I was leaning over the large white tub, showerhead in hand, with water flowing freely over my dyed amethyst locks. The sound of droplets pattering against plastic comforted my ears, soothing them into a temporary sense of wellbeing.

A dark shadow flitted across my peripheral vision but I shrugged it off: it was probably just my tiredness beginning to show itself physically.

The water droplets were cut short for a moment as I turned off the tap to apply shampoo to my hair. I swore I heard a gentle creak to my left and just behind. I froze. I genuinely couldn't move a single muscle. My heart beat fast, screaming at me to run but I knew that whatever had joined me in the room would have to be faced; this wasn't a movie and it certainly wouldn't just disappear.

Upon seeing such smooth, flawless skin I at first thought my assailant must be a porcelain doll. I shook my head: silly thought. My eyes darted across the stranger's face, attempting to glean as much information as I could without bringing his notice to my attentions.

His eyes were feral, staring at my neck with some deep, dark desire. Flecks of their electric blue depths flared with their own secret source of bright light. I gulped; that wasn't natural. I couldn't hold gaze with his eyes: it was too dangerous. Instead my eyes skimmed over to his lustrous raven black hair. It lolled down his back in wave after smooth wave of obsidian water. It begged to be touched.

'Like what you see?' his mouth was pressed up close to my ear, his breath caressing the sensitive skin, causing me to shiver.

'I-uh…what are you?'

Wetting my skin with a practiced touch, his tongue brushed over the surface of my ear. My knees giving out from under me, the stranger caught me in strong, hard arms.

'I'm your worst nightmare.'

I stammered out a nervous laugh.

'You can't be serious.'

'Oh, but I am.' That was when he opened his mouth, displaying the slender, needle-sharp canines that he lay claim to.

'Are those real?' Temporarily having forgotten this man's unprecedented entry into my house, I had a smile playing across my face.

Frowning, the man shut his mouth and the set of his jaw became almost obstinate.

'You don't believe?'

'Well…not really. I mean, you could have jumped up onto my roof and slipped through the window…somehow…and then jumped me.' My mouth twisted in concentration between each burst of speech.

'And my fangs?'

Faster than lightning, his head was at my neck and his breath once more tickled my skin. My body was screaming at me to curl up and protect my neck. Every natural instinct that my human life possessed was yelling at me to get the hell out of there.

'Don't go yet.' he teased. 'I'm not finished.'

'You've broken into my home, come closer to me than I wish for and half scared me to death. What else does my duty of hospitality entail I do?'

The stranger chuckled in merriment, his fangs glittering in the dim bathroom light.

'I was wondering when you'd ask that. You're a brave one: not many have the courage to be so blunt.'

'Am I supposed to care?' I sneered.

Hands tightened around my body in a steel grip. My head was compelled to turn so that my eyes were locked in his stare. His eyes were on fire, the small flares of colour evident earlier had exploded out into a blaze. Those electric blue orbs pierced me through as effectively as any weapon. I was pinned in a corner.

'Don't get haughty: I can do with you what I wish.'

Blanching, I felt my ribcage tighten and my stomach drop out of place: despite my doubts of his true identity, that really didn't bode well; you don't have to be a vampire to kill someone.

'W-What are you going to do to me?' I stuttered, stringing out a silent, lengthy chain of curses in my mind: I couldn't show my fear in front of this creature; he would circle and attack like carrion at the first sign of weakness.

'Hmm…you haven't guessed yet?'

'No.' my lips pouted in a last ditch attempt at defiance.

'Well, my dear, what do you know of vampires?'

The stranger loosed his eyes from mine but I knew exactly where they'd gone without having to move: I could feel their twin searing pinpricks burn the thin skin of my neck. Gasping, I grit my teeth against the pain.

'Aww, you're hurting already? That's no fun.'

'You can say that again.' I ground out.

He scowled.

'I've had about all I can take of you. You're such a mouthy little creature. I think you deserve to be put back in your place.'

My eyes widened: that didn't sound good.

Roughly, he pushed me down onto the bare floorboards. He moved so fast that I barely registered the change in position. His body was heavy on mine and kept me still, his hands pinned mine above my head and cold, fiery blue eyes stared deep into mine. They compelled me to carry out his every command and, try as I might, I couldn't resist their spell. It was a sweet, sickly drug and I couldn't get enough.

'You will do as I tell you.'

I didn't know quite how but he was speaking inside my head!

'Is that quite clear, my pet?'

'Yes Sir.' I didn't even think about it, I just answered.

'Good pet. I must feed now; stay still.'

My mind no longer registered fear and my heart had somehow been calmed. It's slow, steady beat was no comfort to the sane part of my consciousness, the part that knew all this was terribly wrong.

The vampire's delicate eyes fluttered closed as his head moved in slow motion to my throat. It was then that I noticed my stalker's handsome features; his lips were sensual and full, even as they retracted to bare his sharp fangs, high cheek bones graced his well-proportioned face and a straight nose made perfection.

With precision bourn of long practice, his teeth sank into my jugular with only the faintest sting of resistance. I felt my blood seeping out of my body and the sensation of his rough tongue lapping up the meal. Before long I was dizzy, stars twirling before my eyes and causing my vision to become short sighted. I could no longer focus on anything. I was as good as blind.

Then my eyes bit black.