The Story of a girl that was stuck to marry the king of another world!

This is the story about a girl that was living a normal life before she was strangely kidnapped and found out about her true meaning in life. She was to marry the king of a new world. Stranger than that the whole world was of elves. She found that she had to learn to control this new power that is granted to her by the queen that passed. She is a good strategist and loves to be wild at some times. She claims that she is a tomboy and that is where she learned how to fight to well with her hands.

She finds that her teacher Sei is really Dee from that world that was sent to watch over her. She never changed the fact that she still called him Sei instead of calling him Dee like the king has. She meets new friends on the way and learns to take care of her self.

Threw the full story you find that she has mood swings and that she can be nicer than any other human could possible when the time comes. But when it come to her she has a stiff upper lip.

Please leave me comments on what you think would be good to add, or to just tell me how I am doing at the time! Anything is welcomed. Thank you for reading!

It is so dark I can't see past my nose and even if I did it would look black. The last thing I remember was being in school and I was asked to go to the principal's office and well when I got there I was hit on the3 back of the head. I was knocked out and didn't remember anything but the room I was in now. What was going to happen to me? Why was I even here to begin with? There where no windows for me to look out of to see what time it was. But I never knew how long I have been out so I never knew I woke up to the time it was now.

When I looked up to the little light to my room is was from the door being opened. It was only a fire. Why was there a fire showing threw the door? The building I am in is on fire and I am here tied up and unable to move as the building is on fire. Then I started to hear yelling and the smoke started to fill the already black room. Someone is yelling a name. What name is being said? I then started to feel something touching my back. It felt like hands where wrapping around mine. I screamed in squirmed in order to try and get out of its grip. I couldn't see what it was but then the door opened and a figured came into view.

That was the last thing I remember before passing out again. I woke up the next day, I presumed and saw that I wasn't bound and I wasn't stuck in a room. It was much lighter and I was in a nice bed. I was going to get up when I felt that I couldn't move with out pain. I lifted up the pillows and found that I was slightly burned on the arms. My body looked like it was consumed in the flames. That might be why I felt something grab my body and I suddenly screamed. Then there was a knock on the door and I looked around. I didn't know what I was to do.

"Hello misses. You are up, that is a good thing. I came here to heal your skin. Please if you will lie back down, I will heal you now." She said and the first thing I saw was that she had pointed ears. I looked at her but did what she wanted. When she came over she started to mumble something and I couldn't make it out. But then I felt something move over my body. I then felt my skin heal faster than a human could do. She stopped mumbling and I felt that my skin was back to normal. I looked at my arms and saw that they where normal again.

"Is that better misses?" She asked and I looked at her and smiled.

"Yes but I must say that I have no clue what is going on and I feel rather useless." I said and saw that she smiled back.

"If you wait here I will tell my king that you are awake." She said then headed for the door.

"Wait what? King? What do you mean by that?" I said and sat there completely confused. Why was she going to get the king when hell I have no clue where I am? Why was the king needed when I was like the poorest person? And why is there a king. Last time I looked the USA had only a president.

While I was thinking the maid came back with the king. He walked up to me and hugged me. I looked at him weird as well. He too had ears that where pointed. I didn't know what to say or do but there where several other people behind him. They all had pointed ears. I looked at each one and saw that I was not where I thought I was. But the bigger question was where is here?

"It is so good to see that you are all right." He said and I just stared. He then pulled away and looked to see if I was awake.

"Uh who are you people?" I asked and then he looked at me funny.

"Don't you know anything?" He asked and I looked at him sideways and shook my head.

"I don't know anything. All I know is I was kidnapped and then stuck in a room for I don't know how long. Then there was I think a fire and then I woke up here." I said and saw him sadden.

