Chapter 5

I opened my eyes; I was walking down the hall, towing my medication pole. The floor was cold, the hospital was dark, and silent, a bit creepy if you ask me. There didn't seem to be a soul other than mine in the place, no overly determined bitchy nurses, no evil doctors, no patients, not even a person at the front desk. "Hello?" I asked out to the darkness of the hospital, suddenly realizing that I could speak again. I went from room to room, looking and asking if anybody was in there as I went by. I heard a sound, the first real sound other than me that I had heard sense I opened my eyes. I looked behind and saw Samuel, he was facing away from me, in a doctors' coat. "Samuel!!" I started to walk towards him; because he didn't seem to have heard me. I stepped close enough to be able to reach out to him, my hand was about to touch his shoulder.

"No, Ana wait!!" Samuel's voice came from behind me down a hallway. I turned and he was standing there just barely in sight, running towards me; his hand out reaching for me, he looked exactly as I remembered from the last time I saw him. My thoughts were racing, if that was Samuel running towards me, then who was this guy? There was a hand around my wrist, twisting my arm slightly so it bends pulling me closer. I turned away screaming, trying to reach for Samuel.

"No getting away from me this time dear Ana!!" he was whispering in my ear, forcefully, angry and vengeful. He spoke my name as if he was saying 'ona' not 'Ana' he had a weird accent that sounded centuries old.

I turned to him and whispered back into his ear. "My name is Ana not Ona." With my free hand, I quickly turned and punched him in the jaw. Samuel had just reached us and was trying to pry his fingers away from my wrist.

"No Ana, I run this dream! Your life is mine to devour!!" He twisted my arm more pulling me closer to him, pushing Samuel away against the wall. As Samuel was trying to get up, large grey arms pulled away from the wall and wrapped themselves around him.

"Ana, you can control this dream, just wake up!" A large arm covered his lips as he yelled to help me.

"Yes, Ana. Wake up, if you can!" Vergal's breath was putrid, smelling as old blood. I tried forcing myself awake, but the attempts only made the evil man laugh. "Too bad you're too heavily medicated to wake up on your own." Samuel looked at me in a desperate way then disappeared. "Looks like even your dear Samuel couldn't handle your death." I looked back into Vergal's eyes; the iris was pulsing red, red like blood. All I could see where those eyes, I suddenly felt an almost kiss on my neck; then a very sharp pain, my blood rushed up to my neck even the blood in my toes. I was being drained; my blood was like milk in a straw. My knees went weak and I nearly dropped, but Vergal was holding me and pulled me up. I looked down at my feet, watching them change color and then watching the red liquid run down my hospital gown.

"Ana, wake up!!" I could hear Samuel's voice but it seemed so far away. I felt somebody roughly rubbing my sternum, it was like a white rushing light, and then my eyes opened again.

I have nothing to say about this one...
--Keep Dreaming
--The Teller of Stories

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