You're what

You're what? By Louise Hughes

Introduction: Jess is a West End actress and does film musicals. She starred in High School Musical 3 and is friends with all the cast. She is starring as the main character in a new West End production when she gets a call from Monique Coleman, saying Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are over in the UK and want to see her. They give Jess some unexpected news and she is in shock. What does Jess do? Read more inside.

"I wonder what their thinking,

But I know my answer.

So I'm going to stop singing,

And make my answer final.

Tomorrow I have to have an answer!"

As the applause started I could feel my face burning. I looked to my left and there was Max, fellow actor and good friend. I walked off stage and made a quick change. The same thing for a few months night after night apart from Saturday's. 1 minute before I was back on stage. The applause started as Rosie finished dancing. Now!

10pm. Show's over, for another night. I'm so tired! Max walked over and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Good show Jess,"

Jess Anna Jupp. Me. Actress on West End and some movies. Mainly musicals. Bed. Home. Shower. I walked down the hall towards the stage door. I knew there would be fans so I put on a smile and walked out the door.

11pm. The autographs and fans took forever. I was only going to do a few but a voice in my head told me to do more.

Now your gone

I realise my love for you was st…

"Hey Jess!" went the bubbly voice on the end of the phone.

I groaned.

"Mo! Its half 11!" I wanted to scream. I stage whispered it instead. Monique Coleman. HSM star as Taylor.

"Well its only 8 here. Oh yeah. You're in the UK." she went.

Monique and I are very good friends. I actually starred in HSM 3 with her and the rest of the crew.

"Well done. Now goodbye. I have a show tomorrow and I'm shattered!"

I was about to end the call when Monique went,

"Zac and 'Nessa are in England and they wanna see you."

I was about to scream when I remembered something.

"Mo, why? They never come over unless there is a premier or concert. I don't know any …"

I was cut off.

"They'll tell you tomorrow. Night."

I heard the dialling tone. Great, I thought to myself.

Next morning my phone went off with

I 'gotta say what's on my mind

Something 'bout us

Zac. I thought. I picked up the phone.

"Z…" Is all I managed before being cut off.


Deffo Zac Efron. He's the only person who calls me Jessie.

"We're outside. Can we come in?" he asked.

I wanted to say no but instead I went,

"Sure. Hang on a sec, I've only just got up."

I ran into my room and grabbed a pair of jeans and a black top. I quickly got changed and ran out of the room. My phone rang again. I picked up.


It was Zac. Again.

"Are you ready yet?"

I answered by opening my flat door. I pressed the end call button and said,

"Zac! Vanessa! How lovely to see you."

I invited them in.

I gave them both a hug and walked down the hall. I invited them to sit down while I got some coffee. When I came back and had sat down I asked,

"So Monique called last night and um said you were over here. So um why are you here?" I finished.

Vanessa put down her mug and looked at Zac.

"Jess." she started, "Well firstly we wanna thank you for acting with us. Kenny was like whoa! I'll get to the point. Me and Zac are, um engaged and moving to London." she spilled out.

I gasped. Like in a good way. I knew they were going out and had been for a couple of years, but engaged?

"Wow. Well congrats. It was going to happen one day."

I smiled. I could see Zac wanting to say something.

"Jess. We want you to be the maid of honour." he managed to say.

I nearly fainted. Why me, I was thinking.

"Oh wow. Ok, why me? I haven't known you very long. Well I've known 'Nessa since I was 10 but still!" I wanted to shout, well I said it thoughtfully.

I saw both Zac and Vanessa take a deep breath. I wanted Vanessa to answer. Yes!

"JJ," she started. JJ is my nickname, "we want you because," she paused, "you're my only childhood friend left and as Zac knows you as well. It just fitted!" she finished with.

I was thinking. Isn't the maid of honour meant to be the brides mum? I asked. Their reply,

"Usually. Well seeing as Lu and Corbin are best men and Mo-Jo as bridesmaid. We wanted you."

Ok. Lucas as best man as well as Corbin. Hm. That fits. Monique as bridesmaid. I think she should be the maid of honour.

"Hang on a sec. What about Ash and your families?" I asked.

Zac answered.

"Jessie. Sorry Jess. They don't know. Yet. They will know, we'll them it's just my mums ill so she can't come. So neither will dad."

I looked at the time. 2pm! I'm late for 'Ellie!'

"I'm sorry guys. I'm kinda late. You coming tonight?"

Zac and 'Nessa nodded.

"Cool. I'll see you then. You can stay here, leave or whatever. Bye!" I shouted as leaving the flat. I ran across the road towards the theatre.

I'm late! I'm late! I'm really, really late! I feel the rabbit in the film 'Alice in Wonderland'. When I rushed through the door, I fell over and Max caught me.

"Whoa Jess! What's the hurry?"

I said I was late.