"What about before that. Did a man name Dee come to you?" He asked and I shook my head. He then got angry and stood up. He looked like he floated out of the room with the clock flowing behind him like that. The maid came over to me and picked me up. She then gave me a dress to ware and some other things. I looked at her funny but then I was pushed into another room. I was then man handled by women giving me a bath. I thought I was never going to get out of there. When I did though I was then brought to a lot of places. The dress was black and was very thin. I thought it was going to slip off me or it was going to go see threw.

I was then pushed into a place where I could eat. I smiled and saw one placed set up for me. There was a person there waiting for me. It looked like another maid. She told me to eat and eat fast for I was going to be needed else where. So I did then I was brought before the king again. This time he was yelling at some one.

"Sei! What brings you here? And please tell me how you got here so I know where here is." I said walking up to him.

"I am sorry. If I told you sooner maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened to you. I am sorry my queen." He said walked up to me and bowing.

"Sei its okay. I don't think I am queen either. Why are you bowing all of a sudden? You are my teacher please stand." I said and saw him look like he was about to cry.

"Dee! Why haven't you told her yet!? She had to know before she came here. Other wise she isn't into her power yet. You know how important it is!" He yelled and I looked at him like he was mad.

"He you kingie. Stop being so stuck up. He probably has a good reason you just have to ask. Any ways every one can learn what ever it is that they need to so cool it and sit down." I said a little out spoken. I didn't think on what I was saying and at that moment I really didn't care. I looked up to Sei as a teacher and a friend. I saw the king look at me like I was mad but I guess I was never one for manners. I looked over to Sei and saw him backing away from me. Then I felt something behind me. When I looked I saw an enraged king.

"What gives you the right to speak to me like that? I am your king and you will keep quiet when I say so!" He yelled at me. I broke out into laughter.

"The last time I looked I was not owned by any one. And you are not my king. Where I grew up there is no such thing as one person power. You got that. So you can wave your wand all you want wont change me in any way." I said back and I saw him getting angry. Then there was a door shutting sound behind me and I went to look. Every one had left. I turned to see a very angry look on his face.

"I am your king when you stand in front of me!" He yelled again.

"Hey mister, have you ever heard of cooling down. I think you need to go and walk off. And I chose who ever I wish to stand in front of. If I so wish to block your view of something that is my point. You can try to point me wrong but make sure you know the other person understands you. Right now I don't see a king. I see a little boy throwing a temperature." I said and he was going to hit me but he never laid a hand. The next thing I knew was me throwing an upper cut to his jaw and he went flying backwards.

"Cool your head then maybe I might think about this whole kingie thing. But right now I want to find a way back to my world. That place is so much better than being here right now with a boy." I said and started to walk to the door. When I opened it a maid ran in to treat his wound.

"Don't heal him. He needs to learn he can't control people like dolls." I yelled at her and she stopped in her tracts. She looked at me and saw that I meant what I said. I walked out and down the hall. I then saw Sei behind me.

"Misses, what did you do to him? I am sorry for not telling you but I think you should sit down and hear me out now." He said walking in front of me. I sighed and nodded.

"Take me to a library and we can talk there." I said and he started to walk off in a different direction. I fallowed him and soon found my self in a library. Thoughts in my head where: Why did I punch him like that? What got me mad to even say half the things that I did? And why was it that every one treated me like I was top ruler?

"Misses, please I know this is hard for you understand but you are to be married to the king. You are to be our queen. We are the elfin race called Caltesh. As you see we look human other than our ears and the fact that we live longer than humans. I know this is a lot to understand but I was to teach you of the power you hold inside you sleeping. I was to wake that up so you can protect your self from the people that took you some days ago." He said and I tried to understand it all. The only thing I could think of in order to make me fit in was to start with this whole power thing. If he said what I think he said I can protect my self with this power. It would help if I could do that first.

"Okay, I do not fully understand this, but I guess that will have to come to me in time. Well sense you where to start to teach me how to use this power why don't we start there. I think I saw this so called power when the lady healed my skin right?" I asked thinking back to when I woke up.

"Yes we can start as soon as you are set with the room you are in."

