Finding True Love

My story-Nicki Underwood

I never thought that I would fall in love with him. The boy from my AP united states history class. That nice guy who sat next to me, and every once and awhile, when we weren't working or being lectured, he would say a kind word to me, or we would share a nice conversation. Nothing serious and definitely nothing that would hint at the love that we would one day share.

Kevin and I met my junior year of high school. He was short, about 5'7", had deep brown hair, and the clearest and brightest green eyes you could ask for. He wasn't a stand out guy, which doesn't mean he's not handsome, he is a very handsome guy, it just means he didn't bring a lot of attention to himself. He kept his life to himself, and it took awhile for him to warm up to you. He valued trust, and its just one of the morals he keeps.

Now, I, I was not a quiet, mysterious girl. I have my mysteries, such as a lot of people don't know my spiritual side and how strong I believe in our God the father, and his son Jesus Christ. They don't know that I am a missionary who tries to spend each summer bringing some kind of good to low income children. And they definitely don't know that I have an addiction to writing. But they do know my name. A lot of people would call me outgoing, I call myself confident. I have never met a stranger, and I try my best to help anyone that needs help. It's my motto, and I hold my morals high. I love the stage, and I was a avid public speaker. In other words, Kevin and I were polar opposites…at least, on the outside.

But, stranger things have happened. In October of 2006, a year after Kevin and I had first met, I had just come back from a research trip called Wallops Island. It was a marine biology focused trip with my AP Biology class, and it was a blast. The day that we got back, I was high on life. I was ready for anything that life threw me… and it threw me a shocker.

My high school was in the midst of PSAT testing, and since I was now a senior, that meant I didn't have to take them. So, the school ran a senior activity called "Reality Store," where you were given a life, and finances and sometimes children, and you had to figure out how to live and survive. Well, by some weird test of fate, Kevin and I decided to get "married" and we had a blast. We really worked as a team, and really got into the role playing idea. People thought we were an amusing couple, and who could blame them. Well, by the end of the morning, and as the activity was winding down, Kevin and I were making plans to attend the homecoming dance that weekend. We spent scattered time together the rest of that week, and I was wondering exactly what I was getting myself into. I have had my heart broken before, and I was nervous to put myself out on that ledge again. But, I made a promise to myself to give the guy a chance, especially since he was being so sweet to me.

So, homecoming night rolled around, and I found myself all dressed up and waiting for Kevin. He showed up at my house right on time, and from that moment on he swept me off my feet. He did the sweetest things, and told me I was beautiful. I had never been treated like the precious jewel he acted like I was.

Half way through the night, Kevin and I were standing on the edge of the dance floor, and I leaned over and I kissed his cheek. He tuerned his head, and our lips met, and I saw fireworks. We were 

inseparable the rest of the night, and when he dropped me off, we both didn't want to leave. It was the beginning of our amazing journey.

The following week, Kevin and I spent nearly every night on the phone, just talking about everything and anything that came to mind. We learned we actually had a lot in common, more then we realized. We both enjoyed the same type of foods, and we both hated lima beans. We both were intelligent and had a fondness for learning. We both held a deep relationship with God.

We went out on our "first" date a week later. He took me out to dinner, and to the movies, and it was if we had been dating for years. He was someone I could trust, and someone I enjoyed being with. And when our movie ended, we walked out to find it pouring down rain. We ran to the car, and jumped in, watching the rain pour down, and soaked to the bone. But, we were laughing. We stayed there; me snuggled up against him, and him staring down at me. He reached up to the slowly fogging windshield, and drew a heart, and wrote my name in it. I reached up and did the same thing. He leaned down and kissed me, and everything was quiet, even the rain seemed silenced in that moment. He pulled back, and my emotions were running wild. He stared at me, and with the deepest emotion I had ever heard in someone's voice, told me that he loved me. The silence closed in, and my emotions boiled over and I told him I loved him too. He kissed me, and the sound of the rain once again came into focus, though neither of us cared.

For the next 8 months Kevin and I shared every moment of every day together. If we weren't together, we would call each other or text each other all night long. We couldn't stand to be apart, and we were best friends. I told him everything. Every fear, every wish, every dream, and he did the same. We knew what we wanted, and it involved each other. We graduated high school hand in hand, and were planning to enter James Madison University together in the fall. But, it all seemed a blur, and I had my emotions under control, so when we did become separated; to say the least, I broke, and realized the gift I had.

Looking back, it wasn't that big of a deal, I mean, all he had was a really nasty virus. But, we had planned to spend the day together and the disappointment of moments lost was hard to bear. That summer was it. The last summer. Yes, we were going to college together, and yes…it would be the best times of our lives, but, this was still our summer.

But, he was sick. He was very sick, and told me to go home, trying to shield me from the virus that plagued his body. So, I went home, and even though I knew he would be ok, my own memories of the summer before, and my hospital visit, and everything came flooding back. I was scared. And I was even more scared when he called, and was sick on the phone, and had to hang up. He texted me later to say he was on his way to the ER. It was a long night for both of us.

But, in those moments of worry, I realized how deep our love has become. A connection, a faith, a bond. We were more then lovers, we were best friends.

It surprising how a reality check, even one as safe and secure as this one, can have a effect. It makes you rethink life and how lucky you are to have what you have.

So, on the anniversary of a year of love, I write to you baby. Here's to another many years.