced with the merging of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to it, the states being fiercely against communism. Today, Alaska is a superpower and a world leader in everything.

United Communist States(u-ny-ted com-u-nist states)-You thought the U.S. would last forever, didn't you? Think again.

B-grade Horror Movie(bee-grayd hor-or moo-vee)-Where all the nightmares come from.

Master of the 4th Dimension(mas-ter uf thuh forth dime-en-shun)-Greatest writer in the universe. Born:19Awesome A.D. Died: Never. Author of the Gibberish Dictionary.

Barbershop Quartet(Bar-bur shawp core-tet)-One of the most musical forms of torture.


Protagonist(pro-tag-an-ist)-I'm the protagonist, of course!

Typo(tie-poe)-Wehn smoething is not spleled rihgt.

Migrain(my-grain)-What you'll get from trying to read the definition above.

Einstein(ien-stine)-Known on Earth for his amazing theory of relitivity, Einstien excaped death by travelling to the 8th Dimension and leaving a not-so-dummy Einstien Dummy. He instantly became leader because of his totall smarticle-ness, and is now good friends with Master of the 4th Dimension.

QLNT4(kwl-en-tee-fore)-The money system for the planet 3x(). One Glort 12. One Qzcl600. One ZORK3,000. There are 500 Glorts in a Qzcl and 500 Qzcls in a ZORK. Strangly, the planet never actually uses its currency, but rather the Canadian Dollar.


Fart(fart)-The bane of happiness.

Awesome(aw-sum)-(see Master of the 4th Dimension)

ASCII(ask-ee)- -- The art of computer geeks.

Boring(boor-ing)-(see Politics)

Politics(paul-it-tics)-(see Boring)

Txtr(tecs-ter)-Da lngwge 'o peeps hoo IM 'n txt 1 anthr usin almst unreedibble wayz 2 rduce da letrs typed.

You(yu)-The person reading this.

Brains(branes)-Somthing most people appear to not have.

Quote(kwote)-"It is when you put somthing someone said inbetween " and ", followed or preceded by who said it and how they said it," said Master of the 4th dimension.