"If you don't mind I would like to start now. The sooner I can do that the safer I will feel around here. I know this isn't the same world as mine, is it?" I asked and saw him nod his head. So we stood up and he walked back to where the king was. He was sitting in his thrown and looked saddened. I hope I didn't cause that side of him.

"King I would like to ask your permission to start training her on her power use." He asked as I stood back near the door. I wasn't looking at him. He then asked him to leave for a little while so the two of us could talk. He did and shut the door behind him.

"You punch like a man." He said rubbing his jaw. I looked at him and started to walk to him. When I was in arms reach he looked up at me.

"That is because I am a tomboy. I like to dress and act more of a son to my father. He never had a son so I took that sons place. That is where I learned to fight like I did." I said and saw him look at me funny. I then grabbed his chin so I can look at where I hit him. It was swelling but other than that is was fine. I looked around and saw water and a rag. I walked up to it and wet the cloth.

"You don't know any thing do you?" He asked and I just smiled.

"All I was told was that I am to marry you. Which I must say I have no clue why, and that you guys are elves. Which is kind of cool. Then I was told I have this power that is sleeping and I want to work on that before I become a part of this world. I don't like the feeling of being week." I said and walked back to him. I then placed the cold rag on the swelling spot.

"You really don't know any thing. The reason you are to be my queen is because it wasn't safe for you to stay on this world. You where chosen to be my mate before you where borne. That's why I can sense where you are. I can tell how you are feeling right now and that you smell of apples." He said.

"I smell of apples because they threw a boat load of soap on me. I swear they don't know how to keep some water warm. I went in there and started to freeze." I said and saw his swelling go down. I pulled the cloth off and saw that it was healing by this weird blue light.

"You still don't understand. How can I tell you?" He asked grabbing my hand and looking up to me.

"You are saying that you need to find a mate. The only thing like that from where I come from is that some people find their soul mates. But that is like luck of a draw or that they are just love fools." I said then I saw deeper sadness in his eyes.

"Say I found my soul mate. How would people find theirs?" He asked. I smiled to him and noted that he was trying to say something and I wasn't being opened minded.

"Well we found it by the way they look, or they have the same interests. Sometimes they could be complete opposites, or they can be so like each other. They know it by this funny feeling of a spinning vortex of confusion and uncertainty. But when they finally surface they see that they really like the person and they tell them. Sometimes it's the same and some times they are rejected because the other person doesn't feel the same." I said bring the rag back. But when I was half way there I felt his arms around me.

"You have your ways. Mine it that I can sense it threw this bond. Like a way of telling you mate is near. The certain hormones one person will send off. Like yours smell of apples. And I bet as you let this bond grow you will feel it. The funny feeling in your heat will come to you and you will see. I know what I feel. I know it might be hard for you to understand this but I fell in love with you when I first started to look over you in your world. Please just give me a chance?" He asked and I guess it could be the least I could do for him. I threw the rag the rest of the way and patted his arms.

"Sure I will give you a chance. But may I ask for me to first start to learn this power. I think if I understand this so called power I could wrap my small brain around the whole mate thing." I said and saw he lighten up.

"Sure. Go with Dee and start you training when ever. I will be watching over you." He said and let me go. He then walked out of the room. I smiled and walked out.

"Come on Sei. We have training to do. Where shall we go to start and wrap my small brain around this thing?" I asked and he started to laugh.

"You where always the funny one in class. Come on we will head to the training grounds." He said and led me the way there. Once there I saw a bunch of men. But what caught my eyes were the mountains surrounding the rather large castle. It looked like mountain upon mountain was there and you could see them all like it was a beautiful painting. I gasped and looked at it.

"It looks so pretty out here." I said and then I hear his laugh.

"Your room and the kings have the best view. " He said and I just stood there for a little while till something flew mast my head. Or it would have hit me if I didn't move out of the way. "No time for sight seeing. The faster you lean the better. Okay the first thing you need to do if try finding the power. It can be any where in the castle."

