It's getting to me,

It's getting to me,

Painfully slow.

Every fear,

It manipulates for show.

It's killing me slowly,

Like a venomous bite.

It's getting to me,

In the dead of night.

I'm slipping, I'm sliding,

I fall to the ground.

As I pick up myself,

I see every ones frowns.

It took years,

Of humiliation.

Temptation and,

Total hope annilation.

My scars grow rapid,

Red and thin.

As each onw grows,

My life falls from within.

I decide that now,

Is the time to go.

End it all,

Let my life blow up.

1 pill, 2 pill, 3 pill, 4.

5 pill, 6 pill,

More and more

I take and take,

Till there's nothing to receive,

Then I'll wait,

For the slow death on this eve.

My heart froze with a sigh,

My pulse met its end.

I've killed myself slowly,

Damage control done,

From within.