So, here is my story, The Follower. It is one of the shortest pieces I have ever written. I hope you enjoy it and please review with your thoughts in the end. Thank you. :)

The Follower

As I walked down the street, I noticed I was being followed. Who was it? It had to be a human. Anyone who was like me wouldn't walk the way humans do. But what were they doing?

The human was also making an awful lot of noise, walking through the street puddles, wearing a plastic raid coat instead of a rubber poncho like myself. But why were they following me? It's not like the house I was currently staying in had anything valuable, or was even on a nice looking street. To say anything, I lived in the worst part of town, when the last time the roads were paved was when they were built. The houses were hidden behind great forests of evergreens with winding paths leading to great, abandoned mansions. Some of them were teen hang outs, where normal teens from normal families with normal lives and normal abilities went to. Not me. I lived in one of these old houses and no one came down. But it was only eight o'clock and teens didn't leave for anywhere until much later. So why was someone following me during the fast approaching night?

"Hey," the human said. I instantly recognized the man's voice to be one of my classmates. Mike. The vile, worthless, disgusting Mike whom challenged my control every second. "Where you going, Freak?"

Freak. Two-eyes. Weirdo. Red face. All these names and so much more. And of course, it was all because of the Mike kid.

"Hey! Bitch, I'm talking to you!"

But, none of this was abnormal. I was always treated so here in this far-too-small town in the middle of no-where. Why Master had chosen this one place for me to train I knew not. Wouldn't it have been wiser to send me to my Truth Teller's house instead of to humans? But Master's word was law.

"Bitch I'm talking to you!" At the end of this I felt a small stone land on the top of my thigh.

Just breathe I thought to myself, in an attempt to calm me. Unfortunately it wasn't working.

"Red face! When someone blesses you by talking to you, you turn your sorry ass around and look at them!" Again, I felt a slightly larger stone land this time on the small of my back.

It's not worth it. Remember the last time you lost your cool because of a human, an outsider? Do not disgrace yourself again.

I finally stopped walking to the house and turned around.

"That's right, scum bag! Now, what do you have to say for making me wait so long to get you to pay attention to me?"

I was close to loosing it. Why, oh, why couldn't I hear him following me in the thick rain earlier?

"Bitch, answer me!" This time I saw the rock coming. I quickly dunked out of the way, also performing one of the moves my old Truth Holder had taught me. Foolish in front of a human, but it was a simple one, something that wouldn't cost me anything.

"Wow! You're even more of a freak then before! Where the hell did you learn that move, huh? Answer me you good for nothing, freak of nature!"

He means nothing. He knows nothing of what you have faced. Nothing.

So why was I getting so over worked? Why was I loosing control of my powers?

"Bitch! You freak! I feel bad for your parents. You wanna know why? Cuz they got to deal with seeing your butt ugly face every day!"

That was it. No one insults my rulers or disgraces my family.

At that insant a bolt of lightening shot down near by. At that same second the thunders cry was so loud it almost drowned out Mike's cries of pain.

I had done it again. I had lost control again.

"You are aware, Truth Gatherer that you have lost control once before tonight?"

I was in His room. Master was beginning my short trial that would eventually lead to my ceremonial death. All because of that stupid Mike kid.

"Yes, Master, sir," I stated in a clear, controlled voice. My rulers were also in the room. They didn't look sad at loosing their first Teller and eventual Truth Holder. If any thing, they looked like the hated me. I had always been a disgrace, a disappointment. With me gone, they would finally have the perfect family with my two sisters. I was there one imperfection, there one flaw. Who wouldn't want me gone? Besides, they had Samantha and Kaye to worry about too. Losing one would just mean less work to do and one less brain to teach and shape.

"And you are also aware, Teller, that after your second time of loosing control you must be removed from the environment." Master spoke with obvious authority. No one disrespected him. No one. Yet that was exactly what I did by losing control at my age.

"Yes, Master, Sir"

"Teller, you have forced apon yourself the removal from society and have disgraced your family and all future Truth Gatherers, Holders and Tellers of the world. Step down and begin your removal."

And so, I started my own removal from society, losing all my powers, making my soon-to-be-decaying body completely normal, though it's life was far from it.

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