Loneliness bleaching me
inside out
while i stay
dazed in this moment
etched into eternity.

Time, juxtaposed to me
waits in silence
ready for my fast forward command
to escape the days of my life in flashes
but he doesn't provide me
with the rewind option,
Something i've asked for
a thousand times over.

Caffeine induced haze
cast into my infinite yearnings
floating between dying stars
and slumbering clouds.

A meteor fell on me today
completely burnt from friction
Black and blue like me
and stale
like expired dreaming.

i retraced my journey across the mountains
and found the spot
where I had plucked my emotions
sealing them in tiny packets
and buried them deep
a couple of years ago.

My fingers raked through
the depths of the soil
riddled with the patchwork
of mud and deracinated roots.

i retrieved those
long lost packets
and opened those detained feelings
letting them
envelope my breathless being
and I faded
into a soft spoken kind of dreaming
that wavered in the overcast sky.