Amaranth Character Descriptions

Both which are written by SleeplessEyes and DarkCadence

Rei has gold eyes with blue flecks running through her irises, and long, red hair that falls past her waist which she always wears loose. She wears a long, dark blue cloak with a hood that she keeps pulled up while she is traveling to keep out the elements, a light blue kimono that falls just past her knees, and dark blue hakama. Around her waist she wears a gold belt, with a blue and gold sheath attached to it. Her boots are black and go up to her knees, tightly laced in order to support her while she battles and travels from place to place. Around her neck she wears a thin gold chain with a small sapphire hanging from it, and has gold hoop earrings in her ears. She is also wearing dark blue leather gloves which go up to her elbows under the kimono.

Ayako has dark blue eyes, almost black, with gold flecks running through them, and a small gold circle around her pupils. Her hair is black with dark blue highlights and falls to the middle of her back when she lets it down, but she normally wears it in a loose ponytail to keep it out of her face. She wears crimson armor which was custom made to fit her perfectly, clinging to her body and providing protection for her when she fights demons. Around her waist she wears a red belt, with a brown leather sheath attached to it, and several small leather pouches hanging from the side. She is wearing short, brown leather boots, and brown leather gloves that go over her armor up to her forearms. Around her neck she wears a thin leather cord with a fang from one of the demons she has slain hanging from it.

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