A/N: Its all horribly mine and horribly short. R&R please.

Summary: Amanda surprises her boyfriend one day... only to find a devastating new beginning.

Her eyes scrunched up in shocked tears. She couldn't believe her eyes. She watched entrapped by silence as the two figures on the bed continued on, paying no attention to her presence.

The two sweat slicked beings panted as they persisted. Hips rising in impatience, lust filled moans, short, hard thrusts, pumping hands. The air seemed to thicken with the sexual energy that radiated from the occupied bodies.

A shaky hand ran through messy tresses. Legs locked around a waist, trying to create more friction. Heavy pants vibrated in the air.

She couldn't move, couldn't think. Was no longer sure she was breathing. She opened her mouth to speak but sound itself had abandoned her. As always, she was alone, defenseless.

A few heated thrusts later the two came and Mack, the man she thought loved her collapsed over his partner, trying to recapture his breath.

"We can't stay like this Sammy." she heard him pant out. "Amanda will be home soon."

"I know." Sammy's voice returned, just as irregular as Macks. "See that wasn't so bad, was it? Pretty good for your first time."

Sammy's masculine chuckle made her skin crawl but still, she couldn't move.

Mack stood and went into the bathroom, returning with a wet washcloth, her washcloth, still unaware of her presence.

Sammy sat up, accepting it with a murmur of thanks, his body freezing when he caught sight of her.

"What…?" Mack turned around, paling and stood hastily. "Manda."

Her world faded to black.

"Amanda!" he shouted, lunging forward to catch her falling body.

She awoke a mere ten minutes later as Sammy came into the room, buttoning his shirt.

"I think I should leave so you two can sort this out." he told Mack, who sat on the arm of the couch, fully dressed.

Mack opened his mouth to speak but she beat him to it.

"No Samuel. You stay. I'll go." she sat up shaking her head as much to clear it as emphasize her statement.

Mack jerked around, eyes wide. "Amanda, you're up. I-are you okay?"

She nodded firmly before she stood. "I'm fine. Just--just fine," she finished lamely, looking around the room.

"Amanda, you should sit. You just--"

She cut Sam off with a wave of her hand. "Nonsense, this will only take a minute." Spotting her sweater over a nearby chair she picked it up, searching the pockets. she pulled out her cell phone, calling for a cab.

The two males watched in confused silence, not expecting this turn of events.

Amanda cast a curious glance at the two and gave a wry smile. "As Mack is well aware, this isn't the first time this has happened to me. Well, not this exactly," she gestured at the pair slightly before continuing. "Must make my escape early before things start breaking. And trust me, you've got a LOT of breakable things Mack. We'll talk in two days or so after we calm down."

"Listen Amanda, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I-I never wanted to hurt you. I love you so much..." Mack came towards her, towering over her smaller frame, touching her shoulder absently.

"But the thing is no one ever comes out this unhurt. We all knew that."

I will not cry. I will not. She repeated the phrase in her head, hoping that it helped her. She would stay calm, be reasonable. Hopefully get into her cab before breaking out in tears.

"I'm sorry too Amanda." Sammy said softly.

Before she could respond a car horn beeped outside: her cab. After checking to confirm, she looked back at them. "I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy Mack. I think you two would make a good couple, if you decide to get together that is."

Having shocked both males into silence she picked up her bag, and headed for the door.

Mack followed stoping her before she could leave. "Thats it? You're just going to leave? Amanda--"

She cut him off again with a smile and a kiss on his cheek. "Two days, Mack. Two days."

She walked down the stairs calmly, and slipped into the cab, catching sight of her reflection. Giving her address as the cab turned the corner, she sank into the seats the first of many frustrated tears escaping her eyes.

Time to start again. Start all over again. Giving a hasty nod at the Cabdrivers concerned inquiry, she made no attempt to wipe her face. She drew in a few shaky breaths, wrapping her arms around herself as she shivered despite the June heat. In two days I will go back. Have to face him again, argue, scream. And tell him he was just like all the others.

As the cab pulled to a stop in front of her apartment building she paid the driver, told him to keep the change and all but fled to the safety of her home.

Two days...