AU: hahaha, you want to know the funny part, I dreamed this up all in one night so far… creepy how I basically left off from the night before but that will be the next chapy, enjoy the last bit of April 4th which was dreamed on March 19th.

The True Meaning of Terrorism: Escaping Martial Law

Rating: M

Claimer: this story is based off of a recurring dream of mine, and a friend told me to write it down, so I did. It is completely from my head so yeah….…. Please don't copy my idea…like you'd want to but hey who knows, really?

Chapter #5 – Problem, what problem?

April 4th 2008

In the forward bridge;


"Well I just want to start off by saying that we are leaving the long beach check point now, hopefully we'll see no problems reaching our second point just above the Marshal islands." While the captain was speaking Jennifer hopped up onto the table at the back wall to get a better look at the world map posted there "now first thing you all need to understand is that the trip to the marshal islands will take us about a week and we'll have to doge the navy but as its this ships usual route there shouldn't be much of a problem but from there it will be quite a tricky feet to get into Chinese waters which is our final destination and so we'll be needing everyone to try and get comfortable because there will be very limited time for travel on deck, we just can't take the risk, at night there's not much of a problem but during the day people are going to have to stay in the container, I'm sorry but that's just going to have to do. Now I'm not sure if people have been fed, my crew has gathered extra food but not much so we're all on rations but we've got plenty of water so if those here can just take what they can carry back with them then lets get settled for the night, we'll talk again tomorrow." With that the captain dismissed everyone with out questions and people greedily grabbed what they could carry from what they were offered before heading back to the container. Hanging back and only getting a small amount of rations, Jennifer turned to a sailor she had seen before, one of the ones that had pulled her group from the water.

"Um excuse me, I was wondering if we could travel on deck tonight, I know the sun will rise in like 7 hours but if its possible, I'd really appreciate it" Jennifer smiled sweetly but obviously straining to just get what she wanted.

"I'll ask the captain but there'll be no guarantees, I'll come let you know if you can so please head back with the others. Oh and my names Erik by the way" smiling back with sincerity the sailor went back to the forward bridge.

Inside the container, Jennifer was waking up Jocelyn to eat and have some water, while Endo did the same with Chris and West. Not to long later, while Jocelyn was complaining of being cold and wanting to go back to sleep and wake up from the dream she thought she was living, Erik returned telling Jennifer that he'd be back in one hour to allow her and her group alone to come out on deck. It was good to get some fresh air to brake the long hours that would terrorize them in the container when the sun rose.


April 11th 2008

It had been an incredibly tough week and the ships crew and passengers where fried, the navy had stopped them just at the International Date Line and had even boarded the vessel to search it. It had been an unnaturally silent and stressful affair. To put it plainly, it had been terrifying. The passengers had done nothing but aimlessly amble about on deck at night and cry them selves to sleep in the mornings; the true understanding of separation was beginning to settle in as people began to grasp the reality of their situation. Jennifer had done everything within her power to keep Jocelyn from the other morose passengers and was diligently insuring that Jocelyn was asleep before the crying and whaling started. Doing this had allowed Jen to focus away from her self and not let the gloom settle in, thinking that there'd be plenty of time later to squeal "woe was me". While feeding Jocelyn's high metabolism had become a small issue, the girl was a cavern, the fact that they where stuck in a big metal box with little interaction under the light of the sun, the group as a whole was doing rather well, that's to say that no one had died yet.

Sitting beside a snoring and every once and a while flailing Jocelyn, Jennifer was pulled from her coma like meditation by Erik. He was gathering people up for another meeting, Jen got up quietly and very nervously because the meeting was not scheduled and as far as she knew it was still light outside.


In forward bridge;


"I'm sorry to wake you all up but unfortunately a problem has risen. The amazingly effective America's nation has put up a little road block coming into Asian waters. Now the issue is basically this, our route just got a crap load more dangerous and the likely hood of my crew being able to deliver you guys on shore is slowly becoming nonexistent and…" Jennifer who had taken her usual seat at the map interrupted.

"Captain is it possible to use another port or go around it?" the captain had just wanted to ignore her but as she'd been very helpful in calming and organizing the passengers he thought to indulge her.

"Well that's one option but the only other port we use that's close would be Calcutta, going around like you say isn't as easy as you see on the map there, the 'space' between the Philippines and Indonesian islands are not very well known to us and we'll have trouble navigating safely with this size of carrier" moving to join Jennifer at the back the captain looked down at her pointing to the areas in question. "You see our two major ports are Hong Kong and Calcutta but that's in India all the way over here."

"I'm not sure that's the point, you want to change the ships destination but what do you hope to do in India" the lieutenant asked her.

