Author's Note

Hey gang! I don't know if you guys look at my profile (which, btw, you should totes do, because I have a poll) BUT "Of Girls and Guitar Hero" has been nominated for a Time if Running Out award! For "Best First Kiss," too, so if you love Joel and Clara's first kiss as much as I think it's the most awkward thing to ever exist (which is a lot, so therefore, you must love it a lot), do vote! The link's in my profile.

Actually, check out the whole site. It's pretty golden; there are some awesome nominations up, most of who can write much better kiss scenes than I.

Anyway, voting started on the first and goes to the 23rd of January. You can only vote once, though, so choose wisely! (and by choose wisely, I mean pick me. Except not, because there are some really good nominees up there)



p.s. I may or may not be working on a sequel to this. And that's all I'm going to say.