Author's Note: This is the story I submitted for my last assignment in my creative writing class. It's an alternate ending to my prologue of my story, Lost in Time. The story is still in progress and I will be posting it on this website as I complete the chapters. For now, this will have to do. I hope you all enjoy this. Don't forget to review.

The Reason

Lying in her husband's arms, Yuriko silently observed the beautiful scenery in front of her while closely watching her two little girls run along the white sandy beach, playing tag. The combination of the earth's elements that danced before her complemented the contentment she felt at that moment.

The skyline portrayed perfection with its warm and cool colors that blended evenly with the glimmering ocean that stretched out before the family. The atmosphere the landscape created seemed to wrap them up in its protective arms.

Fully aware of the peacefulness his wife was feeling, Sean spoke with a teasing tone in his voice, "Time to go."

Yuriko turned her head to look at him, but he could see by the gray mist within her sapphire eyes that her mind was dwelling elsewhere. Reiterating his statement, he waited patiently for his wife to absorb his words. In an instant, the usual sparkle in her orbs returned, glaring at him. It was amusingly obvious that she did not wish to leave just yet.

Smirking, the tall lean man pushed himself up off the ground and begun walking towards their miniature cottage. His wife swiftly followed, whining childishly as she grasped the fabric of his loosely fitting, jade shirt, "I don't wanna leave yet. Can we please stay just a little longer?"

Sean couldn't help but grin that swept across his face. He loved hearing her beg. "I don't know…It's going to be dark soon and the girls need to start getting ready to go to bed. If you like, we can come back later tonight."

Blushing slightly, Yuriko shoved her husband. 'Blast his infernal teasing,' she internally ranted. She hadn't won an argument yet when he used his playboy persona. It gave him an unfair advantage. Slightly flustered and also frustrated, she replied, "You're not going to win that easily," as she darted to the beach in a desperate run.

"Scarlet, Azure run! Your dad's trying to made us go home." The two seven-year-old girls stopped in their tracks and shifted in the direction of their mother. Nodding at each other, the girls charged towards her, and plummeted her to the ground.

"Daddy hurry, we got her!" They giggled as their father jogged down the hill to them.

Yuriko struggled against the two petite masses on top of her, but their combined strength was too much for her. Confused over the ambush, she asked, "What are you girls doing?"

"Daddy said that he'd get us another present next time when he goes to town if we go home before dark." Azure stated 'as a matter of fact' just as their father reached them.

Sean stood in front of them and grinned childishly at the results of his flawless plan. "Good work girls."

The young girls smirked back as they rolled off their mother. Yuriko glared at her husband, playfully, not willing to admit defeat just yet. "You vile man. Bribing the children, that's low. Fine, if you want to go home that bad, but you owe me."

"I have an idea how to make it up to you." Yuriko blushed by Sean's serious yet teasing comment, knowing all too well what he was implying.

Sean laughed at her reaction as he pulled her up from the ground. Keeping one of her hands intertwined within his own, he lead Yuriko up the hill, and motioned the twins to follow.

No one in the family spoke while they marched up the hill to their regular log cabin. Just being together was all they needed to end the perfect evening. It was times like these that people often wish that time would stop, but time still moves and days come and go, regardless.

Leaning her head on her husband's shoulder, Yuriko watched her daughters run ahead of them. The happiness consuming her at the moment once again convinced her that she had made the right decision of running away. All of those seemingly endless days of training and mindlessly following orders felt a lifetime away.

After the couple finally reached the cottage, they noticed something unusual. The twins were in a tight embrace. This wasn't like the normal hugs their children randomly gave each other sometimes, but more like Scarlet, the older twin, was clinging to her sister, Azure, so she wouldn't disappear.

"Scarlet, what's wrong?" Yuriko questioned her daughter, squatting down to the twins' eye levels. The concerned expression on Azure's face was the only indication that here indeed something wrong, for Scarlet's head was hidden in her sister's shoulder.

Scarlet didn't utter a word, but her tight grip gradually loosened as Azure answered her mother in a soft, barely audible voice, "She won't tell me."

Gently guiding Scarlet into her arms, she cooed, "Come here hunny. It's okay." Yuriko lifted her up stroking her long auburn hair that flowed down her back, feeling her daughter's muscles relax against her.

Sean watched intently as his wife calmed his oldest daughter. It was always amazing to him how she could ease another person's troubled heart. He never could figure out what to do or say in these types of situations, but watching her gracefully interact with the person in need, made him want to stay back and just observe.

A wave of loneliness swept over Azure, and she tugged onto her mother's aquamarine sundress. Already overwhelmed by Scarlet's body mass, Yuriko looked into the younger seven-year-old's emerald eyes pleading to be picked up as well.

Laughing lightheartedly at the scene, Sean scooped his youngest little angel into his arms. A satisfied smile crept onto Azure's lips while she rubbed her head into the crimson fabric of her father's shirt. Sean took this opportunity to open the large oak door, and lead his family into their one room cabin.

When the family entered the cabin, the splashing sound of the stone-like miniature waterfall greeted them from it's stationary corner right of the door. Next to the waterfall, two crates filled their senses with the aroma of salt and meat. One contacting salt with the other a variety of meat preserved with salt. In the far right corner, the dark fireplace beckoned to be lit to full fill its purpose of illuminating the room. While the poorly built chair next to it looked as though it would fall into the fireplace to be used as firewood. Parallel to the fireplace, was two large beds, covered in cobalt Soranox pelts for blankets, and ocean green feathers sewn together, on what used to be the neck of the animal. Of course, piled neatly to the left of the beds were three groups of clothes, all containing at least five outfits; followed by their lumber stock in the corner. All of these aspects complemented the brown grass like carpet on top of the wooden floor that stretched to each of the corners in the room.

