I own these people because i made this up in my head as a quick thing and it came out to be my best story about to gay girls!

I sit here and start to wonder what really ever happened to me but really I don't know what did. This is the reason why I am telling this to you. To maybe save you from your starvation on life.

This is what happened to me.

The name is Rebecca Hollywood, I am 15 and my life isn't what you call picture perfect. My mother and father were divorced now for several years. I went into foster care when I was only 8. I left that hell hole when I was 10 and ever sense then I have been living with my father. He has been nice to me and trying to make up for all the lost time that we have missed. But every time he tries I just tell him try not to work so hard. Who knows what would happen to him is he over works. I am always worried about him I think more than he is worried for me. Two years after being a lone with my dad he finally got my sister back. She's now hell. She always is fighting with me telling me that I did something wrong of that I shouldn't act like I am mother. But really to her I am. I am probably the only thing to a mother that she will ever have. And she still thinks she can treat me like shit. For a year this went on and that is when hell really came.

It was a normal day. Getting up and ready for school as my sister slept away. Got up, got dressed, got something to eat, told dad to have a safe and nice day and left. He would then take sister to school. I would wait for the buss with one friend named Samantha Skins. She was a nice and pretty girl. She would try flirting with every boy she meat but when it came down to it she was my lover. She never really touched a men or even kissed one. She would always make me worry about her as well. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was skinny but not poll size. She loved to put makeup on and everything but most of the time she went natural. I loved to hold her hand, the way it formed with mine made it feel as if she was mine and only mine. She smiled to me always to make me feel better. She could tell when I was down and when I was in need of something.

When school was over I would either walk around the town with Samantha right behind me. She would always try being sneaky but she was so easy to spot out. She loved to try and hide from me but I always knew what she was doing. If I wasn't walking around the town I was with her, walking her to her house. He mother was always with her girlfriend. Samantha was always the one to tell me that if she was ever with out her GF she would go into mental melt down, and not always the best thing. She would drag me into her house and tell her mom that I was over. She would always welcome me cause she knows how hard it was to be welcomed into a world with straight men and straight women. She was like my mother. Sam would offer me something to eat and something to drink. Her favorite snack would be cookies and milk. Sometimes it was warm milk. She would then take me upstairs to her bed room to hang out. Sometimes it was more than that but I was usually good with her. She treated me like I was a glass doll and I would treat her the same.

Today I decided to walk threw the town. She was a few feet behind and I could hear her. She was wearing bells on her hair ties today. They bounced and jingled with every step she took. When I walked past a coffee shop I went in and bought two small coffee's. I knew Sam would never get to close so I left one on a table for her to pick up when she was walking by. I took a glance back and watched as she picked up the coffee and take a small sip. She then giggles and bounced a little. I know it was her favorite coffee. The light changed and I started to walk off. She started to fallow when she saw me walking to the park. I lead her there and I sat on a swing. She would still try and not be seen but no one was ever there. It was deep into the woods of a school. Of coarse the school was out and no one stay there but me and Sam.

"Why not head to my house today?" She said as she walked behind me.

"Because I felt like coming to the park today. No one is ever here." I said and looked up at her smiling face. I smiled back and she sat down next to me.

"You know you are always welcomed to my house. It's not that far from your house." She said as if hinting me to come with her to her house.

"Christmas is coming what would you want?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Silly I have everything I want." She said and looked to her left looking at me.

"Hmm true but its still nice to give you something." I said and looked up into the sky. It threatened us with rain.

"Well really I would be happy if you would spend charistmas night with me." She said and looked down at the warm coffee.

"Deal. But I'm still getting you a gift. Lets go, it looks like its going to rain." I said and stood up. I looked down to her and she seemed to look at me like she was in shock. "What?" I asked and she just shook her head. She grabbed my hand and we headed to her house. The walk was only going to be at the most 10 minutes. But what I didn't expect was the police waiting for me at her house.

"Rebecca look the police are at my house I wonder why?" She said and pulled me along. When we got to the door her mom popped out.

"Rebecca please come in and sit in the living room. Sam come with me." She said and I looked down to her. She was slightly worried. I let go of her hand and walked into the house. I sat on the couch when two police officers walked in.

