Chapter 40

"Don't you have nurse stuff to do?"

"Not really." Iseul replied, stealing a glance at her watch. "You're my only responsibility at the moment."

Chi shrugged, taking a chair up next to the nurse.

"How's Hyun?" she asked.

"Probably very happy," Chi said with all the bitter resentment he could muster.

Iseul bit her lip to keep from laughing. "His appointment was with Dr. Chung, right? Everyone around the office has a little crush on him."

"Yeah, he was all exc-I-I mean no, Hyun's not like that. I didn't mean…shit." Chi promptly shut his mouth and stared a hole through the wall. "I have to go to the bathroom now."

Iseul smiled and pointed down the hall. "Just put the cup on the counter when you're finished."

"Alright," Chi muttered, scowling as he left the room. He took a deep breath and hoped his stuttering hadn't been too obvious. Chi padded down the hallway, looking for the bathroom sign. He finally came to a stop in front of an insignificant white door. He twisted the handle and was surprised to find the door locked. Chi knocked twice, hoping he wouldn't have to find an employee to unlock it.

"Just a sec," came a panicked voice.

Chi sighed in relief. "It's just me, Hyun." The door opened and Hyun's hand appeared from behind it to yank his brother inside. "What the hell?"

Hyun looked flustered and somewhat annoyed as he shut the door again. "Will pot show up in my urine sample?"

"Pot?" Chi asked with utter confusion.

"Yeah, you know, grass, hash, mary jane, weed..." Hyun shook his head as his brother still stared at him in confusion. "…marijuana?"

"I know what pot is, dumbass!" Chi rose his voice. "When the hell did you smoke it?" he asked, anger not so much directed at the fact that Hyun broke the law but that Hyun broke the law without him.

"Shh!" Hyun opened the door and peeked out into the hall just to make sure there was no one eavesdropping. "Right before Kaden left. He remembered having brought some with him and wanted me to try it," Hyun whispered.

"Where was I?"

"You went shopping with Dae." Hyun looked around the room panicky as if searching for hidden cameras. "Oh, don't pout! I didn't think it was something you'd want to try. And you were out anyways!"

Chi suppressed his anger and gave in as his twin seemed utterly horrified. The last thing he wanted was Hyun in jail on drug charges, which would mean months in a jail cell and a huge blemish on his record for life.

"Okay, okay. So this was, what, ten days ago?" Chi asked, question confirmed by Hyun nodding quickly. "How much did you smoke?"

"A bag…like a little bag. I don't know! Is that a lot? It didn't look like that much."

Chi would have been amused at his brother's rambling if he wasn't scared of being caught in this mess as well. He tried to remember back to that day. At the time, he had hardly noticed anything odd but now that he thought about it, Hyun had acted a little strange – giggling at everything Chi had said. Chi thought he had just developed a knack for comedy. "I don't know for sure," he finally managed to say. "It could still be in your system."


It was Chi's turn to shush his brother.

"Fuck," he repeated, quieter. "What am I going to do?" Hyun stared at his brother for a few moments, hoping Chi would be able to answer that. The elder twin racked his brains as well before a seemingly brilliant idea popped into his head. "You could give my sample!"


"Yeah! Think about it. We're twins. No one would ever know the difference." Hyun said in a matter-of-fact tone, reveling in his self-proclaimed brilliance.

"That is a horrible idea!" Chi said, bringing his twin down from his little high. The last time they had tried something of the sort was in the second year of high school when Hyun had come home one day, particularly affectionate. He had somehow convinced Chi to go on a date for him that he less than desired to face himself. The date had crash landed when the girl expected the twin she thought to be Hyun to put out. Chi figured the whole twin-switch thing only ever ended badly and voiced his opinion.

"Oh, come on, Chi. It's not like we're even changing places. And what else am I going to do? I don't want to go to jail." Hyun responded, voice cracking a little.

Chi bit his lip. "Okay, I'll do it. But I don't even have to go."

"Then why did you come to the bathroom?"

"It was very awkward talking to Iseul again."

Hyun started to ask about this but promptly decided he had bigger issues at hand. He turned to the sink, pushed down the drain stop and filled the bowl with hot water. Hyun grabbed his brother's hands and submerged them in the water.

"Jeesh, that's hot." Chi glared at his brother in the mirror.

"Choon," Hyun whined, "my ass is on the line here."

