Driver's Education

A driver whose driving is wrong

Will soon sing a pitiful song

To all he will say,

The cops shall say "Nay!" –

He'll not keep his license for long.

Mr. Garry, the Driver's Ed guy

Really has a rather keen eye –

He's alert as a hawk,

So don't make small-talk

With your passenger – don't even try.

To drive without very great care

Is a thing that you never should dare.

What would you do

If someone hit you?

Well, that just wouldn't be fair.

On his road test, a student named Drake

Suddenly lost the use of his brake!

He shrieked out in fear

And struggled to steer

And drove himself into the lake.

Oh, young missus Millie MacGroad

Saw a squirrel run into the road.

She slammed on the brake –

A costly mistake –

Her car crashed and quickly was towed.

Well, old Captain Driver's Ed

Has a few screws loose in his head –

He's kind of a slob

And always does the job

In a star-spangled cape of red.

Oh, parallel parking I dread!

It confuses my poor little head –

I get rather far

And back into a car

For I have a foot made of lead.

If you ever drink three cans of beer

And then try to drive home, I fear

You shan't stay alive –

You can't drink and drive!

For you, I will shed but a tear.