"Nothing really, but everything we've got planned so far means getting into china so I thought that India's close enough" Jen hoped that everyone caught the drift of what she was saying and immediately got ready for the backlash.

"Are you trying to say that you want us to 'Boarder hop' our way into china?" Endo finally felt the need to speak up and spell things out as the blank faces around him were disheartening. Everyone immediately spoke up in objection, why walk when you 'could' be dropped off.

"Its an idea but I really don't think that heading into the lions den head first is a good idea, I thought maybe a back door would be more appropriate." Blocking out the surge of protest and arguing, Jennifer turned her back to the group and stared intently at the map, hoping an answer would come to her, she knew that one thing was for certain, they needed to brake up their big group of people, smaller groups heading to different areas was the best way to avoid deportation. Jen knew now that Japan was Jocelyn's best option as the nation was the less likely to come into immediate conflict due to history, she knew some people there and with Endo they'd have the easiest time there verses anywhere else, plus it worked with the group separation plan. That was it, that was the plan, Japan was the goal, her little team of Jocelyn, Endo, Chris and West where going to head for Japan.

"Do you know what you're asking; have you ever crossed a boarder illegally?" Jen turned toward the voice and came face to face with a crewman she did not know by name, she'd seen him before, she was sure he'd been the one to pull her from the water and she'd seen him at the meetings before, hiding in the back shadows like her and could swear she'd seen him smoking on deck at night keeping an eye on the passengers but she had no idea of who he was.

"No I don't know, I'm just trying to get my friend somewhere safe, that's it and if it means that we travel on foot and crawl on our knees then so be it. Jocelyn's going to somewhere safe and I will get her there as best as I can with or with out help" Jen looked nervously at the lithe-built man, he wasn't what she had expected on a rough ship whose soul purpose was to basically swim laps back and forth from North America to Asia. She'd expected a fare bit of intelligence in command and a bunch of big baboons following orders underneath but beside her was a man, likely in his middle to late 20's, he was rough around the edges so to speak though he seemingly spent the entire meetings calculating and observing everyone, never speaking up but still she couldn't shake the feeling that this man was someone to watch out for, maybe he could be helpful and trust worthy but he seemed intelligent enough to effectively enact betrayal, a knight turned pirate so to speak. He gave off this air of 'been there, done that, screw the world and pass the beer and a cigarette if you've got one'. The mysterious man turned from Jen and spoke up to the group.

"Well what's your plan then, starting from Calcutta, you'll need to pass the Indian, Bangladesh, and Myanmar boarders and then get into china, I can guarantee that you'll be on your feet and knees for most of it as you cant fly, unless you rent a small plane but who here has money for that, otherwise the plans not actually half that bad but got a fair number of people here, we'll need to split up into smaller groups or teams" everyone in the room was silent as he continued. "Well I think it's the best shot you've got but how do we divide?" gesturing to Jen to continue he walked back over to the spot by the door he'd previously been leaning on.

"Well the easier route would be to cross as few boarders as possible so I think one group should stay in India until they hit the Chinese boarder here" Jen followed the route she was describing with her finger on the map. "Another group could do a shorter trip cutting across Bangladesh and into China. The most dangerous would of course be the quickest most direct route to Hong Kong but I'm not sure how you all want to handle this? The destination is still Hong Kong though we won't be able to fly and will need to be extremely cautious but keep in mind that we'll need to find our way through these landscapes"

"In any case I agree with the girl, its just not safe going in through the blockade, I think you'll all need to split into groups and follow those routes, though as she said I'm nervous about sending a group to tour so many boarders" the captain not truly believing what he was saying shook his head, as if trying to clear it

"I'll help them, if permitted that is, if you'll give me leave I'll aid in guiding a small group of people though the direct route, I'm Asian, more specifically Korean and Japanese but the locals will be alright with me and I can help them blend in, it's a thought" it was the man by the door who had spoken, the one that had just spoken for her but Jennifer just stared at him looking hard for something that could be trouble but she was interrupted from her thoughts by the captain.

"I…. Shin, you…. ya, alright, its not a bad idea, the ship can pick up extra crew in Calcutta but… alright, lets ask the crew, anyone willing to help out can come let me know and we'll split everyone up, I think a group of like five to eight would be all I'd suggest risking to take the direct route we don't" Jen interrupted the captain.

"Please, everyone, allow my group to do that route, there are only five of us, we're all fit and in our early twenties. I know the area a little from my travels, it will be less dangerous for us to navigate it, please, the youngest and oldest should do the safest route though India" silence followed Jennifer's plea. Shin broke the silence.

"I'll take you" Shin turned and left the room, meanwhile the captain and lieutenant nodded in agreement along with a few others but some still apposed, so after ten more minutes of arguing the captain called enough and proclaimed that Jen's group would go the more direct route and that Shin would guide them.