The Poem I Wrote While I Was Mellow

The Poem I Wrote While I Was Mellow

by iloveanimecartoons

Original (and BEST) March 11, 2008

Laying down is a thought that runs through my mind often

I drank so much gin and juice that it relieved all my coughing

The congestion is gone and I now feel loopy—those drinks were strong

When I try to walk straight, well…something is wrong

The dog looked at me funny—my cousins' stare was sarcastic

I might just be a tad drunk 'cause her expression is CLASSIC

Okay, "mellow" may be a little lightweight—the room's slanting a bit

Damn…three glasses of G&J and I'm tipsy as shit

And…um…uh…I'm really, really hot all of a sudden, my friends

This slight lightheadedness tells me this poem's soon coming to an end

I think I'll go lay down a spell till my tummy stops flipping

Before my lunch comes back to haunt me…no more liquor sippin'