Stop not for sunset; the moon be your lamp.

You need not the burning sun's ray.

You'll be thankful enough for the chilling night air,

when yonder breaks new light of day

Need you no women, nor beautiful dreams;

Still air is not time for play.

Keep yourself busy; get moving! Get up!

or you'll not see the new light of day

Think not of your bellies, though empty they be.

You've no taste for gruel anyway;

But keep you working, our fortunes may change

with the dawn of the new light of day

Be not discouraged by wind or by rain.

Do not let the storm in our way.

You've no control if you live or you die,

and you'll soon see the new light of day

Meh, just something I concocted in the wee hours of the morning. No sailing story is complete without a rousing work song, right?