"Are you Miss. Rebecca Hollywood?" One of them said I nodded my head.

"We want to know what where your father and sister doing to day?" The other one said.

"I don't know. I wake up early get read for school tell dad to have a safe and nice day and that's it. I never see my sister in the morning. What is this all about?" I asked seeing in their eyes that they weren't after me of my family but they where actually sad.

"We wanted to know if you could come down town and verify the bodied as your father and sister." When they said this I felt as if my heart had stopped. I look down wide eyed and then heard Sam's foot steps leading into the room. I looked up and see that she is crying. I stand up and walk over to her.

"I will need some one to talk me home after. Do you think I can stay over here the night?" I asked her and she looked to her mom. She nodded and Sam wrapped her arms around me. I kiss her forehead and hugged her back. When the two men came up behind me I pull away from her. Give her one last kiss on her cheek and walk out with the police officers.

Samantha waited five minutes and told her mom to grab the keys. She looked up to her and saw that she was already ready. She smiled and knew that her mom was there for her. They got into the car and fallowed me to the morgue. Once they got there they saw me walking in. They walked behind until I stepped into a door. They saw a place that they could sit at and waited for me to come back out.

After about 10 minutes they saw me come back out. The police officer trying to hold me still. I look over to Sam and see her getting up and walking to me. She looked at the police officer and told him that she was taking me home. She then wrapped her arms around my waist and helped to the car. Once there she helped me into the back and she went to the other side. Her mom was talking with the police man and grabbed something from him and headed to the car. It was a vanilla envelop. She got into the car and so did Sam. She sat down next to me and looked to see me looking down. She saw that I was looking down to my hands. I felt her hands grab mine and she made me look at her. She was really worried and all I could do was lean agents her.

After a little while I saw my house come into sight. There it was something that was once my home with family now abandoned and cold. When they car stopped Sam looked up to me.

"I will only be a few minutes all I am getting is some clothing." I said and saw that Sam was starting to get even more worried if that was even possible. She looked cute when she was happy but now she looked sad. I mustered up a smile and walked off. When I shut the door her moms hand went out the window which was down and held out what looked like keys. I took them and knew what she was saying. The house was locked and really I never had the need for a key. So I walked in and found that it looked like this morning, just like I had left it. I walked into my room and grabbed what I needed. When I walked out I saw Sam in the door way.

"Come on in Sam." I said and put the bag down that held my clothing.

"This is your house. Its small but its homey." Sam said trying to make me feel better.

"I should put that away." I said and walked to the kitchen. Sam fallowed me and saw that the food was left out. She then saw cookie and looked up to me. I pointed to them and she took a few.

"If you want you can take them with you. Not like I will really eat the, here." I said and took care of a few things. I then felt her arms around my waist again. I looked behind and saw her about to cry. I turned and kissed her cheek.

"No crying. You got it. No crying over something that wont come back." I said and wrapped my arms around her.

"Sorry." She said and I just held onto the front of my shirt.

"Come your mom should be waiting for us." I said and grabbed her hand and went to grab my bag. I then walked to the door and walked out. Before we could leave Sam walked in and grabbed the cookies and walked back.

"You ready now?" I asked and she gave me a playful hit on the head. I smiled and gently laughed as I locked the door. We walked to the car and I got in the back. Sam got in the front so she could fiddle with the radio. It took about 5 minutes to get to her house because we had to go threw traffic. Once we got there Sam and I walked up into her bedroom and I flopped onto her bed.

"Rebecca come on time to help mom with dinner." Sam said and I waved her on. I really didn't want to move right now and the fact that I wanted to cry to my death wasn't helping either.

"You go on ahead I think I will take a nap or something." I said and turned away from her and shut my eyes. She crawled onto the bed and I felt her kiss my temple.

"I'll be in latter to check on you okay?" She said and I turned and pulled her down into a real kiss. She was slightly caught of guard but I know her to well. She started to kiss back.

"Go help your mom." I said and smiled to her. She smiled back and again hit me.

"You rest now. Don't want you to tired for fooling around latter." She said and giggles her way out of the room. I turned back on my side and finally I let my tears fall as I should have done a while ago. I had held them in till a time where I knew I would be safe to show them. Alone I took care of my self.

