Wow. It's been a really long time since I've updated this. Let's see. By now I'm in high school, and my 14th birthday has arrived and passed. High school is decent, but there's definitely a lot more work. And apparently high school also comes with a really crappy English teacher, which is really sad considering that's one of my favorite subjects.

However, with a new school there is also a relatively fresh new set of guys. Not that this is saying much. There isn't a whole bunch of guys in my school that I think are cute. Not that there isn't a decent number, and not that I don't like somebody and here would be a good time to say "but I digress" but I'm going to quite yet.

A good percentage of the students in my school are black (including me, if this hasn't been mentioned before). Personally, guys of my own ethnicity aren't exactly appealing, because I can barely tolerate most of them. Most of the "hot" guys in my school are either stupid, immature, taken, or all three. Also, I end up liking someone a bit more unique, or odd. Or just someone I can carry a decent conversation with. My current "crush" would probably fit into both of these categories as well as the "awkwardly cute, with really nice hair" category, which for me really is a category. He also has really pretty eyes.

Now, I digress. Or, at least I think I'm going to elaborate on the whole teacher situation.

My teacher is, in terms of academics generally proficient (except for the fact that she can't spell to save her life). My main problem with her is that she is rude. My class is supposedly advanced (although you might not be able to tell from some of the people in the class). The teacher seems to always (1) take cracks at how crappy our school is, (2) get exasperated whenever someone asks her to repeat something, (3) she gets pissed off whenever people try to help one another, not on tests, but on literary standpoints that would take half a minute of our time (and than she complains it wastes our time, even though her yelling and such ends up wasting more time, because then half the class goes up in arms). And the list can continue, but it's too much to type.