Third Person


Andrew spun his chair around to look at the beautiful girl standing shyly before him. He gazed at her with soft brown eyes.


"Can I sit with you?"

He didn't answer her, but instead pulled out the empty chair to his left. Emma sat down and proceeded to lean her head back and stare at the stars that twinkled in the clear, cool night.

Andrew looked over at Emma. Emma looked over at Andrew.

Andrew smiled.

Emma took a deep breath.

"I really like you."

Neither was sure who said it first, but one thing was certain: both had their hearts out in the open.

Andrew turned his chair so that he faced her. Emma turned to face him. Their knees touched gently, and Andrew placed his hand on his knee. He decided that he should be the first one to speak.

"I'm not sure when I started liking you. I'm not sure where we will go after this. But I am sure that you are an incredible person. You are obviously beautiful: your hair, your eyes, and your smile are fantastic. But, luckily for me, your personality is equally amazing. You are sweet enough to be easy to get along with, but stubborn enough to not be boring. I dream about you at night. I won't say what we're doing most of the time," he smiled, "but I will say that you are the only girl for me. Things have never worked out with anyone else because all I have ever been able to think about is you."

Emma looked shocked, but slowly, the smile he had professed to love broke over her face, and she looked at him lovingly. She moved her hand from her lap to over the one on his knee. He immediately flipped his larger hand over and cradled her soft, feminine fingers in between his.

"I always thought that you hated me. You'd never speak to me except to ask for some stupid pencil," she remembered with a grin, "and you never, ever flirted with me. That's weird for you, Drew."

Drew. He liked her nickname for him. It was strictly hers, as everyone else either called him Andrew or Andy. Drew was the person he wanted to be. Drew was the guy that would be her perfect for her.

"I was kind of scared that if I let myself get close to you, I'd fall for you and then, if I ever asked you out, that you'd reject me."

Emma laughed, the sound floating through the quiet backyard. "Turn you down? Seriously, Drew. I've never said yes to anyone because no one has ever asked."

Andrew blinked, shocked. How was it possible that no one had ever asked? She was so incredible that the very idea was unbelievable. Maybe she was only amazing to him? Either way, it didn't matter. What mattered was that he was suddenly unsure of himself as he looked up into the blue green depths of her eyes.

What would you say right now if I asked you to be my girlfriend?"

"I'd say yes, silly boy."

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

If he didn't already know what she'd say, her soft lips gently moving over his gave him his answer.