The Wall

Today I made some signs,
And put them on The Wall
They're hanging there with others,
Those lost and not yet found.

So silent, and yet aware,
My wall sits lingering there.
And the photos whisper words.
They tell a story, readied swords.

A girl of no more then three,
She's dancing in the breeze.
Next to her a woman laughs,
Nothing is wrong for her in past.

A little boy in his mother's arms,
A husband drifting on the sea.
They're looking back so faithfully.
I can't help but feel they stare and flee.

Between them all, I hear one call,
The poster that I placed has stalled
And familiar eyes , glow with glee.
On my poster I stare at me.

A/N: I was having some speed writing fun. Written in approximately 1 minute. My mac doesn't have an on-screen timer and I don't have a watch XD Open for interpretation. Sort of based off all those 'Missing Walls' that were everywhere are the attack on the World Trade Center, but they seemed to have been forgotten.