Just trying to get back into the swing of writing. :) I've been away from it for a while (concentrating on art and school work). I'm terribly rusty, but hopefully I can get back into it quickly.

All characters are copyright (c) me. Any questions about the characters, I will be happy to answer. They are from my work in progress: Flightless Dove.

Though the noonday sun was high, its rays shining brightly upon the lush earth, the air was cool with hints of an autumn breeze. Birds twittered to each other, fluttering restlessly about and ready to migrate. Animals shuffled through the underbrush of the surrounding forests going about their own for the coming fall. Nonetheless, the manor that was settled on the edge was silent, still, as though an old creature contemplating mysteries.

It was a quaint house, ivy hiding its face and wrapping its sides protectively. A large garden lush with late-blooming roses and shrubbery stretched behind it, reaching to the stone wall that surrounded the property. A small pond was nestled in the center, the fountain long dry. The balcony that faced the back was currently occupied, the figure dark and brooding. He had watched over the boy for the past month and each day his frustration grew. The other was there only because his master was away; and he knew it very well.

And as such, he felt no desire to talk to the owner of the house. It was annoying. Strange, black and white eyes stared down at the lone individual sitting by the pond, a frown gracing thin lips. He had tried everything to woo the cold soul; fancy clothes, jewels, flowers, sweets…He had barely even given a glance. A soft sigh floated on the wind as he stood. It was tearing at his heart; these unfulfilled desires. He wanted to see the boy smile, make him laugh. But with each pass, the young hybrid grew colder, emotions much the changing seasons. There was one thing he had yet to try; talking. Perhaps if he simply chatted with the dragon, he would open up…

Making his way down a flight of narrow, iron stairs that were nestled against the side of the house, the tall creature walked along the stone path that led to the pond. Without looking up, the hybrid gave a short sigh.

"Come to give me something else? Can't you just accept this? I am waiting for Master to take me home…I don't want anything to do with you." The tone was gentle, though the silver eyes said otherwise. The strange, shimmering orbs locked onto his own and he shuddered. The depth of rage and sorrow threatened to swallow him wholly and he had to turn away to keep his composure. The demon gave a soft sigh, settling himself down next to the young dragon.

"Silence…Sil…" The hybrid stiffened at his name, but no emotion was seen on his features. Black and white eyes glanced up at the marble expression. He was so beautiful: skin as fine as snow, hair plucked from ravens' feathers and spun of silk. The pale, delicate lips parted to speak. "Don't say anything, please."

Sil pushed off the warm stones and turned to face him, a cold glare etched onto his usually gentle appearance. The heavy robes slipped from his shoulders, revealing more fair flesh, though neither took notice. "Why not? Afraid I'll ruin some special moment you've conjured up in your mind? Donovan…please…Stop trying. You're just going to get hurt. My heart lies with my Master and no one else. Why can't you understand that?"

The demon gave a sudden, short growl. Standing, he grabbed the slender dragon by his arm and pulled him close. Sil's eyes widened and he tugged against the strong grasp; though it did nothing by annoy Donovan.

"You deserve much better than him and you know it. He is my friend but-"

Silence twisted from his grasp and pulled his arm close, rubbing where Donovan had captured it. "Then you should respect that." Drawing the robes up, he turned and started towards the house. "This conversation never happened." Stopping suddenly, he glanced over his shoulder, a sad look in his eyes. "You have so many others to love. Find someone who will return it. I am loyal to only one." Falling silent and without another glance, he once more headed for the cool interior of the house: a fitting place to match his disposition.

When Sil was gone, the demon sat back, gaze slowly wandering to the koi swimming in the pond. Tracing one of the water lilies with a finger, he closed his eyes, a sigh on his lips. Maybe…tomorrow would be better…