By:Andrew Troy Keller

Sometimes,the word 'migration'
Might also mean vacation.
And many families agree,
For as they could truly see
That they could pick their favorite destination.

The Longstreet family
Was one of those families.
Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure
was their favorite destination for sure.
Truly a favorite for the Longstreet family.

But even though they've planned to drive with care,
It was a real nightmare,
For the kids were throwing a fit
By yelling out the words,"Are we there yet?!"
Which had proved that life could sometimes be unfair.

However like a group happy-go-lucky larks,
The Longstreets had finally arrived at the theme park
And headed towards Jurassic Park:The Ride,
Which was one of the farmost exciting rides
Within the entire park.

All the Longstreets had a lot of fun--
Except for Martin,the son
Who had lost his lunch,
After being on the same ride the whole bunch
Had first gone on and started having fun.

But like some certain thrends,
All good things must come to an end,
For Martin and Connie,the kids with looks that were cool
Had got to go back to school
And that the fall tv season was around the bend.

And so,even though they all had left with great big grins,
Sally,the mother with the biggest grin
Had placed her head
Upon the shoulder of Frank,the family head
And begged,"Please,Frank.I mean it.Never again."

In other words,she's aready been through hell.
But about not wanting to go to theme park again,only time will tell.