What seemed like hours past and I heard foot steps coming up the stairs and I didn't care. Still crying I didn't care if some one found me week for once. The door open and I heard Sam walk in. She instantly walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. I clung onto her and cried on her. She shushed me and told me that I was going to be okay. She was sweet for that and I finally let sleep take over me. Never mind dinner I wasn't hungry any more. Passing out I could feel safe.

I woke to what seemed about a few hours latter and found that Sam wasn't by my side anymore. I could hear her talking to some one down stairs. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes where red and swollen. I looked like hell. I went to the bathroom and got out a cold cloth to my eyes and let them to back to their normal color, slowly they did. When I looked into the mirror in the bathroom I saw Sam.

"I thought you where going to sleep the night away?" She said and walked in.

"Well looks like sleep has lost me again." I said and walked over to her. "Thanks." and I kissed her forehead. She blushed and smiled to me. We then heard her mom calling up the stairs.

"Sam wake Rebecca up and come get some dinner." She said and I looked at Sam's blushing face.

"You guys haven't eaten yet? How long was I really out for?" I asked and looked to the clock. It showed that I was indeed out for some time but why haven't they eaten if they where making it several hours ago.

"No, come on lets go eat. Don't want to make mom feel bad now do we?" She said and pulled my hand down the stairs I almost fell when she decided to jump down the stairs. She smiled back up when I was going to yell at her for it. But her smile made me just pout to the side. She pulled me into the kitchen and I stopped dead in my tracks. She had made a turkey dinner.

"Is this why it took several hours?" I said stupidly and saw that she had planed this. We sat down and started to eat. It took us a while to get our plates full. But when that was done we started into a conversation as we ate. Latter there was a knock on the door and Sam's mom went to answer it. When she came back she had her girl friend in her arms.

"Do you two mind if she joins us." She said and I looked over to Sam and found her happy to have some one else to join the dinner. I smiled to her mom and nodded. She sat down and handed her a plate to get something to eat herself. We ate for what seemed to be hours and hours, but once we where done and full we went our separate ways. Sam helped her mom clear the table as Jess. Sam's mom's girlfriend, and I walked into the living room and sat down. I plopped onto the couch and laid back.

"Man I am stuffed. You have a good cook in your hands." I said giving a complement to her and she smiled and giggled. I smiled back and looked out the window. "I wonder when the snow will come. Its nearly Christmas and it hasn't snowed yet." I said and I got a nod from her. "Hey Jess you live alone?" I asked rather randomly.

"Yes I do. Why the sudden interest in me." She said and looked over to me.

"How is it that you make it on your own and still be happy?" I said and saw that she wasn't going to answer that lightly.

"Because I have Sam's mom to keep me happy, but really if she is happy that makes me happy. And I take it the other way I assume." She said and looked at me curiously.

"Hmm." Was all I could say when I heard the giggling of Sam and her mom. I sat up and walked to the wall before she could see me. They walked in and I saw Sam was looking for me, so I crept up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She screeched and I broke out into laughter.

"That wasn't funny. Why did you do that?" She said as I still held her.

"Because I haven't done that yet today. Wouldn't want to break tradition." I giggled and saw Sam's mom sit next Jess. I moved close into Sam's ear. "Why not leave them alone. I think they would like to be left a lone for a little fooling around." I said and saw her start to blush. I broke out into a laughter fit and let go of Sam.

"Mom we will be heading to bed. Thank you for dinner." She said and was about to pull me away.

"Yes and thank you for letting me stay over to night." I said and walked up behind Sam and lifter her up. She screeched again and I walked out of the living room. Sam gently hit me on the top of the head and let me carry her.

Once we got into the room I let her down. I then turned to her. She was smiling evilly and I was rather worried. I looked at her sideways but she jumped and me and pulled me into the kiss. Instantly I kissed back taking charge in the kiss. She hated when I did that but she would get over it latter. It was my way of playing around. In triad she would flirt all she wanted. I broke the kiss and rested my head on her shoulder. I sighed heavily and wrapped my arms around her.

"You sure you're okay?" She said and I felt the worry in her voice.