"Maybe you should have thought about that before you got high," Chi retorted venomously.

"Chi, please!"

"Okay, gosh. You're going to pay for this later."

Hyun nodded. "Do you have to pee now?" he asked desperately.

"Not really," Chi answered with a slight smirk. He somewhat enjoyed watching his big brother squirm. The grin left his face as he let out an involuntary yelp. Hyun's hands were on his ribs, literally trying to tickle the piss out of him. Chi wrenched his hands from the near scalding water and pushed his twin backwards. "Oh my fucking god! Don't you ever do that again or I'll be the one serving a jail sentence."

Hyun frowned. "Did it work?"

"If by 'it', you mean pissing me off, yes, it worked."

Hyun shut the lid on the toilet and sat down, head in his hands. "I'm gonna go to prison."

Chi sighed. "No, you're not. Calm down." Chi dried his hands on his jeans and grabbed one of the cups. He took a pen off the counter and handed both to his twin. "Write your name on the label."

Hyun looked up and took the pen from his brother, scribbling his name on the side of the cup as his twin held it for him. He looked utterly miserable and although Chi was annoyed, he still hated to see that look on his brother's face.

"Okay. Go back to your physical and I'll take care of it."

Hyun nodded skeptically and kissed his brother before turning to go.

"And try not to enjoy it too much," Chi teased as he opened the door. He looked around outside before pushing his twin out. "Don't worry about it." Chi assured Hyun before shutting the door.

Hyun stood against the wall outside the bathroom, chewing on his bottom lip.

"I can't go with you just standing there!" Chi called in a near exact imitation of the last time they had been in this hospital.

Hyun walked away with a smile on his face.

Chi shut the door to his bedroom and locked it behind him. He laughed as his twin flopped down on his stomach and pulled a pillow down to support his head.

Hyun yawned into the pillow. "Mm, sleepy."

Chi flipped his brother over on his back and crawled on top of him to straddle his chest.

Hyun yawned again, the action having little to no effect on him.


"Duh," Hyun replied lamely.

Chi thumped his brother hard on the chest. "Why?"

Hyun did his best to shrug although Chi's hands were on his shoulders keeping them down. "What can I say? Cute doctor told me to take my pants off."

Chi thumped his brother again. "You're a slut."

Hyun rubbed the spot he was sure was now sprouting a bruise. "Just kidding." Hyun tugged on a few strands of his brother's hair in a playful apology. "You're cuter and I'd rather play doctor with you."

"Fine," Chi purred leaning down further so Hyun could feel his breath on his skin, "but you have to be the patient."

"I do, do I?"

Chi nodded once, smiling evilly.

"Well doctor, I seem to have this bruise on my chest."

Chi scooted back to Hyun's lap and helped his brother sit up.

Hyun obediently raised his hands above his head so Chi could strip him of his shirt. "So what's the diagnosis, doctor?" He asked as Chi ran fingertips over the slightly reddened flesh.

"Oh, I think you'll be fine," Chi cooed, kissing the spot.

"Mm, you think so?" Hyun breathed out as his twin's tongue traced a line down his chest. He stuttered as Chi tongued his navel, fisting his twin's hair hard enough to hurt. "What do I owe you for your expert treatment?"

Chi sat up to be able to look his brother in the eye again. "I think you should let me fuck you," he said, cocking his head slightly.

"You mean me fuck you?" Hyun responded, smiling because Chi had slipped up his words.

Chi stared blankly for a few moments. "No."

"Heh…heh," Hyun chuckled nervously. "You're not kidding!" He exclaimed as Chi continued to stare bemusedly.

"Hey, you got what you wanted out of me. It's my turn."

"What exactly is it that you want?" Hyun's voice cracked for the second, equally embarrassing time that day. He squeaked as Chi's hand slid beneath his ass and squeezed. "But we've never done it like that!"

"Well I want to try it," Chi said, squeezing again.

"No, no, no," Hyun said quickly, "I refuse. I'm not having anything rammed up my ass."

Chi fixed his brother with his strongest glare. "You can't refuse! This is what I want for saving your ass."

"No! God, no!"

"An ass for an ass. It's only fair," Chi countered.

Hyun shook his head so hard it looked like he was trying to dislodge it from his shoulders.

"That's not fair!" Chi whined. "I let you stick it up mine all the time!"

