The restaurant was busy. People were coming and going in groups, but the servers in the dining area seemed to be more than the guests. Erin rushed from table to table, taking as many orders as she could without mixing them up. It wasn't because it was busy that she was in a hurry, but because she had a very important event to attend to. She had promised to get their early but with the way things seemed to be going that seemed rather impossible. Despite the fact that there were probably over ten servers working, it was still not enough to accommodate all their paying customers.

"I need a slice of Lemon Meringue pie on the double!" Erin said as she rang the bell. She picked up a tray and headed for her other tables to serve their desserts. "Here you go," she said hurriedly and ran back to the counter. "Josh! Hey! Look, can I get going now? I'm going to be late and I promised--"

"Oh just leave already. Wouldn't want you to miss your big day because of work now get going. I'm sure your best friend's waiting for you already. I think I saw her outside with her boyfriend." her manager said and took her apron. "Go, go!"

Erin ran to the changing area and stripped off her uniform. She put on her polo shirt and dress pants before heading out the door with her backpack slung over her shoulder. As Josh had said, Anne stood outside the restaurant with her boyfriend of almost six months. Erin had been surprised that Anne was actually in a rather serious relationship. Sure she had to endure many nights of her whining over the phone and it was different living without her but it was as though she never left. She called every day and though Erin was glad, it was starting to bug her a little bit.

"About time! We're going to be late!" Anne scolded her. She whipped out some cologne from her purse and sprayed Erin with it. "There, now you don't smell like food. Now let's go before we all get our asses kicked."

The bus ride took almost half an hour but that was because of the traffic and of the many accidents that were surrounding their route. Erin anxiously sat in her seat, fidgeting with the straps of her bag. She glanced at her watch continuously. By the time they'd get there it would be over. She glanced at Anne. There really only was one thing to do but she couldn't ask Anne to do it. She'd dressed up for the occasion and so had her boyfriend. All she could do was wait for the traffic to move along and hope she'd get there on time.

As soon as the bus came to a halt, Anne, her boyfriend and Erin ran out, running towards the big school before them. Erin got a head start considering that she could still run in her shoes. She looked behind her, hearing a squeal and saw that Anne's boyfriend had picked her up and was running with her in his arms. She seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, despite acting afraid. Erin zoomed past the group of people, bolting through the open door and straight out into the courtyard of the building. Cheers and yells of appreciation and joy filled her ears. An even greater crowd met her there. She pushed past the people, trying to get as close as she could to the stage. Good. She hadn't missed it; they were just starting to call out names.

Erin pushed through the crowd more; reminded of the time she attended the concert where she met Sarah. She finally managed to get a spot up close to the stage. She waited patiently for Anne to arrive, her boyfriend close behind. As names were read, people clapped and cheered. It hurt Erin's ears. She'd forgotten how much she hated loud places or celebrations. But no, she had to remain there and wait.

"Aaron, Gill," boomed the emcee. More cheers and claps as the young man whose name had been called crossed the stage by doing a cartwheel. "Nelson, Robert… Neilson Sarah."

Erin cupped her hands over her mouth and gave her all in shouting out Sarah's name. Anne and her boyfriend joined in as well, clapping and cheering as loud as they could. Sarah waved at them, grinning from ear to ear. Erin waved back, a smile upon her face. As soon as the ceremony was finished, the students were allowed to leave the stage and find their friends and family.

Erin's small group was later joined by Loren and Derek, who didn't want to miss Sarah's graduation for the entire world. Erin waited, looking around for Sarah to come along, not seeing her in sight, she turned back to Loren.

"I hate that it's so crowded! But, it's nice to see you! How're you doing there Derek," she gave the young man a high five.

"I'm kind of hungry!" Derek yelled over the noise and got a light smack on the head from his mother. "Don't be rude," she'd told him.

Erin's sight disappeared as two cold hands covered her eyes. She spun around and saw Sarah standing there with a smile on her face. Erin laughed, pulling her into a hug and planting a kiss upon her lips, causing her cap to fall to the ground. Derek quickly picked it up, putting it on. Sarah hugged Erin tight, glad that she had made it, despite the tight work schedule she had.

"Mom! Derek!"

"Aw, look at this, we're all happy and stuff," Anne said with a smile. "Aren't you glad you listened to me?" But her words fell upon deaf ears as Erin grabbed hold of Sarah once again before the group headed out to have dinner. Anne watched as the happy couple led the group, hand in hand talking with smiles upon their faces. She did a pretty good job, despite the fact that she only initiated that one phone call where it seemed to just be the end but she had been wrong and Erin had been wrong too.

It'd been a year since that day and Erin was about to give up hope once again but realized that giving up wouldn't get her what she wanted and after giving Sarah enough space and offering her friendship instead, they got back together, happier than ever. Erin no longer had issues with her sexuality. In fact, she made it known what she was and she didn't care. She was proud and she was happy. Her father didn't call her anymore, which from Anne's perspective was a wonderful thing. No longer did she see her friend depressed after his calls. And not only that but seeing how those two loved each other, Anne realized that she wanted it too and put a stop to her nightly visitors of random young men and instead stuck to one. Which she was glad she did, despite the fact that there were many ups and downs in a real actual relationship.