"Yeah your mom's food made me a little sleepy. And I still have to brush me teeth and change." I said and gave her an evilly playful look. She just smiled back at me and I was defeated instantly. I walked to where my bag was placed and grabbed what I needed. I headed to her bathroom and got changed. She came in when I opened the door so she could brush her teeth to. When I was done she was laying down on her bed, leaving one side open for me. I smiled and jumped on top of her. She screeched again and I started to laugh again. She was to deep into thought that she forgot about me.

"Stop jumping me like that." She said and bopped me on the head. I smiled to her and she cuddled up to me. I turned and looked out her sun roof and saw something rather different. It was snowing out. I smiled and told Sam to look up. She did and gasped. I looked at her and studied her as she watched the white fluffy petals fall down the cold ground. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head agents hers. She seemed to be happy with this and brought up the covers.

"You had a hard day today. Try and sleep now." She said and I nudged her head with my nose. Then I felt tears back into my eyes. I thought I was over with the tears. Sam heard me and looked at me worried. She just wrapped her arms around me and held onto me. I drifted off into sleep as tear after tear fell from my eyes. Soon I couldn't see and I was in a deep sleep. That night Sam held me as I slept.

The next day I woke up to Sam's alarm clock going off. I slapped it and it landed on the floor. I growled and got up to stop on it when Sam's hand grabbed it. I looked over to her sleepy figure and saw that she had a bad case of bed head. I smiled and started to laugh. She looked up at me giving me a glare when I pointed to her head. She went to the mirror and looked at her art work. She smiled to herself when she saw that my hair wasn't any better. She told me to look at it as well and well it was actually worse than hers. I walked to the shower and turned it on. She then looked at me sideways and I just grabbed some clothing.

"You're going to take a shower in the morning?" She asked and I sat there and nodded. She looked side ways to me and I just started to take off my top. She blushed and turned the other way.

"It's nothing you haven' felt or seen before Sam. Come on why not take a shower with me?" I said and saw her face light up like a red balloon. I smiled once my shirt and bra was off I walked up behind her and pressed my body to hers and she stiffened. I smiled evilly and grabbed her hand. I let it trace over her body before I slipped mine under her shirt. Tracing up her stomach, I found the lower part of her breast. She begun to fidget and move agents my body.

"Not right now. School will start soon and if we are late what will be my excuse. My girlfriend decided to get a little frisky this morning." She said and grabbed my wrist to stop me.

"I'm not getting frisky I am undressing you for the shower cause you refuse to do it yourself." I said and started to kiss her neck. Finding her sensitive spot I sucked there leaving a hickey. She gasped and I smiled agents her skin.

"N… stop this." She said and I felt her strength give way. I slipped my hand over her breast and removed her shirt.

"See not so bad. Now your top less, and now you can really feel me." I said and kissed the back of her neck when my chest touched her back. She arched forward and whimpered. Her eyes where closed and she was grabbing onto the sink. "Come now Sam, what are you thinking of right now?" I whispered into her ear in a deep seductive tone. She thrusted backwards and I caught her hips. Kissing her neck again I started to undo her pants. Stupid tie sweat pants. Once I finally got them untied I slowly started to remove them. She then grabbed my hand and pulled them away. She then flipped around and I was pushed to the door. She pulled me into a kiss and started to work on my pants. She pulled them down breaking the kiss. Once they where off she took hers off and pulled us both under the warm water of the shower. She smiled at me and we started another kiss. She was so aggressive this time and I started to wonder if she was like this when even she got excited. I started to get excided my self as her hands started to wonder over my skin. Her touch excited me to no end. Then there was a knock on the door and it was Sam's mom.

"Sam, honey, where is Rebecca?" She said from the other side of the door.

"I'm in here." I said and saw her start to blush.

"Oh well the school buss is delayed because it snowed all night. You too are going to be driven by me so I know that you will be safe. People no a days aren't to trust worthy on the road." She said and Sam knew that I suddenly saddened.

"Mom I got it. Please no more." She said trying to stop her mom.

"Oh I am sorry Rebecca. You know what I mean." She said.

"Yes I got it. We will be down there in a few minutes. Like 30 minutes." I said and started to kiss Sam again. She made a weird sound and that made her mom leave the area. I giggles breaking the kiss and resting my head on her shoulder.