"But I thought that you said it was with in me."

"Well it is. You see I can't tell you everything. You have to find it by your self. Trust me when you find it you will know. Here is what you have to do. You have to go into a deep mutative state where then search for the power. It can be in a physical form or a form of feelings. Just search threw it threw your memories and things like that."

"Okay so I need to meditate and look for it in my past. It's a thing in my pasted that I never knew. Okay got it. I will need a circle. Please a stick." I asked and saw him look at me weird. He then gave me a staff and I drew a perfect circle around me. Then I drew what looked like a star on the inside of the circle. He looked at me weird but I just handed him the staff back and knelt down in the circle. When I closed my eyes he saw the drawing glow blue.

I stayed like that all day. I passed lunch and I knew it was starting to darken. I still stayed there meditating. When I knew it I heard Sei trying to come closer to me but when he got to close I felt like there was this burst of energy knocking him out. I was only doing what he told me to.

"Dee! What is happening?" Came a voice and I knew it was the kings. I felt that I wasn't connected to my body. I then felt as if I was floating above it. When I opened my eyes I saw several people around my body. Looking at my body I saw that it was in what looked like a cocoon.

"Sir I don't know. I told her to meditate. When she drew this border. When she started it started to glow a bright blue. Now I think she is trying to find that power. And until she does she can't come back to her body. I don't know what really happened. That is just my guess." I heard him say and I knew what I had to do. I started to walk to the castle and look threw the rooms to find this so called power.

Several days passed and I was starting to get tired of looking. I went to see if my body was doing fine and I found the king standing watching over me until he would pass out. That seemed to be motivation for me. I was walking threw the hall when I suddenly walked threw a wall not looking where I was going. When I looked I found that it lead some please I never went before.

I fallowed the stairs and found my self at the top of the room looking into a room where there was water around this small place. There floating on top of that looked like a necklace or something that wrapped around your head. I smiled and saw that it glowed when I came closer.

"You look so pretty. What are you doing in a place like this? I think you should come on out and see what the sun looks like." I said walking over the water to it. When I grabbed it I felt this surge of energy run threw me and my head started to feel light headed. Then I was back in my body with the newly found jewelry on my head.

"Ow what a head ache. Some one find me something to dull the pain." I said and stood up. I then saw some one look at me like I was crazy. Then I saw Sei and the king running to me. When the king was close enough to touch me he pulled me into a hug.

"Ouch that hurts. I haven't been able to move for a few days I am bound to be a little stiff." I said and he pulled away.

"What happened to you?" He asked and looked at me. I smiled to him and putted his hands that where still on me.

"I was in this weird state and found this weird ball of light. When I touched it I was stuck back to my body with it on my head." I said and saw him gasp. I didn't know why but he did then I looked up and found it slipped down. I pulled it off and saw that it looked different from when I first touched it. "It's different now. Before it was blue and had three different sized orbs. Now it's different." I said and turned it in my hands seeing that it was black gold and that the rubes where lifted like it was a crown.

"It has changed because it was the queens before. The blue one you saw belonged to my mother. And she set it to a place where only the new queen will find it. That is proof that you are to be our queen." He said and I looked to him.

"As every one keeps saying. Can I like take a shower and take a nap." I said and as I lowered my hands the thing popped back on my head. I tried to stare at the top of my head. I sighed and tried to walk when my legs wouldn't move. I then felt king pick me up and walk off.

"Thanks." I said and looked at him. He wasn't smiling or showing much emotion. That is when I remembered what I had said. Now that I had this so called power I was going to give him a chance to become more or less my boyfriend. I soon arrived to the room I was in before and he laid me down on the bed.

"Are you sure that you are okay?" He said looking at me. I smiled to him and nodded my head.

"Yeah I am fine. I am just tired, hungry, and need a major bath." I said and he nodded.

