"An Always Fashionable Choke"

-by Shayne Edwin

i live life like fingertips invisible,

jumping through hoops with elbows on the table.

greens and yellows in my eyes,

a teary eyed demise,

purple shaded meadows inside melodies - collide.

remove the scarf from out your throat,

an always fashionable choke,

your insides always burn and your outsides always smoke.

fork up in the road just beyond that misty hill,

i know you said you'd change but i don't know that i will.

and yeah so what, i steal -

i'm just staying real,

i don't breathe in harmonies but inhale what i heal.

what dreams may come, dear baby girl,

a starry night to swallow you.

inside out from right side in,

and everything to follow you.

paparazzi haunted house, a fire engine home,

reds and yellows on our heads, an everlasting throne.

nevermind my bones, they collapse at every sight,

of you my dear new baby girl,

weak in the knees is right.

wild berry cherry lips, head full of almond hair,

you've now made my heart go still - deaf musical chairs.

forgive me if i stare,

forgive me if i stare,

but i fear at the loss of sight,

i'll never be more scared.

that maybe i've enabled you to disappear again,

even though i cannot blame your history of men.

but then again,

but then again,

but then again i never cared.

nobody is like this one...nobody should be scared.

golden eyes dear baby girl, i want these eyes to stare me down.

heavy lips dear baby girl -

light is the head that knows no crown.