"That's horrible getting rid of my mom that way." She said and made me look up to her.

"Yeah but it got the point threw right. Now where was I?"

"You where going to get some shampoo in your hair." She said instantly back and I pouted. My pouting never worked on her. So I got my hair wet and walked out from the water to let Sam get her hair wet. I scrubbed the shampoo into my scalp when Sam saw me. She stopped my hands and looked weirdly at me. I then felt her fingers work there way into my hair. I shut my eyes so I wouldn't get soap in them. I could hear her giggle lightly to herself and I smiled. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her light agents me. Her breast touching mine. I got a slight whimper from her and loved it. The more she moved her hands in my hair the more I would fidget with her hips. Soon she couldn't take it. She pulled me hard down into a kiss. Letting her lead me to her lips I started to stroke her tongue with mine. She gasped and that was the end of her strength. I broke the kiss and flipped places with her. I let the water roll over my hair and down my body. I could hear her giggle to herself. I then felt her fingers leading down my chest. She played with a nipple. Once I got the soap out of my eyes, I looked down to her. She seemed to be intrigued by my chest. Shat she didn't expect was me to grab her wrists and hold her hands above her head.

"What seems to have you so intrigued?" I asked and she just blushed. I smiled and lead down to kiss her but stopped and smiled. I went lower down to her chest and started to suck on one of her nipples. She gasped laud and I smiled trailing kisses to the other I nibbled on that one. She whimpered and started to pant. I pulled away and went to her ear.

"Next time watch what you are playing with unless you don't mind me doing this back to you?" I said and saw that she was starting to get a little to hot and bothered. I let her hands go and suddenly she latched to my neck.

"Now you should be punished. But I wont do that letter. Right now was your body with the soap while I do my hair." She said and I couldn't help but laugh.

"You are so cute when you start to talk big. Latter I will let you teach me a lesson. Then I will give you one of my own. On how to show some one really how rough you can get." I said and she blushed. I grabbed the soap and started to was up. She washed her hair. Rinsing it off she grabbed the soap and we switched. Once I was done she was bending over reaching her legs. Her ass stuck out and I couldn't help my ass. I smacked it and walked out. She shot up and looked at me angry and I just shrugged.

"Next time don't stick it out, you know I love to smack it." I saw her blush even more and then she did what she is known for. She put her hand on her hip showed me her but and stuck her tongue out. I smiled she was so cute for doing that little more that one day it will get her in trouble. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to find her mom on the bed. She looked at me when I realized she saw my clothing.

"I wanted to talk about something." She said looking serous.

"I am not using Sam and I would never. She is my love I would never leave her and I don't plan on doing that ever. Also I will take care of her in any way possible if that means killing myself." I said and looked at her shocked face.

"How did you?" She said and looked at me frozen.

"They way you look right now. it's the worried mother look. The one that is scared for her daughter and wants to protect her. I'm not letting the last thing I have in my life away. And besides she's to cute to let go and either way. If she told me to go adopt a child tomorrow I would. It would be the first thing I would do. So please don't worry. I will take good care of her." I said waiting for her to get off my clothing. That is when Sam came out.

"And I would do the same for her mom. So please don't worry. I think you would be surprised at how strong we really can be." She said and walked over to me. I smiled to her and then I noticed she didn't have a towel. I must have taken it. I took mine off and wrapped it around her. She smiled up to me. Sam's mom got up and left. I smiled down to Sam and she seemed to look worried at her mom.

"I wonder why she said that?"

"Cause of the tragedy I went threw. Some times going threw something like I did makes two people split and she wants you to remain happy. But what she doesn't know is the more I go threw the stronger I get. And yes I can get weaker for a while which you saw last night. But thanks to you I was able to stay strong. So really I owe you everything." I said as I grabbed a towel and started to dry my hair. She wrapped her arms around me from my back. I looked over my shoulder to her and she was hugging me happily. I bopped her on the head.

"Ouch what was that for?" She said and looked up to her.

