As my life,

As my life,

Begins to egg away

My spiritual self

Begins to stray

As my sins,

Are counted up,

Poured from the jug,

Overfilling the cup.

My pain and strife,

Begins to take away

The very love,

I've lead astray

Temptation and death

The next step for me

As we all know

It's help I need

My life, so brittle,

Is ebbing away

My spiritual self

So far astray

I stand her, defiant,

A stubborn kid

Living my life

How I want to live

I need to let go

But the power drives me on

As I don't wan't to drop,

The reigns I've held for so long

The time has came

At my death bed

My crypt opens up

Upon the gravestone, it read

My life, so young

Has ebbed away

As my spiritual life,

Nothing but passed away.