"Th-that's different!" Hyun cried. "You like it!" He tried, running out of suitable arguments. "Don't pretend you don't like it!"

"I'm not saying I don't like it. But how do you know you won't if you don't try it?"

Hyun opened and closed his mouth a few times, brain desperately wrestling for an answer.

"Good, then it's settled. Take off your pants." Chi clambered off his brother and stripped down to his underwear, quickly pushing those down as well. "Come on then, hurry up!"

Hyun clenched his teeth as he pushed his jeans and boxers down together. "You'll be careful, right?"

"Of course. I'm not trying to punish you," Chi said softly, running his hand across his twin's ankle. "Now bend over."

Hyun's face flushed with color as he turned over on to his stomach and exposed his backside. "Lube," he pointed at his dresser, "get it. Use lots." Hyun buried his face back into a pillow. He listened as the dresser opened and the cap of a bottle popped. He looked over his shoulder to find his little brother smiling at him. "What?"

"You look good."

Hyun groaned and let his head fall back into the pillow.

Chi laced his hands beneath Hyun's stomach and lifted to get him on his hands and knees.

"I feel so vulnerable." Hyun hung his head between his shoulders, blushing bright red. "What if I scream?"

"Don't scream."

"But what if it hurts?"

"Don't be a pussy!" Chi scolded his brother.

"You screamed." Hyun mocked back.

"Oh, I did not!" Chi inserted a well lubed finger into his brother which Hyun was too surprised to do anything but gasp slightly.

"That's fricking cold!" Hyun whined after the initial shock wore off.

"Fine, I'll just fuck you dry then," Chi retorted, smirking in triumph as his brother quickly shut up. He placed a small kiss on Hyun's thigh. "Does that hurt?"

"No, just feels weird. You actually think this feels good?"

Chi licked his lips, opting not to answer for the time being. Instead, he inserted another two fingers and had to keep from laughing as his brother near collapsed. Chi dotted kisses down Hyun's spine where he could reach. "Hurt now?"

"Yes, it fucking hurts!" Hyun spat. "You have your hand up my ass!"

"Actually, just three fingers."

Hyun glared at his brother through the arch his body was making. "Well it feels like your whole damn hand, okay?"

Chi rolled his eyes. "No need to get snappy." He withdrew his fingers and slapped his brother on the ass.

"Ow! That's sore!"

"You just wait." Chi put his hands on his hips. "So how do you want to do this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like do you want this from behind or…?"

"Oh…oh." Hyun's whole body seemed to flush. "No, I think, er, I need to be able to see you."

Chi let out a soft aww and encouraged his twin to lie on his back. He sat on his knees between his brother's legs. Chi reached for the lube and grit his teeth. "Should I or do you want to?"

Hyun snatched the lube from his brother's hand, casting him a possessive glance. "I should at least get something out of this," he answered, pouring a generous amount of the substance in his hand.

Chi snickered and leaned back on his hands as Hyun's hand wrapped around his cock, smearing the fluid up and back down, not even stopping when Chi's whole body shook under the touch of his brother. "Okay, that's enough," Chi said, slapping his twin's hand away. He took a deep breath and lifted Hyun's legs up to rest on his shoulders, giving Hyun a nervous smile.

Hyun gasped when his brother's cock nudged up against his hole. He chewed at his tongue in apprehension, wondering when and if this happened, just how badly it would hurt. "Are you gonna do it?" he asked eventually.


"God, do you even know what you're doing?" Hyun clenched his eyes shut.

"Of course!" Chi defended. "I've seen you fuck me enough times."

"That doesn't mean you know what you're doing!" Hyun's hands balled into fists around the fabric of their bed sheets.

"You're right," Chi whispered. "Do I just…stick it in, or what?"

"Slowly. Very, very, very slowly." Hyun instructed.

Chi nodded and held the base of his dick at Hyun's entrance, slightly regretting his decision to take charge. "Ready?" He nudged the tip in when Hyun gave his permission.

The two gasped at once, for two very different reasons.

Chi struggled to sit still as he waited for Hyun to give some inclination that his heart hadn't stopped completely. "Are you okay?"

Hyun opened his eyes which stung with stubborn tears. "Yeah," he croaked out, "keep going." He wondered how he could have ever subjected his poor baby brother to this torture, on multiple occasions. He felt sick to his stomach.

