March 20th, 2008






Awkward, ungreased wheels on my cart

Like driving for first time

Check purse, check wallet, check out

Only 21.50

Too many old people

Confusing parking lot

But I eat

For a week



Prom dresses

Pastries, cookies, cakes

Pregnancy and medical services

Pizza, subs, Chinese, and pubs

Pedestrian passing, traffic lights

Picturesque river walks

Public library



Warm, thick air swallows me

as I cautiously step into heaven

My back lies against a gym mat

But as the lights go out I'm on a cloud

God is an extremely flexible blonde

Who charges 20 for new disciples

My legs and abdomen tremble

sporadically, like a convulsion patient

But I'm assured I'm in heaven

The body has to adjust in these new climes

Three other disciples lay on the floor

Old man, grizzled beard, arthritis

Teacher, short hair, green shirt

Healthy athlete, sharp jaw, weak flexibility

Me, grey sweatpants, Zelda tee

No endurance, sweaty, rather flexible

Give it a month, God says,

And your abs'll look awesome

Why Noah?


God didn't think

I was as good as Noah

So I drowned in the flood.

It's easier to be good

when God gives you

the 10 Commandments

Noah was an old man

with a white beard.

And it was him

and all his

white, old, male


with their white beards

that created history.

God thought this was good

And so

the waves have all

but swallowed

my voice.

Me and the clouds


Reclining in

a lawn chair

on a silver cloud

in the sky

my lemonade

gently, slowly

floats on by

No pink flamingos

No painted gnomes

No spoiled children

No suburban homes

Just me and my clouds

Swimmin' in the the sky

Just me and the clouds

Sailin' on by


The TV's too damn loud

Nobody has anything important to say

at that audacious volume

Gandhi, Buddha, the Dalai Lama

Voices like cotton and crisp air

Too much damn food

Greasy, gross taco meat again

Asians are skinny as celery sticks

Or rather, bok choy

There's too many


And a surplus of

unread books

underpopulated libraries,

mismanaged schools

All I want are

sages, celery sticks,

and then someā€¦