After dinner and seeing off Loren and Derek on the ferry, Anne and her boyfriend headed home as well, leaving Erin and Sarah to bus it home to the apartment they now shared. They decided to move in a couple months after their reconciliation, not wanting to have to separate. Sarah often joked that she wanted to move in with Erin to keep an eye on her, which of course Erin met with annoyance. Being reminded of the thing that nearly happened that almost cost her true happiness was not something she welcomed. But it was teasing and she understood.

Erin opened the door, leading Sarah into the apartment. Considering it had been a long night and a rather excitable one, they headed for the bedroom for a goodnight's rest. Sarah sat on the bed, undressing when Erin came up behind her and gently massaged her shoulders. A light kiss fell upon her neck and she smiled.

"Congratulations sweetie, after four years you finally made it. I'm proud of you," Erin whispered in her ear as she helped Sarah with her shirt. She got up briefly to fetch her one.

"Thanks," Sarah smiled and gave her a quick kiss before putting it on. Once they were ready for bed, Sarah pounced on her with a grin. "The best part about this whole day was seeing you there cheering for me. I was worried you wouldn't be able to make it…"

"Me? Miss the biggest day of my girlfriend's life? No way, no how. I had to run, which was a lot of exercise for me, but seeing you smile when you crossed that stage… It was worth it all," Erin slid her arms around her waist. "I love you, you know that."

"I do, I do. Now when are you going to propose, 'cause it's been a year and uh, still no ring."

Erin replied, "Well as soon as I save up enough money, I'll get you a ring and-"

"Whoa, whoa hold up. You're… Serious?"

"Weren't you?"

"Uh, I was only yanking your chain but…"

"Oh, well sorry I thought… I'm sorry I-" she got cut off. Sarah's lips falling upon hers.

"Stop it. I'm not in a hurry and neither should you, just ask when you feel it's right and I don't even have to tell you my answer. I have a feeling you already know."

They snuggled close to each other on the bed, not needing the blanket because the warmth deriving from their bodies was enough to keep them warm. Sarah laid her head to rest against Erin's shoulder, sighing contentedly. Erin placed a light kiss on her forehead, holding her close.

"I love you so much," she whispered as she lightly fingered Sarah's hair. "I'm so glad you decided to change your mind… I was going crazy…."

"Well, what could I do? I loved you then and I love you now, more than I ever did before. Now let's get to bed. I have a big day of job hunting tomorrow."

"You mean we have a big day of job hunting tomorrow. Yeah, I took the day off. I wanted to be there for you and keep you company."

"Aw, you're so sweet," Sarah whispered in her ear as she climbed atop her girlfriend once more. The moonlight coming in from the window, falling upon Erin's delicate face only made her want her more. She placed her hands upon her cheeks, kissing her slowly.

"I thought you wanted to sleep," Erin said in between kisses, her hands unable to stay still. She slid them up Sarah's sides, lifting up the shirt she wore slightly.

"I do, and we will… After." was the seductive reply. Chuckling, Erin hooked her thumbs onto the underwear Sarah wore, ready to slide them down when the phone rang. She sighed.

"Damn it, I bet I know who that is," Erin muttered. Sarah laughed, resting her forehead against hers. Her eyes sparkling.

"I wonder what they fought about now," Sarah said with a smile as she referred to Anne. "She has this uncanny ability to call just when we're about to get started."

"I know," Erin sighed. They stayed that way for a moment, letting the phone ring for a while. "I should pick it up…" she muttered and reached out as the phone rang again. She picked it up and slammed it down. "Now," she said with a grin. "Where were we?"

"Ooh, evil," Sarah chuckled as she slipped her hands under Erin's shirt. Their soft kisses weren't given a chance to escalate into something more because once again the phone rang.

"Oh, that tears it," Erin stood up and turned off the ringing. "There, now she can't bug us." she grinned once more.

BEEP! Came the sound of the machine.

Hey, this is Erin and Sarah, we can't get at you right now so leave a message.

Sarah flopped down next to Erin with a laugh. The woman didn't know when to quit.

"Must be bad."


They listened to the message.

"ERIN!! PICK UP THE PHONE!! I GOT LOCKED OUT OF MY APARTMENT AND LUKE DIDN'T BRING HIS KEY!! … Because he's a moron! Yes that's right, I called you a moron! Hey! Hey! Get back here! ERIN!! HE'S…"

Sarah gasped, Erin was on top of her now, a sly look in her face as she lowered the volume on the machine.

"I think she can survive one night without us picking up, don't you?" she asked Sarah with a kiss. Her question was answered with a moan and a nod. Erin pulled the covers over their heads, not noticing that the number of messages on the machine was now increasing.


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