"I will call for the maids to give you a bath as some one makes you something to eat." He said and I smiled to him. He then left and I tried to start to be able to control my body parts again. I got to moving my legs when the maids came in.

"Maim?" They said.

"I will get my self to the bath. Just give me a few minutes. I need to get back tot walking again." I said and moved to the edge of the bed. I started to support the weight on my legs. In a few minutes I started to stand and walked to the bathroom.

"When I came out fully dressed I saw that there where other maids that had something for me to eat. I smiled and thanked them. I then sat on the bed and started to eat. That was finished with in minutes and I decided to take a nap. When I was a sleep I felt a hand stroking my face from my hair. I moved into the hand and slipped into a deeper sleep. When I woke up I found no one near or around me. I sat up and stretched. I got up and walked out into the hall. That is when I realized that it was dark. I decided to walk around to just stretched some more.

"You are out pretty late." Came a voice that spooked me. I felt my heart reach up into my throat. I tuned to find that the king was behind me.

"I couldn't sleep." I said trying to calm my heart down. I smiled to him and he looked at me worried. "It's technically my first time sleeping away from what I am use to." I said and saw him sadden. I then walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. He stood there like he didn't know what to do. I then felt his arms around mine.

"It's I can't sleep with out feeling safe here. I don't know why but it could have to do with my first time being here I was stuck in a black room alone." I said and felt his arms tighten around me.

"I am sorry about that. If Dee had gotten to you sooner. Or that I was watching over you this wouldn't have happened." He said and I swear that I could almost hear tears in his voice.

"You can't watch over me for all of your life." I said rubbing my face into what ever smelt good on him. I felt light headed and free. I then felt him picking me up again. I grabbed onto him and he brought me back into my room. He laid me down but I didn't want him to go, I held on to him and I saw that he laid down next to me. I pulled into him and he threw the blankets around us. I then drifted off into sleep while holding him.

I woke up the next morning and saw him sitting up with me in his arms. I rubbed my head on his stomach and felt his hand move to sooth me. Rubbing my back gently.

"You are up?" He asked and I nodded my head. I then wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you." I said and felt him confused.

"For what?" He asked and I smiled to myself.

"For staying with me last night." I said and I presumed he smiled to himself.

"That is okay. Any ways it's about time I got up and went to my room to change for the day." He said and I shook my head and held on to him tighter.

"Not until some one else tells me I have to let you go. You for some unknown reason are very comforting." I said and heard him laugh. I didn't see what was silly about what I said but I held onto him for a little while longer.

What seemed like hours latter Sei came into the room and gave us one look and walked right back out. I smirked at that and saw that he was going to say something when I sat up defeated. He looked at me and I sighed.

"You may go now. I guess it's about time I get up too." I said and starred out the window. I then felt him kiss my cheek and get up. He didn't look back but I could feel the blush that was on my face. Then Sei came back in to find me dazed.

"Are you all right?" He asked waving a hand in front of my face. I snapped out of my stare but my blush never went away.

"Huh? Yeah I am fine. Have to get dressed." I said and walked around my room to find a something to ware. When I was dressed he told me that I was going to learn how to use the new found power. And when he mentioned that the crown appeared on my head. I sighed at the appearance.

"It shows up when ever I think on my power so fare. I haven't been able to control this thing. So that faster the better." I said and he walked me to the dinning area. I eat fast and we both started to head out side. When I got out there I found the king was out there. I looked at him weird and saw that he was dressed down.

"I have asked his majesty to help. I don't have a very long lasting power source like you and his majesty. So he will be helping you with your training." Sei said and I smiled.

"And how long have you known this?" I asked to him and he looked at me.

"When Dee came in to get you." He said and I nodded. So we started. It was simple really. They wanted me to be able to block some simple attacks. I was thinking how hard could that be? But when we started I found that I had a numb bum and I was panting. He was hitting me with small jolts of electricity. I blocked one but I didn't mean to. It was more of a subconscious thing. That is when I thought of the strategy of become aware that I need to first find the power with in my body now.

