we crumble through heavens and sift like sand through fingertips.

i think i fell from the moon, all golden eyes and silence.
and you, you were born from the flames, a phoenix and the song of pain.
you are hellfire and i am the cold.
i'm not immune to you.

shadows at our feet and deceptive light in our eyes.
how badly i wanted to take your hand, feel the electricity jolt
and your muscles twitch in the beginnings of a flinch before you catch yourself.
i am the lonely one, and you rise from the ashes every time you fall, hiding your ever present misery.

i can't breathe in your stare.
chemical reactions and chemical burns. break through the surface.
i fight so hard for my control. i feel myself start to collapse.
and i still stay awake all night and argue with myself over this.

i don't want to feel.
i think i need to sleep. but my dreams don't comfort me.
all i see are intense eyes and my clever disguise. wandering hands and wandering thoughts.
stormy seas below a placid sky, the water's surface churning in anger.

the colors fade as i brush past you and i wish it were different.

please don't push me away.

your voice in my mind mingling with the sound of the ocean surf as i follow
the song in.