The younger twin inched forward, little by little, eyes fluttering as he felt himself fill his brother nearly all the way. "You're so tight," he gasped. "Feels good."

Hyun hated himself as he let some of his unshed tears finally overflow. His whole body burned as if on fire and all he wanted to do was crawl in a hole and die.

"Can I move?" Chi asked, well aware of how much pain he was causing his brother. He hated himself as well, having forgotten how bad it was the initial time.

"Do it," Hyun said, lifting a hand to wipe away the humiliating tears dripping down his face.

Chi frowned as he dragged himself back out and began to move forward again. "If it hurts too much, I can stop."

Hyun shook his head. He figured if he could take it the first time, even barely, it wouldn't be so bad the second time. Besides, it was worth it to give his little brother what he wanted. His thought process turned out to be incredibly incorrect as Chi snapped his hips forward, unable to control the movement. Hyun let out an uncontrolled cry of pain.

Chi stilled completely. He hadn't meant to move so quickly, but his body had seemed to take on a mind of its own.

Both twins stared at one another, scared as hell that someone would have heard that and a knock at the door would come any second. When one didn't, they shared in a sigh of relief. Their family was probably used to the twins' quarrels and figured the noise wasn't anything to be too alarmed about.

"I'm sorry," Chi finally said, "you just feel so good."

Hyun smiled at that. "Just hurry up and finish."

Chi laughed, thrusting forward once again.

Hyun moaned as his brother hit a spot inside him that actually felt good. Really fucking good. He stared at his brother in confusion.

"Aha, found it." Chi declared proudly. With another shove, he hit the spot again, dead-on. "That feels good, doesn't it?" Chi teased.

Hyun swallowed, gasping at the look he received from his twin.

"I told you so." Chi said, knocking the retort right from his brother's tongue as he tossed forward once more.

"I'm going to kill you," Hyun managed to say, not being able to think of anything wittier.

"I don't think so," Chi said back as his thrusts became a little more frantic and a little less smooth. "I think you love this."

"Fuck," Hyun growled, grabbing his own cock and pumping erratically, "you."

"Can't do both." Chi clung to his brother's legs as he rammed into him. "Jesus, come already!"

Hyun threw his head back and did so, on his brother's command, more violently than he could ever have remembered. He saw stars and felt his limbs turn to jelly and melt into the sheets.

Chi gasped as Hyun's muscles contracted around him, squeezing the orgasm right out of his small body. He came inside his brother and barely registered flopping down on top of his twin, limbs no longer able to support him.

"Hyun Wook! Chihoon! Come here now!" Min called from the living room.

It had been five days since Chi had topped his brother and he was still teasing him about it. At the moment, he stared horrified at his twin, not liking his father's tone in the least. "What did we do?" he whispered.

Hyun shrugged. Moments prior, they had been making out in the private vicinity of their bedroom and there was no way their dad could have known that. "I don't know."

"Now!" Min yelled again.

"Yikes," Hyun said, standing up briskly and dragging his brother with him to the living room.

"Yeah, dad?" Hyun asked meekly.

"Your results are here," Min replied, scowl quickly turning into a smile. He handed each of the twin's an envelope, encouraging them to open them.

The twins exchanged worried glances. Hyun placed his hand on Chi's arm to comfort him. "Hey, Sang requested us for the same grade. No matter what, we're together."

Chi smiled in response, confidence rekindled. "Yeah," he said, ripping open the top of his envelope.

Hyun did so as well.

The two pulled a sheet of paper out of their corresponding envelopes and looked over their own.

Chi's eyes ran briskly down the paper.

To: Chihoon Kim,
We regret to inform you that you have been exempted from the South Korean military. We have found your results to be inadequate to the standards our service requires.
Chin Mae Mangjeol, S.K. Military General

Chi felt his stomach rise in his throat. It took one look at Hyun's acceptance letter, one look at the Grade 1 stamped on the top, before Chi's whole world went black and collapsed around him.

"You can't go," Chi cried, tears streaming down his face as his brother packed. "You just can't. I won't let you!" Chi groaned, glaring at his brother's back, wishing he would just turn around and talk to him.

Hyun barely looked up from the suitcase he was packing. He couldn't face his twin crying anymore. He could barely face his twin at all anymore. Chi had spent the last few weeks crying and moping around, coming up with any and every excuse for Hyun to stay home, all ending in failure.