"Hang on one second I want to try something." I said and he stopped. I got on my knees and started to meditate again. When I stood up a little while longer I had found. The power was tied to how I was feeling. So if I could change this power to flow to a point in my body and even out I could put up a small block and be easily able to attack.

"Come at me again." I said and he did. When I saw he was aiming for my shoulder I easily blocked and threw something at him. This was different and red. I looked at it as it hit his arm. I saw he had no motor functions in it. I smiled to him and walked over. I then ran one hand down his whole arm.

"Is that better?" I asked and he nodded.

"Who did you do that?" He asked and I explained it to him. Sei came up to me and patted my shoulder.

"You seem to have a natural act for this. Maybe I should just let you try for you self. But before that I want you two to really duel now. If that is all right?" He said and looked at king. He nodded and I turned and walked a little ways away.

"Keep your guard up now." I said to him and stood there. Sei ran away from him and king threw the first attack. This time it was no low volt. It passed me and I smiled I ran up to him and he was going to do it again when I threw barrier up and threw something at his leg. He picked it up and I missed by little. I saw he was having trouble standing. He threw a lot at me and I barely blocked it. I then saw that one little spot he had that was now weekend. I smiled to him and then some how quick stepped behind him. Then I stood in front of him and pulled him into a kiss. Doing this I hit him with a numbing pain and he fell to the ground.

"Do I need any more training?" I asked and he shook his head. I then laid the king down and started to take away the effect he felt. I found his whole lower half was numbed.

"So today's training was to get me to control this power. I guess I got that down what is next?" I asked and then felt a volt hit my ass. I turned to see that he did that on purpose.

"What was that for?" I asked rubbing my ass.

"Come with me for a second. I want to talk to you in private." He said and I looked over to Sei asking if I did something wrong with a facial expression. All he did was shrug your shoulders. I fallowed him all the way into the castle again and back to that really large room with the chairs.

"Why did you do that?" He asked sitting down in the chair. I looked at him confused.

"Do what?" I asked and saw him slightly blush.

"Why did you kiss me in the middle of a fight?" He asked and I then realized what I did. I walked up to him with out him knowing and sat in his lap while one leg on each side of him. He gave me a look that was indescribable.

"Because I can read you like a book for some unknown reason." I said and saw him look at me weird again. I smiled to him brightly and then felt his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder. I had no idea why he was doing this or what he was even really doing.

"You can feel it know can't you?" he asked and I looked at him weird this time. He still didn't move and I didn't understand. "You can feel the bond can't you. That is why you seem to relaxed around me and that you can read me like a book. That is the bond." He said and I then wrapped my arms around him.

"You know, it might be. But right now I really not worried about that. I still have a lot to learn. And for one thing I have never been with any one to really know what it feels like." I said and saw him pull me in closer to him. I then felt this really sharp pull. That wasn't him necessarily. It was more like my body was acting the how close I was to him. I felt my head fuzzy and he looked at me. I grabbed his shoulders and threw my head down to steady what the feeling was.

"That right there. That is the bond. It's playing with your hormone levels and you are feeling things that should be yours right?" He said and I looked up at him. I guess my eyes where hazy because as I did I saw him look at me.

"Yeah I feel it. What the hell is it doing?" I asked and felt like my body was on fire. I then saw that he was stroking my back. I then pulled him into a kiss and he kissed back this time. I didn't care if I was moving fast. The feelings I had flooding my head was making things seem really not what they where. I ground my hips to his and heard him whimper.

"King I need to wow!" Some one said walking into the room and walking right back out. I sighed and pulled away from him. Not before giving him another quick kiss. I then detached my self from him and saw him pout.

"Down boy. You have work to do. And I have some things to look up. Now tend to your house as I train my brain some more." I said and gave him one last intoxicating kiss. I walked out and let the other person in.

I walked back to Sei and saw him looking at me weird.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I smiled to him and nodded.

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