Shut me in a small room
I'm not claustrophobic
turn the lights off
I'm not afraid of darkness...

I'm not invincible...

Make fun of me
I laugh at myself
Fool me
I'm a liar too
Steal me
what I've stolen
Maybe there was a bruise on my leg
or a bite on my hand
Maybe I cried in silence
and only I heard myself
but I know the pain is real
because my chest hurts
when I breathe.

You left me even if you were with me
I've never felt I'm with you
just my shadow on the wall filled with drawings.

I don't want this pain in my body

I'm not a phoenix which can reemerge from ashes
I don't want this pain in my soul

but it hurts so much
I don't want this pain in my spirit
.. I don't feel it anymore.

Maybe what you've done to me
your abuses... it's an anaesthetic
to face this world

in which nobody looks happy truly.

I don't need redemptions
or gratitudes
just stay and don't pay me attention
as usual.

Judge me if you think you're better than me
hang my "dolls" if it makes you enjoy
stuff me as if I was a butterfly

sometimes these wings are mere decoration.

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