essence of hope

waking up to another sunlit sky
streaked in clouds of shameless color
the innocence of naïve winged creatures
filling the sky with their lovely songs.

nothing crosses through her mind
until her arms pound with the pain.


her feet drag her away from the house
with her heavy heart lagging behind;
the beating in sync with her heart.


and the stars explode in distant galaxies
turning day to night.

(she broke his heart, too.)

the explosion fills her mind
lights of peace and shame and (broken) love and life


the lyrics of her tainted heart
spill all over the cold, hard floor

(now it's his turn to step on the pieces)

he danced to the song of broken dreams,
a song of heart-filled cries.

(memories just a shadow.)

the candlelit prayer on the floor;
the breath of hope in the atmosphere.

a new spirit is alive in her.

tranquility, incense, silence.
her new essence of hope.