let's just call this a dream.

let's just call this a dream,
a reality that i'm not really living through:
i saw him there again.

we were talking civilly but not as friends
our conversations were surface level,
we're only skin deep to each other.

again, i could see through your eyes
to the surface of your heart

…but it didn't matter what you're heart
looked like. not the shape, color or temp-
erature although i know each so perfectly
as if i was the creator of it. it didn't matter
because you wouldn't let me in.

and you just walked out the door,
slam-slam-slamming it in my face.

i sighed and walked back to your room.
your little sisters were asleep soundly
on your bed. unfortunately, i must have
awaken them because within minutes
they were going crazy.

and i was left to pick up the pieces
of your family that were falling apart.

but you never came back to help me
and i know you never will.

…even in my dreams you don't come back.

(maybe it's not a dream after all.)