Time and time again,
A thought has crossed my mind.
It stops and whispers stories,
Turns its head as mine.

This thought, it makes me wonder,
What is right and wrong.
Who's job is decider?
Who can be called a god?

A true god would not change us
Or deem us less than what we are.
A god would give us wisdom,
Not preach religious war.

He would give us freedom,
Not force us to believe.
Greed would fall behind us,
And fear would take its leave.

Heaven, hell, and that between,
He would say all souls are clean.
But most of all, a god would love,
Every.. little... thing.

A/N: Well, I recently received several emails from saying that I was a semi-finalist, finalist, and that they wanted to publish my poem in a book. I'm not sure if it is spam or not... but this is the poem that I sent in.