A/N: I wrote this poem for a very close friend, I hope you like it!

Maybe this is a story

Or maybe this is a key

But this is probably just me

Pretending again.

I saw you, and now

I've seen everyone else,

And it's not like you were any different,

Except I knew you

And you knew me.

Most people would

Call this conversation,

But conversations

Are for people who have something to say.

I guess I would call this

My heart's repayment

For letting me come home.

I looked like a ghost then

When I wasn't quite

Sure if I was all dead

Or all alive.

That was when I knew you

Barely enough,

Just to the point where

I could still love everything about you.

Now I don't love you

But I forgive you

Because I accept every flaw.

Because you were so beautiful

I tried to smile

When you were laughing.

But the truth is

I would have run out of smiles.

But I knew you already

Solved that mystery, though.

When I tried to hide from everybody

I made sure

I left the map so you

Could find me too.

Maybe this is story about love, life, everything

Or the key to my soul.

Maybe this is me pretending

Everything's okay,

Or maybe this is a conversation,

My heart's repayment.

Maybe this is forgiveness,

Or maybe this is all my smiles.

Maybe this is that hidden map.

Still I think this is a secret

That I just can't whisper to you

Because the words cannot be invented.