You finished confessing

what he did to you

and she turned her back on you

a smile on her face

you thought if you cried

someone would help you

but it's all about indifference

and being different.

I feel like going to puke

I can't digest every story of yours

it sounds so credible

for the same reason

I don't believe a bullshit

without getting poisoned

the car's window was broken

and these glasses hurt more when

they are pulled than when they are stabbed

the meaning of being strong

it's pretend to be strong.

I'm filthy

can you smell my rotten dreams?

I made a coffin for myself

I'm filthy

can you see the worms eating my heart?

I'm buried alive

I'm filthy

even so can you give me a hug?

It's all about indifference

and being different

it's all about covering the ears to hear a cry

it's all about keeping silent to say something

it's all about staying there and do nothing.

Some people carry masks

until the day they die

then how can you be sure

if there was something true

maybe if I take your mask off

you're the person I've always looked for.