Pew Prayers

"Dear Lord, we adore you and offer you all our praise…"

Here we go again, another altar call. Ever chapel ends with it, and then it's eatin' time.

"…Through the Spirit, I know there is someone here who needs to come down to this altar. I don't know the struggles in your life, but He does. Someone here has a tug on their heart…"

Yep, there it is. Now a dozen of them'll come down and kneel and there'll be all sorts of weeping and spiritual things going on… How come it's never just one person who needs God most?

"…We'll wait now, for the Spirit to move on these young folks. Lord, I pray for these young people, who seek you, oh Lord, and hunger for You…"

Sometimes, I wonder why You even listen to this stuff. It's so vague—it doesn't seem real to me. Am I real? I hope I am… Lord let me be real—sincere would be a better word. I don't want to end up like that down there.

"…We need you, Jesus…"

I need you Jesus. Oh boy, how I need help. I can't even get my papers in on time. Lord, help discipline me. Eh, for that matter, help me remember my papers at all and that'd be nice.

"…Lord we pray…"

I should pray more often. I should probably read my Bible more often too. God help discipline me to pray and read the word. Help me draw close to you… I need help. Let them be real? Lord, let me be real. Father don't let me fall away like that.


Don't let me fall. Amen.