The parents traveled across the room to the smaller bed and set their little girls down. Scarlet and Azure climbed under the covers as Sean presented them with the stuffed dolls he had bought last month for them, and whispered, "Goodnight," before walking to the fireplace to start the fire.

Yuriko kissed her twins' foreheads, and joined her husband by the fireplace.

"I was serious about going back to the beach." Sean stated as he tossed the logs into the fireplace and began attempting to make a fire.

Gesturing him to be quieter, Yuriko rested against the wall to see if Sean needed help, "If you keep making that much noise the girls won't be able to fall asleep. You don't want that to happen, do you?"

"Is that a yes?" Sean questioned, not only having a cheesy smile at his own response, but his victory over successfully making fire.

Sighing over Sean's foolishness, Yuriko nodded, as her husband joined her by the wall.

Waiting till their little ones fell asleep, they silently watched the flickering shadows of the room. When the couple noticed the rhythmic breathing of their daughters, they exited the house.

As Yuriko and Sean sat gazing at the moon in the cool, moonlight sand, the usual hum of the surrounding life ceased, and only the push and pull of the tide could be heard.


The following morning, a knock on the oak door echoed throughout the cabin. Groaning at the sudden noise, Sean trotted over to the door in just his black pajama pants, but just before he reached it, the door busted open. A flood of armed soldiers poured into the room, making enough noise to startle Yuriko and the twins awake.

"What the 'ell are you doing?" Sean shouted in his native accent. Normally, he wouldn't let his accent slip out for fear of being caught, but hiding it seemed so pointless now.

Piercing coal eyes glared at the sight of the family. The eyes steadily entered the room and the shallow tapping sound of feet impacting on the oak door filled the silent room.

"Greetings, I'm General Rei." Yuriko held her breath unable to think logically. Why were they here? "I've heard a convincing rumor resonantly that has come my attention. Apparently, a Mirai spy is living here."

General Rei continued after his brief dramatic pause, "Even if you are a Origin citizen, assisting an enemy of the humble nation, Origin, is a crime to be paid in blood. Are you aware of this?"

Sean's face was an emotionless mask as he stated, "I'm aware of it."

Trying to hide her shaking hands, Yuriko also replied with a semi level voice, "Sir, there are children here. Can we take this outside?"

Glancing briefly at the wide-eyed twins, the general motioned the soldier to leave the cabin. Yuriko put her index finger to her lips to keep Scarlet and Azure quiet, while she joined her husbands side, not even considering if she was presentable or not.

The three walked outside without letting the other out of their sight. Just as they were five feet from the door, General Rei spoke, "I don't like blood shed so if you just tell me where the spy is hiding, and your wife and children will be spared."

"What did you say?" Sean growled unable to control the fury over his words.

"Are you not going to tell me? Whether you tell me or not, you're going to die for with holding information, but the question is are you willing to sacrifice your family as well?" Sean's tightened his fists and sneered at the remark, but all Yuriko could do was stand there dumb stricken. Why?

"I'll tell you what I know..." Sean gave in shivering a sigh, "Those 'convincing rumors' you've heard are false."

Without a second thought, General Rei brought out his gun, and pointed it at a fearless Sean. Yuriko beckoned her body to move or better yet, speak, but it remained frozen, refusing to obey.

"I'm surprised you actually tried to lie. You think I would waste my time to come all the way here if I didn't know for sure we had a Mirai spy lurking under our radar? Even if it was only for a brief moment of time." With that, the general's gun went off, shooting Sean in the head. Before Yuriko's very own eyes, her husband fell to the ground dead.

"He wasn't the spy! It was me! You should have killed me!" Yuriko screamed in anger and anguish as tears poured down her pale cheeks. Finally, her body moved allowed her to move. Covering her eyes and shaking uncontrollably, she stared at Sean's beautiful vacant green eyes.

The general just stood and watched for a minute before replying, "This is more fitting. Mirai scum like you should feel the pain you've inflicted on us."

"I didn't do that," Yuriko whispered inaudibly, "I left them. I never harmed any you people. I never wanted to be apart of this pointless war! Why?"

Before her muffled brain could think to react, the general entered the cabin. At the sound of her daughters' screams Yuriko's mind instantly began panicking. Her mind screamed, 'My daughters,' as she turned around to see the general came back out with Scarlet and Azure scrambling to get away. All thought stopped when the sound of two gunshots pierced her ears.

Gray clouds blocked the warm sun of yesterday, and the peacefulness of nature was warped into a void of senses. Nothing could reflect the emotionless mirror of Yuriko's tear filled eyes.

Everything was gone in an instant. It had taken ten years to build, and shattered into a millions pieces before her. Gathering up the pieces to start all over, was no longer possible. This utter destruction was more than she'd ever thought was possible to bear. Nothing could ever repair the damage done. No matter how much time passed. She would always be here, forever, watching this mere moment in time replay in her mind until the end of her days.

Yuriko didn't even react as the general appeared in front of her. A grin plastered across his face. "There's a reason for everything."

The general's words fell on deaf ears, to his dismay. Yuriko's mind was no longer able to process anything. She seemed as though she was lost within time itself.

Rising the gun to Yuriko's head, the general chuckled, as he spoke once more, "You, however, don't need to know the reason," as one last shot ran out through the vacant lands around them.