Min Ki wandered the streets of Harajuku. A foreigner in a new land. Okay, so Japan was practically neighbors to Korea, but Min felt lost and out of touch. He didn't connect with these people. Sure, he looked the part, but as soon as someone tried to start a conversation, he once again felt isolated. What was he doing here?

Min looked at the ground. He tried his hardest to avoid eye contact with any of the passing locals. As he did so, he soon found himself face to face, or more so face to chest, with a small Japanese girl.

"Sumimasen!" The small girl cried.

"Uhh, su..sume-mazen." Min replied.

He received a small giggle from the girl. The girl again spoke, and Min unable to comprehend what she was saying, shook his head slightly.

"Museun marinji moreugesseo." Min sighed. "A beautiful girl like you wouldn't be able to speak Korean, of course."

"Who says I don't understand?"


The girl blushed, immediately changing her dialect. "Gamsahamnida! Arasseo."


"Min, sweetie," Harumi called from the next room; "come here for a minute." It had been just over a year since Min Ki had married the girl he met in Harajuku. The couple had moved to Seoul to start their life together. Harumi had given birth to a gorgeous little boy, one they had named Sang Ho. "Sang just said eomma!"

"Aww, Sang! Say appa for daddy."

"Emah!" said Sang again.


Sang Ho screeched and giggled as the new baby sucked his fingers. "Mommy! Look at Jin! Look what Jin's doing!"

"Oh Sang, I hope you washed your hands."

Jin hiccupped as his older brother squealed.

"The baby is so cute, mommy!" Sang exclaimed.


"Twins!" exclaimed the doctor. "Mrs. Kim, you're the proud new mother of two healthy little boys." Harumi sighed in relief as the doctor put the two boys in her arms.

"You two put mommy through a lot." Harumi stroked one of the twin's soft hair.

"Have you decided on names, Mrs. Kim?"

"Hyun Wook and Chihoon."


Seven kids crowded the waiting room. Three girls had been born since the twins; Ae Cha (age eleven), Sun (age eight), and little Kyuri (age four). Sang (now sixteen) gave his little brothers noogies and the girl's laughed at their father pacing up and down the hallway.

A doctor came running out of a hospital room. "Would you guys like to see your new sibling?" All seven children came running.

"Cho Hee", Harumi said softly. "That's it, I'm done! No more kids."

Min chuckled softly at his wife.


Sumimasen - JP Excuse me

Museun marinji moreugesseo – KR I don't understand what you're saying

Gamsahamnida – KR Thank you

Arasseo – KR I understand

Eomma – KR Mum

Appa – KR Daddy

Emah – KR Sang's pronunciation of eomma