-by Shayne Edwin

They say you can only stack gold as high as your dreams are long. That Sigmund guy talked like you only dreamed but a few seconds every night, every other night I suppose. I guess I look at resiliency differently than those other people. I see something I want and I take it. Set your goals. They say set your goals. Low and thin, high and wide, to the right. Kind of like a field goal. Play it conservative, they say. But with high risk comes high reward. I know the consequences, but that's just the thing - I ain't tryna talk myself outta this. I'm talking my way through it, walking my way through it. Tough talk. The kids say tuff talk. But they haven't met a rough walker the likes of me...not yet, at least. I found a dog on the side of the road a few years ago, summer day like any other. Too humid for your own good, wets your lungs like you were breathing inside a whale. Jonah and the whale. Jonah and the whale. I took that dog home, I dressed his wounds and cut a fatty slab of steak into a bowl and gave it to him raw as the day God made it. That dog was never supposed to make it but I made damn sure he did. Special project of mine, he became. Wash, dress, repeat. Therapy. Wash, dress, repeat. Therapy. Named him Jonah, I guess I was the whale. Dog never was supposed to make it, kinda like me I guess. A common bond we had, you could say. Connecting the dots that are one day to another, tying seconds to minutes, welding the days together with aspirations of grandeur. They say you can only stack gold as high as your dreams are long. I guess they never met a fella like me.