"Lips Like Blades Of Grass"

-by Shayne Edwin

With teeth as tall as men I smother fear with blades of grass,

An unforgiving field shattered by our ebb and flow.

Unevenly I briefly kneel; I'm at your side on bended knee,

Freely I will fall through glimpses of our neatly shattered teeth.

Gritty suit of armor please remove your doubtful curse,

A swordsman I am not; please forgive our bloody hubris.

Valor! Valor! Valor!

"Do not return without his head,

Hunters steal the day and freely butter dusk their daily bread.

Remnants of her lips like blades of grass; a forming lawn,

A nightingale will spread its wing to make it darkest before the dawn."

Courage! Courage! Courage!

And just like that they crystallized,

A mighty wind to share their breath.

They left as werewolves; dark as night,

Feeding on the depths of dreams.

An open mouth with rows of swords,

They lay waist to every man.

And concerns now only breed new fears,

Through generations come and gone.

I sleep under skin they cannot smell,

Counting the days that have come and gone.

And if they should breathe my coming scent,

I'll be bleeding before too long.

But before they claim another soul,

I'll take the beasts that do us wrong.

Valor, courage, and curious strength,

Will guide me through the lasting dawn.

Tell the scribe to set me free,

Because after this I'll have come and gone.

Just don't forget to ink your pen,

With the blood of men that have come...and gone.