"Of Fear And False Tranquility"

- by Shayne Edwin

A bitter taste was swallowed pride,

He held his hands above his chest.

The stars were blind to this one deed,

On broken teeth his head will rest.

Frightened, broken, weary, confused,

He trembled now on bended knee.

Make belief prisons have lined his mouth,

With fear and false tranquility.

Shimmering light will dance with smoke,

A blanket for the eyes no more.

The weight above his head will fall,

When they find his heart upon the shore.

He slept on beds of broken windows,

Keeping his secrets within his chest.

No fight could last as long as this,

So long as his eyes found little rest.

The moon was guidance; a noble friend,

To seek the truth he did implore...

But the game is over; no more tricks,

They found his daughter on the shore.

A beacon of truth upon birthed respect,

Hypocrisy became his only sight.

He now slept with apostasy,

Deserting all he thought was right.

Ye have little faith; he heard,

A voice sliced through his solemn sleep.

Despite his new jeremiads,

He prayed the Lord his soul to keep.

And with thine eyes he tried to see,

Through parsed dreams and dolorous words.

But the lake was dragged; and sirens sang,

And the voices of young are rarely heard.

His daughter slept just near the ocean,

And at the center of this display...

They found a knife; her fate then sealed,

Nonpareil...in her finest day.