"I swear, if you'd just let me break something-"

Hyun sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm not letting you hit me with something just because you don't want me to go."

"Are you saying you want to go?" Chi sobbed.

Hyun chanced a look at his brother then, a very bad decision. His heart broke again for the millionth time that month. "You know I don't want to go."

"Then stay!" Chi yelled through his tears.

"I can't!" Hyun raised his voice to his brother which he immediately regretted. "I'm sorry."

"You can," Chi whispered back.

"They'll put me in jail," Hyun said, going back to packing. He folded and refolded a pair of socks a few times before realizing what he was doing.

"Better than the army."

Hyun stopped rearranging clothing for a moment, a few simple seconds before resuming. "You don't mean that."

"At least I could visit you in jail!"

"Yeah, and I could get ass-raped. Not that you don't do that already." Hyun bit his tongue as soon as the words slipped past his lips.

Chi sobbed harder, using the end of the comforter on their bed to dab at his eyes.

Hyun tried desperately to swallow although his mouth was too dry to do so. He stared out the window. The day was dark and gloomy, a light rain falling down to feed the dying plants. "It's raining," he commented as casually as possible. "Weird in the middle of summer."

"God's crying." Chi looked at Hyun seriously through his red and slightly puffy eyes. "God doesn't want you to go either."

Hyun had to hold back his tears as his brother spoke. Two years, two and a half years if you wanted to be technical about it. So many things could happen in that time and Hyun hated his country for making him leave his brother. Chi needed him so much more than the stupid army. He continued to stare out the window, dreading his walk to the bus station and the fact that he had requested to make the journey alone. Chi hadn't offered to walk him anyways.

Hyun stood and grabbed his suitcase off the floor. "Well…are you going to give me a kiss goodbye?"

Chi shook his head. "No."

Hyun wiped at his nose, determined to keep a straight face. "Okay. I-I love you, baby brother." His heart shattered one last time as Chi turned his face to avoid a kiss on the cheek Hyun offered. "Goodbye," he whispered, the last piece of his heart still in tact falling away.

Hyun didn't wait for the nonexistent reply. He walked out through the living room, kissed each of his siblings and his mother, many of whom were crying. Min placed a hand on his son's head and let him know that he was proud of him. Hyun looked at Jin who gave an apologetic shrug, knowing he had tried to keep them together. His last look was at Sang, who looked pleased and just a little bit smug. Hyun decided that he hated his eldest brother as he walked out into the rain.

Chi watched his brother walk down the driveway. His tears fell more heavily than the rain which had decided to pour as Hyun walked out of his life. He didn't know if he could take it. Chi felt as if his heart had been ripped out, mutilated, stepped and spit, and then handed back to him in a pathetic little pile.

Before he could think about it, Chi grabbed an umbrella from beneath his bed and ran through his bedroom door. He ran down the hall and wrenched the front door open, barely having time to open the umbrella before the rain hit him hard in the face.

"Chihoon, what are-"

Chi didn't hear the last of his mother's sentence as he chased his twin down the walkway. "Hyun!" Chi called, his voice almost drowned out in the rain.

Hyun turned around, squinting through the falling water. He was already soaked. Hyun dropped his suitcase as Chi threw his arms around his neck, umbrella barely concealing them both.

"I'm sorry!" Chi yelled over the sound of the rain beating on the sidewalk. "You can't leave without-"

Hyun kissed his brother so hard it nearly knocked him backwards. He flicked his tongue out to graze over Chi's bottom lip before doing all but devouring his brother's mouth. Hyun pulled back after a few seconds, lips still hovering mere centimeters from his twin's. "I love you," he said strongly, holding onto his brother. Chi didn't want him to let go. "I love you, and I'm coming back for you."

Chi looked into his brother's eyes, wiping away Hyun's tears. "I love you, too," Chi replied.

And like that, Hyun was gone. Out of his sight...out of his life.

Chi didn't turn around until the rain threatened to wash him away. When he did, the umbrella fell to the ground as ten shocked faces stared at him through the living room window.

The End

The whole sex part is for epikSEN. She wanted it, she got it. It kind of hurt my own heart a little to tear my babies apart. But it's such a relief to have this story finished. God knows, it was torturing me. Sequel to come soon! It doesn't end here, betches.

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