Society defaces us, debases us and denounces us;
so abandons us as sinners to soothe consciences
which know nothing of morality but, instead, are
dedicated to denying change and inciting prejudice.
With wary eyes and anger borne of fear they condemn,
tie scarlet ribbons around our souls and damn us all to hell;
we are nothing and God dictated exactly whom to judge.
One must not love sister, brother, father, mother, nor self-love
or same-sex love – at least not in a certain way; for humanity
collects us together in umbrella terms labelled transgressive love
and refuses us our right to be different. With knowledge of ourselves
we hold onto our beliefs and loves whilst they flounder in fear
scared of disruptive change and shifting community.
Still, we hide stolen kisses, secret caresses under cover of darkness,
fumbling clumsily in exploration in shared bedrooms and homes –
as society suffocates us, stifling our love, forcing us to secret domains
but coming out could mean death.