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The True Meaning of Terrorism: Escaping Martial Law

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Claimer: this story is based off of a recurring dream of mine, and I friend told me to write it down, so I did. It is completely from my head so yeah….…. Please don't copy my idea…like you'd want to but hey who knows, really?

Chapter #1 – News worth listening too

As of April 4th 2008 the great nation of the United States has combined with their northern neighbor Canada under the jurisdiction of Martial law. The take over that started in late March, when various security breeches happened throughout the North American governments is now complete. This was followed by a tragic series of events that had threatened to cripple the great North American continent. With the bombing of the Alberta oil sands and the nuclear bombing of both New York and Washington and lastly the near biochemical attack in Los Angeles the nations leaders have stepped forward to combat this terrorism.
The president of the United States and prime minister of Canada have agreed that upon the 2
nd of April 2008 the nation of Canada will now be joined with the United States to form the nation of America's. Under this new government a New Step policy has been instated, which calls for the collection of youth from all areas of the nation to be brought to facilities in order to, as directly quoted, "safe guard our future"; as well a nation wide IQ test has been issued for every citizen. Under this policy the location of the facilities is not given and the occupants are to have no contact with anyone out side there grounds. To aid in enforcing this policy the new government has issued martial law for the entirety of America's. As a special note, those who hold Canadian and American passports will be brought into the country and forced to take the test, and will not be allowed to leave the country from then after.
Though the lobbyists are denying the need for such actions, the defense committee chairman has approved and secretly begun the landing of troops throughout the new nation on the 3

"What everyone seems to be missing here is that the information coming out of parliament hill is lacking in any true detail. The New Step Policy is terrifyingly reminiscent of Chairman Mao's New Deal policy of which we all know how that massacre turned out. How are we to simply hand over our children to be hauled off to god knows where? Well Martial Law has taken that decision from us as the army no doubt was on your door step this morning. Funny how they have strategically announced the plan to establish Martial Law just after 10:00 last night while Martial Law its self came into effect at 9:00 this morning; interestingly enough that's just about the time when school starts, hummm. And oh what a surprise that the majority of the nations people are rising up in protest, can we say opps. Well I hope that this reporter will live long enough to report the tragic history of the worlds 21st century. God bless us fools who live on earth…"

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