How come there are so many 'diaries' on shelves that everyone just loves to read (at least, I do)? So many of them are written by adults writing as if they were a different person, one younger than who they are. But there are also 'diaries' posted online on community websites. Everyone knows that on the Internet not everyone is who he or she says they are, but at least you can actually believe what the person on the site is saying, because who creates a fake journal and pretends to live a shitty/completely wonderful life? I'm not saying that people don't do this though. But, those journals are filled with writings like: omg, lyk, lmao, lol, rofl, or even roflmfao (ten points to everyone who knows all of those). And if they aren't filled with make-you-want-to-pound-your-head-on-the-desk-abbreviations they're written like: d00d, I had, l!k3, th3 worst day 3V3R! Who the hell wants to read shit like that?

So, I was thinking to myself: What would be a good way to defy all the brain-pitying "blogs" out there and utilize my vocabulary where it will be appreciated? And the answer is what you're reading at the present moment.

But like the summary says: this is a diary. In other words, I am going to spill my secrets on here, ones that my mom doesn't even know (which I guess isn't truly amazing, considering I hardly ever even talk to her). So, that means every person, city, and building (just the local ones) will have false names. For instance, my two best friends will be called: Salome and Mai, unorthodox names here in America though they may be.

To start my 'diary' I thought I might first tell you about my two friends, for they will undoubtedly appear in future entries.

I think it would be most fitting to start with Mai, because we have been best friends since when we first met in 4th grade. She was the new kid in our school, taller than pretty much everyone, including the teachers. Most people didn't like her and she landed herself (and I, for we quickly became friends) with three bullies that teased her far more than anyone else did. Their names shall be: Barb, Basma, and Haldis (again, odd names, but I'm using a baby name site and most of the names are foreign). (Basma now happens to be one of my close friends.) We roughed our way through fourth grade severely scratched, but still intact and with an unbreakable friendship. We are almost polar opposites, though. Not only in appearance, but in almost all interests too. But you know the saying opposites attract? Well it applies here very well.

Salome I have known since second grade, but we were never extremely close until this year, and partially last year (although we're much closer now). Salome is the best person you could ever meet. Smart, funny, and loud. By loud I mean she laughs a lot. I love being with her just because it's so easy to be around her and not feel awkward, even if you don't really know her, it's still fun to be with her.

Now that you have a small insight on my relationship with the two best-friends-a-person-can-ever-have lets move on to the actual 'entry'

March 26, 2008

My day has been extremely…well it hasn't been bad. At least I didn't have to clean out the refrigerator like I did yesterday. My mom took my sisters, Sara and Jane (because their real names are slightly weird -- maybe not Jane's -- already), and me, to a shopping town. It truly was wasted on us; we spent nearly all the time in Barnes & Noble. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love books and bookstores, but we didn't buy anything, so it was slightly disappointing, because I now want the book 'How to Win A Fight With A Conservative'. The downside of my day is PMS, which snuck its way to me in the form of cramps while we were in Barnes & Noble (this is a diary, so I will mention PMS from time to time…deal with it or leave the story, I promise you it won't be a lot, just the occasional mutter of: fuck periods). I do get to go to a sleepover tomorrow though (oh, have I mentioned I'm on spring break?) with Salome and Mai, and on Friday I get to go downtown with Basma (weird how worst enemies turn into friends).

Thus ends my first entry of: Private! Keep Out! Unless You Really Wanna Read