They Steal Our Lives

Ignorance, everyday, seems more prominent,
While impending doom lurks more definite.
But suppose, just once, they took a walk,
Instead of marking life with chalk,
They could stand back and reminisce
Realizing that I walk away not missed.

Parents, family, 'know what is best'
Only to a certain extent,
For they only know one side of you
The other half has no cue.
Yet, hypocrites they will remain,
For they do not accept a demain.

It sickens me, and so I waste.
My creativity chokes on taste
Of this putrid dish of greed.
They want to live a life not seed
In decrepit and shame and 'end'
So they take mine and send
One lost in worth in place of it.

My life looks back and pleas for help,
But what can I do? I'm but a welp,
Raised from the ashes of 'Once ago
They had their life stolen as well.'

A/N: Born from my latest rant on deviant art, I'm unbelievably furious at my parents. I won't go into length and detail here, but as a clue the word life is not the definition opposite of death. A Demain in french means see you tomorrow. I was too lazy to add the accentaegou.