"Metropolis Of Ghosts"

-by Shayne Edwin

Of all the sunsets I've retired,

This one surely stands alone.

With all the vapors of my eyelids,

To guide my voices home.

I've worn my knuckles to the bone,

With no more questions asked.

A million kinds of sirens,

Hang steady on my back.

Chanting intoxicating histories,

Enveloping my pride.

Tearing out my heart and soul,

Digested for my bride.

I've never made it easy,

On myself or those around.

But I'll be sure to reconsider,

Lifting these weights that I have bound.

Around my shoulders, to my back,

And they bring me to my knees.

Just as I fire back retorts,

Faster than I've ever burned the trees.

Many a death and destruction,

Do owe my name their breath.

And many more who do not know,

Will also meet their death.

For at the hands of spoken will,

And unforeseen discrepancy.

I'll bury all the blades,

And my heart at wounded knee.

Silent heads rest easy on this night,

This one like no other.

Frigid cinderblocks for eyes,

Blind only to my Mother.

Forget the incandescent glow,

A silent film without a screen.

Of all the things I could have been,

This is the type you've never seen.

In one ear and out the other,

Another brother gone.

Wife, child, son and sister,

All befall the dawn.

Before my voices guide you home,

And these sirens take their grasp.

Promise me, no matter what,

That you won't look back.

A despondent soul without a mate,

Scraping all left from my plate.

Tears build in my eyes,

Just as I severe ties.

Metropolis of ghosts, a phantom palace,

Oh, galore!

Please, oh, please, won't you hear me!

I can take no more!

I can take no more!

I can take no more!

Another year, so many gone,

I can take no more!

I can take no more!

Between feelings lost, and winter frost,

I can take no more!

Befall me now, a brand new day,

For I can take no more...

Another bed of broken windows,

Waits upon my shore.

And I can no more take this life,

Than you could take the bore.

Of living a thousand lives not worth,

The time they took to bore.

A barren land of deceased eyelids,

Because they blink no more.

And if I can no longer see,

Then I can take more more!

I can take no more!

I can take no more!

You don't seem to understand,

A million sunsets can be so grand.

But only if you blink just once,

To reflect just what you felt,

Just to feel just what I felt.

A sun, a moon, a falling star,

Means so much more if you can take -

Just one step away from most,

Smoke and tricks and ghosts and mirrors,

No matter what the cost.

No matter what the cost.

Underscore the price you pay,

Within the lines of which you pray.

You look to the sky for all your answers...

And look where you are today.

Metropolis of ghosts, a phantom palace...

Oh, galore!

Please, oh fucking please, won't you hear me?



i can take no more.