"No getting mope on me. I need you to stand up for a little while longer." I said and looked back to her. She smiled and told me she could do that. We got dressed and walked down to the kitchen. When we got in we see Jess fully grinding, kissing and sucking the life out of Sam's mom. I burst out into laughter and covered Sam's eyes and lead her to the living room. She started to yell at me for that but when I told her what happened she was relieved that she wouldn't have seen that. She then looked at me like I was meet and I walked back to the kitchen. They where still at it but I just ignored them as they did me. I got something to eat for Sam and me and a water. When I walked back in Sam tried looking past me but I stopped her.

"Trust me you don't want to see what's going on in there." I said and told her and as I walked her backwards into the couch she fell backwards. "Not when I can be doing it to you." I said and saw her blush from ear to ear. I smiled to her and she hit me on the shoulder. "Here food eat." I said and handed her the food. With that I dragged the cold water up her stomach. She gasped and grabbed the water.

"Stop teasing and eat. You know we go to school soon." She said and I kissed her forehead.

"So doesn't stop half the guys in our school from fooling around. Nor your mom." I said and slightly laughed at her reaction. I walked to the chair and sat down watching what she had on. I looked at it with disgusts it was doctor Phil. I looked over to her and she was to far into the show to notice. I just sighed and looked out the window.

A little while latter she heard a scream of ecstasy from the kitchen and knew finally Sam's mom just came hard and Jess was finally finished with her for now. I looked over to Sam and saw that she was blushing like mad.

"Just think one day that will be you in there screaming your heart out to me." I stated and I saw her blush grow even bigger. I started to laugh and she threw a cookie at me. I caught it and eat it, but never stopped laughing. She then flew off of the couch and jumped on top of me. She startled my hips. She looked dangerously into my eyes and all I could do was smile to her. She got angrier and angrier.

"What makes you think that I will be the one screaming?" She said and she really didn't like my reply.

"I promise you this: One day sooner or latter I will have you in the kitchen either bent over or leaning on a counter screaming my name." I said and showed her that I meant everything I just said. This made her turn into a bright red tomato. She bopped me on the head and looked at me. I then noticed that she was wearing a skirt. I then dragged my fingers up the inside of her thigh. She gasped and went to grab my hand but I stopped her with my other hand. Once I found the right sensitive spot I started to draw circles. She gasps and she closed her eyes. When I saw her mom walk in she threw her head back and whimpered.

"Time for school all ready?" I said not stopping anything I was doing.

"Yes and may I ask what are you doing?" She asked and I looked up to her.

"I found this one spot on the inside of her thigh that has her week spot and well right now I am drawing circles there. She likes it a lot but likes to not tell any one." I said and I got hit on the upper chest.

"Ouch that hurt that time." I said and gently pinched her spot, this made her wince but also whimper in pleasure. I smiled and picket her up throwing her over my shoulder. I then walked over to where are bags where sense yesterday grabbed them and walked to the garage door.

"Hey let me down. I can walk myself. Let me down Rebecca." She said and I just giggled. Once we got to the cars I sat her down and looked deep into them. They looked at me worried and I just sighed resting my head agents her shoulder. She then wrapped her arms around my waist and I couldn't help but gently kiss her once to show her that I was fine. It was Friday and nothing could stop me from having a good day but myself.

"You have to stop worrying me like this I don't think I is very healthy." She remarked and that made me giggles. A little while latter Sam's mom finally came out blushing like crazy and that is when I knew that Jess said something. I smiled to her and she seemed to blush even more.

"Time to go to hell. Care to join me on my Sam?" I said and she looked at me like I was joking but then saw I wasn't. Everyone in the school probably saw the news and that meant nothing good for me. I was going to be the schools new ass. Sam came over to me and hugged me.

"Come you wont see hell alone." She said and I knew one thing: maybe just maybe with her always next to me I can stay strong and face the school. I am happy I have most of my classes with her. She smiled to me and we heard Sam's mom tell up to get in. I got into the back and to my surprise Sam did to. She let me rest on her while we drove to hell. Today it will be the beginning or the end. Hopefully it will be both.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to school because of all the traffic and that the roads where so bad that I could have ran to school faster. Once we got there we saw that a crowed was waiting and I just walked off leaving Sam to go and do what ever she does every morning. In school we seem to act different but lunch time. She will come over and demand me to let her sit in my lap. I would never complain but she would always tell me either way like I had forgotten. I went to my locker when I saw my friends.